Migrant worker numbers exaggerated say boffins

first_imgMigrant worker numbers exaggerated say boffinsOn 13 Apr 2004 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. The number of East European migrants heading to the UK next month has beenover-estimated and many will only remain in the country on a short-term basis,academics have claimed. Economic and employment experts say that UK industries such as hospitality,IT and medical services may find more willing applicants to fill existingvacancies when 10 more countries officially join the European Union in May –but that many migrants are likely to stay for only a few years before takingtheir skills and work experience back to their home countries. Ten new member states from Eastern Europe will join the EU on 1 May enablingpeople from countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republicto work in the UK. Robin Chater, secretary-general of the Federation of European Employers(FedEE), compared the situation facing accession countries to Ireland’s duringthe 1970s and ’80s, when surplus graduates left to work in Germany, TheNetherlands and the US. “Ireland was producing more graduates than the its economy couldaccept. When the economy lifted, they came back, and have stimulated it soconsiderably that Ireland is now the tiger economy of Europe,” Chatersaid. Similarly, Chater predicted that the “centre of [economic]gravity” will move east in the future, in part because Eastern Europeanworkers will take their work experience and new skills back home after a fewyears of working elsewhere in the EU. Research backs up Chater’s views. A study published last week by theEstonian Employers’ Confederation reported that just 8 per cent of Estonianworkers aged 15 to 64 said they wanted permanent work abroad, compared to 75per cent who said they wanted to work abroad temporarily or from time to time. The Estonians’ preferred destination was Finland, followed by Germany andthen the UK. The report by the Praxis Centre for Policy Studies and theUniversity of Tartu said the desire to work abroad had actually dropped since2000. The largest numbers of immigrants seeking jobs in the UK will probably be fromPoland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, suggests Roger Vickerman, professor ofEuropean economics at the University of Kent and a co-author of the reportImmigration, Labour Mobility and EU Enlargement. Vickerman expects the numbers of immigrants generally to be “not large– in the small tens of thousands”. He anticipates that those seeking jobswill know what they are looking for. “They tend to go where there are jobs, where there’s growth inemployment and for jobs to which they are suited” he said. The Migrant Worker Myth: www.personneltoday.com/goto/23199By DeeDee Doke Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Airborne gravity reveals interior of Antarctic volcano

first_imgUnderstanding Antarctic volcanoes is important as they provide a window on magmatic and tectonic processes of the Antarctic plate and contain datable records of ice-sheet changes. We present the results from the first detailed airborne radar and gravity surveys across James Ross Island, northern Antarctic Peninsula, which is dominated by Mt Haddington, an ice-covered Miocene-Recent alkaline stratovolcano. The surveys provide new insights into the subsurface structure of the volcano and hence its development, which are unavailable from the surface geology alone. We show that Mt Haddington is associated with a significant negative Bouguer gravity anomaly (>= 26 mGal), which suggests that there has not been significant pooling and solidification of a dense shallow-level mafic magma chamber during the growth of the volcano over at least the past 6 m.y., which is consistent with independent geochemical evidence. Simple flexural isostatic models cannot explain the localised negative Bouguer anomaly. 3D modelling techniques show that the negative anomaly is best explained by a shallow, low-density intra-crustal body with its top close to, or at, the surface. Although comparable gravity anomalies are commonly associated with large (similar to 20 km) ash-filled calderas, as seen at Yellowstone or Toba, there is no geological evidence on James Ross Island for a similar structure. We therefore propose that the James Ross Island volcanic edifice subsided into the thick underlying pile of relatively soft Jurassic and Cretaceous sediments, which were displaced by low-density hyaloclastite breccia. The type of deformation envisaged is similar to that associated with Concepciou, or lwaki volcanoes in South America, although Mt Haddington is much larger. (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Animal Science Adjunct Assistant Professor

