What’s in store for e-HR?

first_img Previous Article Next Article What’s in store for e-HR?On 26 Jun 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. The potential for growth in e-HR remains enormous. Developing electronicsystems offers HR benefits in terms of day-to-day organisation, bothstrategically and through streamlining administration. With routine tasks suchas holiday entitlements and corporate procedures available direct to employeesonline, HR’s attention can be given to strategic issues of organisationalgrowth and development. Such developments are timely. E-HR addresses a range of issues from skillsshortages – linking benefits to training, for example, which is tracked online– to global communications. While most of the developments to date have beenfocused in-house via sophisticated corporate intranets, future developmentswill include opening up broader channels of communication and making thatinformation more widely available. Michael Richards, managing director of Snowdrop Systems, says, “Theshort-term trend and demand we are seeing is for web-based applications –that’s far and away the most important issue at the moment. Of our projects, 75per cent this year have involved some web element, which is a huge increase onthe previous year.” He adds, “While these applications providesimilar sorts of functionality that have been around for years, using a webinterface means that anyone can access it from anywhere.” But it is also true that while technical developments offer considerableadvantages, corporate culture can often affect their take-up. As Alan Foley,managing director at ICS Computing, points out, “While the technology isthere, it’s a question of whether companies can adapt their culture – and makethe necessary investment – to use it. Generally, e-HR is under-utilised.” One answer can be to outsource specific functions, says Erik Morse, managingdirector of Peopleclick Europe. “There is a general move to outsourcingsystems in areas like management systems and recruitment. This is partlybecause HR systems are generally low on the list of priorities in companies. Byoutsourcing, HR can have a bit more control of its systems and get a quickerresponse than through its in-house IT departments.” This can also provide a first step for HR departments wanting to convincetheir companies of the strategic and financial benefits of developing online HRresources. Elizabeth WilsonHR Strategy manager (UK), People Softe-HRThe trend towards e-recruitment and e-learning will expand into the area ofbenefits. As benefits become more prevalent in compensation packets, e-HR willhelp enormously because people will be able to self-serve and choose whether,for example, they want to put more into pensions or to have the money direct.They will also be able to get info direct from the providers by clicking ontothe providers’ sites. Also, more admin tasks will be handled online – we arealready seeing things like expenses and travel being done electronically andtracked through the financial systemsRecruitment TollsWe already have a lot being done electronically but that will expandthrough things like web access via the television with people responding toadvertisements. Companies will also become more proactive in searching for CVson the web and that will become more prevalent when the skills shortage hitsthe European marketAbsenceThere won’t be huge changes here, apart from the end user being able to putin requests for things like holiday entitlements, and checking pay issues onlinePayrollThe move to the web for payroll delivery will cut costs of administrationand post. Web-based payslip delivery will be the norm, as will the delivery ofstatutory information to the Inland Revenue. That will help with the speed ofdata transfer and in cutting costsTraining and developmentThere will be enormous changes. Aside from e-learning there is retention ofstaff through career development and training. Skills-based compensation isbeing adapted to retain staff, especially in organisations that have a flatterstructure. As training becomes more integrated with comps, it will have to bemonitored effectively throughout the whole organisation – you can’t havedifferent managers using different rating methodsSystem CapacitiesThe trend is to use HR data analytically to forecast budgets, analysebusiness strategy, not just to store information. To do that properly, HR needsbusiness tools capable of handling volumes of data. Increasingly anorganisation’s competencies and skills gaps need to be handled globally sosystems have to be able to collect information from anywhere at any time, whichis where the web comes inAlan FoleyManaging director, ICS Computinge-HRThere are products available that enable companies to post rules, handbooksand procedures online, and give employees access to systems on information suchas benefits. While the technology is there, in non-technological industries theweb culture has been much slower to take off. Even when e-HR systems are inplace, they remain under-utilised. We offer security-based access for linemanagers to get employee information online, but not many corporates are goingdown this route. If e-HR is fully developed, it should reach the point where HRis only accessed for specialist knowledgeRecruitment ToolsReceiving CVs electronically can speed up recruitment, but there needs tobe changes in the process. Organisations need to improve their ability toreceive applications from their web site and take them straight into their ownsystemAbsenceThis can be poorly controlled if it is paper-based and not process-driven.Using a work-based system means you can register absences and they can beprocessed through the organisation more efficiently. Probably the biggestchange we will see here is the analysis of absence information and the study oftrends, frequencies and patternsPayrollWe see an increasing trend to outsource payroll, including largeorganisations that are outsourcing for the first time. Companies want to keepcontrol of the benefits side, but payroll is otherwise seen as non-core.Organisations are also keen to do less so the supplier handling the payrollacts more as the payroll department, liaising with other departments in thecorporation to get the relevant information direct from themTraining and developmentHR systems were, for a period, almost recording systems. Now they are usedmore as management tools to help decide where people should be developed. Thesoftware is much more capable of providing the tools for HR to developcompetencies within an organisation.System capacitiesThere is a trend to seeking solutions rather than just systems. Oftencompanies are tight on IT resources so, rather than setting up systemsinternally for functions such as payroll, they are willing to access a systemthat