first_imgCriminal History Verification and Release: I acknowledge andagree that I understand that by answering the question below, Icertify that the information provided by me is true, correct andcomplete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I authorizeinvestigation of all statements contained herein, and on the P-881(if applicable and submitted), and I release from liability allpersons and organizations furnishing such information. I understandthat any misstatements, omissions or misrepresentation of facts onthis form, my application, and, if applicable, the P-881 orattachment(s) may be cause for disqualification or dismissal. Ifyou have ever been convicted of an offense other than a minortraffic violation you are required to complete the form ‘ArrestsWhich Led to Convictions for Crime’, P-881 (you must discloseconvictions that have been dismissed pursuant to Penal Code Section1203.4; Ed. Code 87008). Please copy and paste the provided URL forthe form -https://losrios.edu/docs/lrccd/employees/hr/forms/p-881.pdf – andattach the completed form to your application.Yes, I acknowledge and agreeNo, I do not acknowledge or agree Conditions LocationLos Rios Community College District (District Office) Special Requirements Open ContinuouslyYes Applicant DocumentsRequired DocumentsUnofficial Transcript 1Optional DocumentsResume/Curriculum VitaeLetter of InterestLetter of Recommendation 1Equivalency Determination Letter (P-38 or Equivalency RequestStatement)P-881 Report of Arrests Which Led To Convictions For CrimeDocumentLetter of Recommendation 2 SalaryPlease See LRCCD Salary Schedules Considering this specific position that you are applying to –where/how did you learn about this position?College DepartmentCareerBuilderChronicle of Higher Ed (Vitea.com)Community College Registry Job Fair: OaklandCommunity College Registry Job Fair: Los AngelesCommunity College Registry Online Job BoardCommunity Outreach (ex. Festivals, etc.)CommunityCollegeJobsComunidadCraigslistDiverse: Issues in Higher EducationD’Primeramano MagazineEdJoinFacebook (Campaign)Facebook (Los Rios Page)GlassdoorGreater Sacramento Urban LeagueHandshake (CSU, UC Job Boards)HigheredJobsIndeedInstagramJob SitesJob JournalLatina Leadership Network of the California CommunityCollegesLinkedInLos Rios Community College District EmployeeLos Rios Community College District Human Resources EmailLos Rios Community College District WebsiteLRCCD Resource Group – API (Asian Pacific Islander Legacy)LRCCD Resource Group – Black Faculty & Staff Association(BFSA)LRCCD Resource Group Native American Collaborative (NAC)LRCCD Resource Group – Spectrum (LGBTQIA+)Professional NetworksSacramento Black Chamber of CommerceSacramento Asian Chamber of CommerceSacramento Builders ExchangeSacramento Hispanic Chamber of CommerceSacramento Rainbow Chamber of CommerceSacramentoWorksThe HUBTwitterYouTubeZipRecruiter The Los Rios Community College District is seeking a pool ofqualified applicants for possible temporary part-time teachingassignments. These positions are filled on an as needed basis andare on-going recruitment efforts.Adjunct pools are open continuously and applicants arecontacted/hired year-round for assignments based on collegeneeds.Teaching assignments may include day, evening, on-line, hybrid,weekend, and/or off campus classes.Position Salary Information:Initial maximum salary placement is based on academic degree,upper/graduate level units earned, and/or related professionaloccupational experience per the Los Rios College Federation ofTeachers ( LRCFT ) contract Article 2 (The initialmaximum placement is Class V, Step 8). General Responsibilities:The adjunct faculty member shall be responsible for the following:teaching assigned classes under the supervision of the area dean;helping students fulfill their maximum potential in masteringcourse content; assessing student learning outcomes; maintaining athorough and up-to-date knowledge in his/her regular teachingfield; continuing professional development; utilizing currenttechnology in the performance of job duties; maintaining standardsof professional conduct and ethics appropriate to the professionalposition; assisting with articulation and curriculum developmentand review; serving on college committees and participating infaculty governance including accreditation and studentco-curricular activities; assuming other responsibilities asassigned by the area dean; fulfilling other duties andresponsibilities of an adjunct faculty member as outlined in thecollege faculty handbook. Physical Demands Work YearN/A Quicklinkhttps://jobs.losrios.edu/postings/2322 Total Hrs per Week/Day Position Summary Minimum Qualifications Posting Date12/14/2016 Application Instructions The Institution Assignment Responsibilitiescenter_img Department Location Supplemental QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). Job Posting TitleAnimal Science Adjunct Assistant Professor Please indicate how you meet the minimum qualifications forthis position. Select the appropriate answer.I possess the minimum qualifications for this discipline aslisted on the job announcement. (Attach unofficial transcripts froman accredited college/university and/or evidence of jobexperience.)I possess a valid California Community College Credential forthis discipline. (Attach a copy of appropriate credential withapplication.)I possess qualifications equivalent to those listed and haveattached evidence. (To review Equivalency Process.)I have previously been granted equivalency to teach thisdiscipline by the Los Rios Community College District. (Attach theEquivalency Determination Form P-38 and transcripts.) 1. Have a bachelor’s degree AND two years of occupational and/orprofessional experience directly related to the assignment beingtaught OR have an associate’s degree AND six years of occupationaland/or professional experience directly related to the assignmentbeing taught OR the equivalent* OR hold a California CommunityCollege Instructor’s Credential in the discipline area.* Alldegrees must be from an accredited institution.2. Have an equity-minded focus, responsiveness, and sensitivity toand understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural,disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnicbackgrounds of community college students, including those withphysical or learning disabilities as it relates to differences inlearning styles; and successfully foster and support an inclusiveeducational and employment environment.*NOTES:● Applicants applying under the “equivalent” provision must attachdetails and explain how their academic preparation and/orprofessional experience is the equivalent of the degrees listedabove.● If your degree title differs from the minimum qualificationslisted above, you are requested to submit this equivalencystatement. Beginning and/or Ending Dates Work Schedule AboutThe Los Rios Community College District is the second largest,two-year public college district in California, servingapproximately 75,000 students in the greater Sacramento region. Thedistrict’s 2,400 square mile service area includes Sacramento andEl Dorado counties and parts of Yolo, Placer, and Solano countiesand is comprised of four uniquely diverse colleges – AmericanRiver, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake and Sacramento City colleges. Inaddition to each college’s main campus, the district offerseducational centers in Placerville, Davis, West Sacramento, ElkGrove, Natomas and Rancho Cordova.The Los Rios district office is centrally located in the heart ofthe Sacramento valley. The growing Capital Region has strongcommunities and emergent arts and dining scenes, and is nearby someof the most celebrated tourist destinations in the country – LakeTahoe, Napa Valley and San Francisco. The Sacramento area is agreat place to live and work!StrengthsThe district has approximately 6,000 employees throughout our fourcolleges and district office complex. The District office iscentrally located between all four colleges and provides welcoming,inclusive, and equitable environments for Los Rios students,employees and our community partners. Our departments strive forthe highest quality in all programs, services, and activities, andare focused on advancing the learning of our diverse studentpopulation through improved academic and social outcomes.Our VisionOur colleges offer equity-minded, academically rigorous, studentsuccess centered education. Our objective is to help our studentssuccessfully achieve their academic goals, whether they want totransfer to a four-year college or university, earn an associatesdegree, or obtain one of more than 100 certificates in high demandcareer fields.The Los Rios Community College District’s Human ResourcesDepartment is committed to diversity, equity, and to ensuring aninclusive, thriving environment for all of its employees, students,and surrounding communities. To that end, the Human ResourcesDepartment is intentional in recruiting, hiring, and retainingdiverse employees, to reflect the diversity of our colleges’student populations. Offers of employment are contingent upon the successful clearancefrom a criminal background check, freedom from tuberculosis, andproof of identity and eligibility to work in the United Statesprior to the first day of work. The District may select additionalqualified candidates should unexpected vacancies or needs occurduring this recruitment/selection process. When education is arequirement for the position, official academic transcripts fromthe accredited college/university must be submitted within 60 daysof hire. Can you perform the essential functions of this position?YesNo Applicants applying to this Los Rios Community College Districtadjunct faculty posting are required to complete fully andsubmit:1. Los Rios Community College District Faculty Application2. Unofficial transcripts of college/university work (indicatingcompleted or conferred date)3. Resume or Curriculum Vitae4. Two letters of recommendation (if using Interfolio, please sendattachments to [email protected])5. Letter of InterestNOTES :● Applications submitted without all required documents listedabove will be disqualified. Applicants indicating “see resume” onthe online application will be disqualified.● Graduate advising documents and grade reports will not beaccepted as unofficial transcripts.● Los Rios employees are also required to submit unofficial copiesof transcripts.● Individuals who have completed college or university course workat an institution in a country other than the United States mustobtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts, degrees andother relevant documents.● A foreign transcript evaluation is required any time foreigncourse work is used to meet minimum qualifications and/or salaryplacement even if the foreign transcript has been accepted by acollege or university in the United States.● Foreign transcript evaluations are ONLY accepted from AICE(Association of International Credential Evaluations, Inc.) orNACES (The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services)agencies or evaluators.Foreign Degree Transcript Evaluations click hereDo not submit additional materials that are not requested. Part-time, Faculty Position. Adjunct pools are open continuouslyand applicants are contacted/hired year round for assignments basedon college needs. Additional Salary InformationNo additional salary information to note Posting NumberF00027P Closing Date Posting Details How and where to apply Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for completeinformation on how to apply online with our District. If you needassistance with any phase of the application process, please call(916) 568-3112 during regular business hours Monday through Friday8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.After hours inquiries should be emailed to [email protected] of applications are by 11:59 p.m. of the posting closingdate.last_img read more

Ocean City High School Students Win Bike Safety Contest

first_imgFour Ocean City High School students in the TV/Media Production program received checks for their Public Service Announcements on bicycle safety Tuesday. From left in front, seniors Alexa Johnson and Aili Martin with juniors Jacob Schneider and Zach Card. In back from left, Tom Heist, chairman of bikeocnj.org, media teacher Greg Wheeldon and Sergeant Brian Hopely of the Traffic Safety Unit. By Maddy VitaleA young man hops on his bike and rides off. A driver in a van is traveling down the road.Then it happens. The bicyclist pedals through an intersection, disregarding a stop sign, right into the lane of the motorist.Before the driver could stop, it is too late.The Public Safety Announcement is dramatic and luckily, has a rewind, showing how a good decision of putting the brakes on at the stop sign, likely saved a life. The clip is 30 seconds long, but powerful.And it was created by two Ocean City High School juniors, Zach Card, 17, and Jacob Schneider, 17, in the school’s TV/Media Production program, with the expert tutelage of teacher Greg Wheeldon and engineer Steve Trauger. Video Playerhttps://ocnjdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/PSA_Schneider_Card.mp400:0000:0000:30Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Seniors Alexa Johnson, 18, and Aili Martin, 18, didn’t have as serious a message, yet it was just as strong.The duo orchestrated a clip on why riding on the sidewalk just doesn’t make sense.In the amusing 30-second PSA, Alexa showers with her bike and gear on, helmet and all. She also eats with it and goes to sleep with it.The next scene you see a bicyclist taking up a sidewalk, bumping two people with the bikes large handlebars.Video Playerhttps://ocnjdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Johnson-Martin-Bike-PSA-2018.mp400:0000:0000:30Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.These four students won a contest on bicycle safety with their PSAs. The students could select from different topics on bicycle safety including obeying traffic signs, the importance of riding with the flow of traffic, why you shouldn’t ride on the sidewalk and why you should always wear a safety helmet.The students didn’t even know what their prize would be until Tuesday, when they were presented with checks each in the amount of $750 in scholarship money given to them by the Ocean City Police Department PBA Local 61 and Tom Heist, of Heist Insurance, chairman of www.bikeocnj.org.Before presenting, the checks to the winners, Sgt. Brian Hopely of the Traffic Safety Unit, and Heist, commented on the dedication of the students and how vital it is for the public to know about bicycle safety.“Our Police Chief and the PBA got together with Tom Heist to fund this,” Hopely said before the ceremony. “One of the things the public really wants is more information about bicycle safety. We wanted a public safety message that was done in a fun way, that would still be enlightening.”Heist said it was a difficult decision, because all the PSAs were well done. He also said bicycle safety should always be followed, but this time of year, especially, with new people coming to the island all the time, bicyclists have to be prepared.After presentation, the students said they would use the funds for college. Aili said she might put some away for spending money and Jake said he may buy some production equipment.Wheeldon said 15 of his students, from sophomores to seniors, created the announcements and that they all put a lot of effort into what they produced. Students were assigned the instructions for the PSAs in March and started on them in April. From brainstorming, to making the short commercials, it took students about a month, the winners noted Tuesday.“You need a powerful message,” Wheeldon said of the PSAs, adding that the ones chosen certainly had strong messages.Although two of the winners are graduating and said they would like to continue with production at college, Wheeldon said he knows what he would like Card and Schneider to do.“They will be executive producers next year,” he said of the school’s program’s show Current OC. He said Alexa has been one of the best on-air personalities in the program and Aili is fantastic at editing and writing. Wheeldon said next year they will incorporate the freshmen into the contest with their teacher Walter Johnson.The winning PSAs will air throughout the summer on Upper Township’s local Channel 2, Ocean City’s Channel 9, Ocean City’s webpage www.ocnj.us and www.bikeocnj.org. To watch Current OC visit www.OC-TV.org Ocean City High Schoollast_img read more

Bayside Center: OC’s Eco-Tourism Haven…and More

first_imgSue Forrest explains about different species of fish found in the bay to a group of visitors . By Tim KellyIt’s not always about funnel cake, roller coasters and surfing.Ocean City has a smaller, but loyal segment of the visitors’ market devoted to eco-tourism. And for these folks, the Bayside Center at 520 Bay Avenue is an Ocean City treasure.“Bayside Center is the secret ready to be told,” says Sue Forrest, a city employee whose job it is to tell it.The name of the town might be Ocean City, but Great Egg Harbor Bay offers lesser known but equally fascinating mysteries and delights, she said.“The Bay has its own sights and sounds,” she said. For visitors, there is much to discover, and that is the mission of one of the town’s underrated destinations.“People come here and tell me ‘I drive past here all the time’ but years passed” before they finally checked out all the environmental, recreational and historical attractions, Forrest said.Terrapin hatchlings being nurtured at Bayside center.The Bayside Center is open seasonally, from 10 am to 4 p.m. daily.A retired art teacher who spent 37 years working in the Ocean City Public School system, Forrest grew up near the bay in the Chelsea Heights section of Atlantic City. For the last four years she’s utilized her teaching skills and love of the bay to impart knowledge to interested visitors.On a recent day she was leading a group of about 10 people through the first floor of the Center, located in an historic former private mansion built on 1.35 acres in 1916.On the first floor, there are exhibits and environmental displays, salt water tanks providing an up-close and personal view of live indigenous fish and aquatic animals, artwork depicting scenes and creatures of the bay, and of course, panoramic views of the bay itself.The building is a museum in its own right. Built by the Diesel family, known for the invention of the Diesel engine, the building was sold in 1958 to the Wheaton family, famous as well for Wheaton Village and the glass factory bearing the family name, in Millville.A terra cotta art piece on one of the walls depicts St. Justine, overlooking a waterway in Venice. Over the years it had been painted over numerous times.  Forrest has lovingly restored the piece, removing decades of paint, which revealed new details in the original art.Terra Cotta art piece at the Bayside Center, formerly a private home.An interesting coincidence is that St. Justine’s visage seems to gaze out at the bay, where Ocean City’s own Night in Venice takes place, and where the Bayside Center hosts a viewing party annually.The second floor of the building, formerly the main living quarters for the Diesels and later the Wheatons, houses the Ocean City Beach Patrol’s Hall of Fame plaques and a large cache of memorabilia. There are two full-sized lifeboats, cases jam-packed with historic Beach Patrol trophies, group photos of the beach patrols dating back decades, and much more.Elsewhere on the second floor is one of the original fireplaces, adorned with intricate art tiles.Intricate tiles at the foot of a fireplace at Bayside Center.Another room houses a collection of scale models of iconic Ocean City buildings past and present. Among them are City Hall and the Music Pier, and long-gone structures such as the old Ocean City High School and the old Tabernacle.The building has a third floor, the former living quarters of the maids, is closed off to the public.The Bayside Center is operated by the recreation department, and its offerings in this area are certainly a highlight of the facility.The Ocean City Sailing Foundation offers sailing lessons for all ages and experience levels. Learn-to-sail classes for the novice are offered along with intermediate lessons for those who wish to sharpen their skills, and racing lessons for the would-be sailing competitor.Models of Ocean City landmark buildings and former ones are on display at the Bayside Center.For more information, visit www.ocsailingfoundation.org or stop by the facility.Kids summer camps led by certified teachers are also offered.Bayside Center also has a public launch ramp for kayaks and standup paddle boards.Fishermen/women, crabbers and birders also have programs available at the Bayside Center.In addition, Bayside Center rents out meeting rooms for unique business functions and parties.“If it has to do with the bay, we have something to offer pretty much everyone,” Forrest said.Whale bone on display at Ocean City’s Bayside Center.last_img read more

Irish bread prices likely to climb

first_imgThe price of bread is expected to rise by 6c in Ireland, following a rise in flour prices.The country’s top miller, the Odlum Group, has increased flour prices by ?35 per tonne.”We have to pass on the substantial increases we are being faced with to maintain a viable business,” said Jim Henry, Odlum chief executive. As the cost of wheat has not yet stabilised, he did not rule out further price increases but, with stock in hand, not before January 2007.This is the first flour price increase in Ireland in over two years. The heatwave in Europe and Russia have resulted in a 25 year low in grain stocks and price increases of 25-30% on last year.last_img

Tumor cells can prevent tumor spread

first_imgA new study finds that a group of little-explored cells in the tumor microenvironment likely serves as an important gatekeeper against cancer progression and metastasis. Published in the Jan. 17 issue of Cancer Cell, the study’s findings suggest that antiangiogenic therapies — which shrink cancer by cutting off tumors’ blood supply — may be inadvertently making tumors more aggressive and likely to spread.One approach to treating cancer targets angiogenesis, or blood vessel growth. In this new investigation, senior author Raghu Kalluri, chief of the Division of Matrix Biology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School (HMS), wanted to find out if targeting a specific cell type, the pericyte, could inhibit tumor growth in the same way that other antiangiogenic drugs do. Pericytes are an important part of tissue vasculature, covering blood vessels and supporting their growth.“If you just looked at tumor growth, the results were good,” says senior author Raghu Kalluri, chief of the Division of Matrix Biology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. “But when you looked at the whole picture, inhibiting tumor vessels was not controlling cancer progression. The cancer was, in fact, spreading.” Courtesy of BIDMCKalluri and his colleagues began by creating mice genetically engineered to support drug-induced depletion of pericytes in growing tumors. They then deleted pericytes in implanted mouse breast cancer tumors, decreasing pericyte numbers by 60 percent. The researchers saw a 30 percent decrease in tumor volumes in the deleted pericyte tumors compared with wild-type controls over 25 days. However, contrary to conventional clinical wisdom, the investigators found that the number of secondary lung tumors in the engineered mice had increased threefold compared with the control mice, indicating that the tumors had metastasized.“If you just looked at tumor growth, the results were good,” says Kalluri. “But when you looked at the whole picture, inhibiting tumor vessels was not controlling cancer progression. The cancer was, in fact, spreading.”To understand the mechanism behind this increased metastasis, Kalluri and his team examined the tumor’s microenvironment to find out what changes were taking place at the molecular level. They found a fivefold percentage increase in hypoxic areas in tumors lacking pericytes. “This suggested to us that without supportive pericytes, the vasculature inside the tumor was becoming weak and leaky — even more so than it already is inside most tumors — and this was reducing the flow of oxygen to the tumor,” explains Kalluri.“Cancer cells respond to hypoxia by launching genetic survival programs,” he adds. To that end, the investigators found evidence of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT), a change that makes the cells more mobile, so they can travel through those leaky vessels to new locations, and makes them behave more like stem cells, so they are better able to survive. Experiments that demonstrated fivefold increases in protein markers of EMT showed that the cells had undergone the change. The team also found a fivefold increase in activation of Met, a receptor molecule that promotes cell migration and growth.Importantly, the team found that these molecular changes occurred inside the smaller, pericyte-depleted tumors that had increased incidences of secondary tumors in the lungs in the mouse models. “This suggested that smaller tumors are shedding more cancer cells into the blood and causing more metastasis,” says Kalluri. “We showed that a big tumor with good pericyte coverage is less metastatic than a smaller tumor of the same type with less pericyte coverage.”Because cancer therapies such as Imatinib, Sunitinib, and others have been shown to decrease pericytes in tumors, the researchers’ next step was to perform the same experiments in mice with primary tumors, only this time, using Imatinib and Sunitinib rather than genetic programs to decrease pericyte numbers. And while both Imatinib and Sunitinib caused a 70 percent pericyte depletion, the end results stayed the same: metastasis increased threefold. “We showed that a big tumor with good pericyte coverage is less metastatic than a smaller tumor of the same type with less pericyte coverage,” says Kalluri, who corroborated these findings in multiple types of cancer by repeating these same experiments with implanted renal cell carcinoma and melanoma tumors.Additional experiments showed that combining pericyte-depleting drugs with the Met-inhibiting drug helped suppress EMT and metastasis.Finally, to determine whether the findings were relevant to patients, the scientists examined 130 breast cancer tumor samples of varying cancer stages and tumor sizes and compared pericyte levels with prognosis. They found that samples with low numbers of pericytes in tumor vasculature and high levels of Met expression correlated with the most deeply invasive cancers, distant metastasis, and five- and 10- year survival rates lower than 20 percent.“These results are quite provocative and will influence clinical programs designed to target tumor angiogenesis,” says Ronald A. DePinho, president of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. “These impressive studies will inform and refine potential therapeutic approaches for many cancers.”Meanwhile, for Kalluri, the work suggests that certain assumptions about cancer must be revisited. “We must go back and audit the tumor and find out which cells play a protective role versus which cells promote growth and aggression,” says Kalluri. “Not everything is black and white. There are some cells inside a tumor that are actually good in certain contexts.”last_img read more

NativeEnergy moves to Burlington waterfront

first_imgNativeEnergy Inc,NativeEnergy, one of the nation’s leading providers of carbon offsets, has moved into the Main Street Landing CornerStone Building at 3 Main Street in Burlington. The company was drawn to Main Street Landing’s commitment to sustainable development and corporate responsibility. NativeEnergy had previously occupied locations in South Burlington and Charlotte. ‘3 Main Street is an ideal fit for NativeEnergy,’ said Jeff Bernicke, President of NativeEnergy. ‘Our new space in the Cornerstone Building is energy efficient and features sustainable building materials. It allows a number of us to reduce our carbon footprints by walking or biking to work or commuting by public transportation. We are excited to join a vibrant downtown Burlington community.’ Melinda Moulton, CEO and Redeveloper of Main Street Landing, added, “NativeEnergy is one of those companies that we love to have in our neighborhood. They care about their environment, their employees, and their community. What a terrific addition to the CornerStone Building.’  NativeEnergy’s new address will be 3 Main St., Suite 212, Burlington, Vt. 05401. The company’s phone and fax numbers will remain the same. Founded in Vermont, NativeEnergy is now celebrating its 10th year of operations. The company’s Help Buildâ ¢ carbon offsets provide funding for new carbon reduction projects, including wind, farm methane, solar, biomass, and landfill gas initiatives. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, these offsets also support local communities’from municipalities to family farms and Native American tribes. NativeEnergy’s clients are leaders in the sustainability field, including Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Ben & Jerry’s, eBay, Best Buy, Stonyfield Farm, Aveda, Esurance, CLIF Bar, Timberland, and National Geographic.  NativeEnergy encourages the Burlington community to learn more about carbon offsets and climate change at www.nativeenergy.com(link is external). About NativeEnergyNativeEnergy is a leading provider of verified carbon offsets and renewable energy credits. For more information, visit: www.nativeenergy.com(link is external). About Main Street LandingMain Street Landing is an environmentally and socially conscious redevelopment company in Burlington, Vt., that has created over 250,000 square feet of built environment on the Burlington Waterfront.BURLINGTON, Vt. ‘ June 30, 2011 ‘last_img read more

New SOUTHCOM Commander Visits Colombia

first_imgBy Dialogo December 20, 2012 Colombian Minister of National Defense Juan Carlos Pinzón, and the recently appointed Commander of the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), General John F. Kelly, met during the U.S. high-ranking official’s first visit to Colombia, on December 17. During the meeting, both officials analyzed the cooperation mechanisms that Colombia has been boosting with other countries as the main player in hemispheric security concerns. Likewise, they discussed the country’s participation in regional security missions, as well as the security improvements that the nation has achieved. “Colombia has proven to be an important partner, committed to the security of the Western Hemisphere and the international community through its important participation in regional security missions, such as ‘Operation Martillo’”, Gen. Kelly assured. The general, who assumed his position on November 19, highlighted the admiration that other countries in the continent have for Colombia’s courage and strength in the fight against narcoterrorism and transnational organized crime. At the same time, he honored the Armed Forces for their efforts to preserve Colombian democracy and reach an enduring peace in the country. Gen. Kelly also mentioned that U.S. authorities are determined to strengthen the cooperation between SOUTHCOM and Colombia. Finally, Minister Pinzón and Gen. Kelly agreed on the need to keep reinforcing actions aimed at confronting new security challenges, as well as working closely to help seriously injured soldiers in the country’s internal conflict.last_img read more

This year, the CNTB office in Madrid will open

first_imgTo remind, the Minister of Tourism launched an initiative to establish a special EU fund for tourism that would facilitate the use of EU funds to finance investment and sustainable development in tourism, reduce the impact of climate change, education and other areas important for tourism development in Europe. Also, the initiative is accompanied by the idea of ​​establishing a Working Group for Tourism within the EU institutions, which would discuss how to address the many challenges facing the tourism sector.  According to the Ministry of Tourism, during the meeting Minister Cappelli presented to the Spanish side the priorities of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union within the tourism sector related to advocating responsible and sustainable development policies with emphasis on encouraging diversity of tourism and development of underdeveloped areas. He also stressed the importance of the use of information and communication technologies and the digitalisation of the tourism system, as well as the need to establish common European regulations for digital platforms for the provision of tourism services.  As part of his official visit to the Kingdom of Spain, Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli held a bilateral meeting today with Spanish Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Maria Reyes Maroto Illera. “I believe that the tourist exchange will be further increased by the re-establishment of the office of the Croatian Tourist Board in Madrid, whose reopening is expected in 2020 at the Croatian Embassy in order to minimize office costs. For even stronger connections, direct air connections are important, which are progressing from year to year, and today in the winter flight schedule three airlines fly on three air routes between Croatia and Spain, and I expect that in the future a regular daily line between Zagreb and Madrid”, emphasized the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia Gary Cappelli. Regarding tourism and wider cooperation between the two countries, the meeting concluded that Croatia is a popular destination in Spain and last year the number of Spanish tourists increased by 8,45 percent and the number of overnight stays from that market by 10,46 percent. Although according to previous announcements, the reopening of the CNTB office in Madrid was planned for January this year, just before the FITUR fair, the largest tourism fair in Spain, which takes place from 22.01-26.01.2020, it has been extended. On that occasion, the Minister also presented Croatia’s initiative to establish a European tourism brand for the joint promotion of member states in distant markets and called on Minister Reyes Maroto Illera to join the initiative and support the creation of better tourism visibility in European policies and institutions. In addition, Cappelli stressed that we should work together on a stronger withdrawal of funds from EU funds for the development of small and medium enterprises in tourism.last_img read more