is hosted by an external vendor who will handle the function for them. Thetrend to outsourcing HR functions like these will continue.Michael RichardsManaging director, Snowdrop Systemse-HRThe major shift is that HR people have become comfortable with the factthat data does not have to be locked away in a cupboard for use just by HR.There’s an acceptance that you can devolve responsibility – employees can findout for themselves how many days holiday they have left. Overall, you havefull-featured systems and a lot more data being collected and used. In three tofive years there will be a wholesale shift in who uses the data and how –perhaps accessing it through hand-held devices and mobile phonesRecruitment tollsThere are systems available that enable companies to scan CVs forparticular qualifications and experience, but at the moment these can onlyoffer at best, 95 per cent accuracy, which isn’t good enough. What is needed isa systematic structure that will make it easier for individuals to fire off aCV from around the world, which all systems will be able to interpret AbsenceToday’s systems operate well. Different issues will need to be consideredwith home working though. The technology for home working is already availablebut once digital exchanges are up and running, it will become easier to do.That will make monitoring who is and who isn’t in the office or at work morecomplex, so absence will still need to be managedPayrollThis is such a standard process that the technology doesn’t change verymuch, although payroll systems are easier to integrate. What companies need todo with payroll is to outsource it. They want to be able to extract theinformation they need and have access to limited amounts of data to analyse,but not to have to manage or run payrollTraining and developmentThis is one area that will have the biggest impact for e-HR. It is alsohighly visible. Training and development centres on online working, which ismost effective when used to teach about basic technological developments or newproducts. It is not the best vehicle for many other areas of training –although the vehicle is there, it suffers from poor content. People put theemphasis on technology but not the contentSystem capacitiesSoftware development over the past five years has increasingly separateddata from application so different interfaces – such as the web, or hand-helddevices – can be used to access the application. In a few years there will beother devices used to access data. Better system integration is also on theagenda. Accessibility is improving so that information can be made available tothe widest audienceTony FlanaganMarketing manager, ASRe-HRWhat we tend to find is that HR departments are looking to streamlineinternal processes through effective workflow practices linked to e-mailfunctionality and electronic forms that can be accessed via the intranet. Nowthat people are aware of the capabilities of new technology, it’s a question offitting it into their business culture and using it in their day-to-day operations.A lot of HR processes are labour intensive but technology could dramaticallychange the way they workRecruitment toolsBeing able to recruit online has a number of benefits but the key is beingable to track the process from the moment that someone fills in an applicationonline. Those details need to be sifted through to the database, where a skillsmatch can identify candidates for the postAbsenceSystems have developed to the point that, when someone phones in sick, thatprocess can be handled electronically. So the person at reception fills in thedetails of the absent person on their absence screen and files that to therelevant line manager to deal with. Absence can be tracked individually butalso at department level, so that trends can be identifiedPayrollThe significant trend is that people are looking more for integrationbetween the HR and payroll softwareTraining and developmentStaff retention is a key issue and one that is being addressed more throughtraining and development. Organisations are looking to  invest in their staff to try to retain themfor longer and e-learning provides a more targeted and streamlined way of doingthat. We also have software that can link individual appraisals to businessobjectives, to ensure those objectives have been metSystem capacitiesWorking processes are changing as more people are working from home. HR hasto find a way of ensuring they don’t feel alienated and to improvecommunications channels between individuals’ homes and the workplace. Peoplefind out what is going on in an organisation via its intranet, but in future,information will also have to become available via the web so that it can beaccessed from different sourcesMichael HowardManaging director, Frontier Softwaree-HREventually all forms used within an organisation that need HR approval willbe eliminated and such approval process will occur over a companies Intranet.However, until organisations allow their systems to be accessed via the Internet– as an outsider – the benefits of electronic approvals will be minimised.Naturally, Internet security still remains an issue. HR will only become anefficient administrative/planning centre when the admin functions are deployedto both managers and employees, hence systems must be designed in a suitablemannerRecruitment toolsAgain the web will become the number one facility for advertising andgaining applicants compared to where it is now. Use of images and sound toattract applicants will become the norm in five years timeAbsenceIntegration is the key to administering absences. When control is required,managers using technology will be provided with automatic alerts to warn themin advance of events happeningPayrollThe debate between in-house payroll and outsourcing will always be thesame. Either solution is suitable, depending upon business needs. Systems willbecome more integrated and the successful HR software companies will be thosewho offer both servicesTraining and developmentAgain, the use of technology for e-learning will become fundamental.Systems will be designed to utilise all the methods for staff and students tolearn and comprehend in a quicker mannerSystem capacitiesWhat we shall see in the future is: total integration between modules;payroll accreditations; scalability; open technical platforms; Internet andintranet awareness systems easy learning facilities.Christopher BerryManaging director, Compele-HRE-HR will increasingly make the day-to-day administrative aspects of peoplemanagement a background task, enabling HR professionals to concentrate on theadded value contribution they can give to the development and competitivenessof the organisation. For example, there is the increased use of employeeself-service for maintenance of data and the ease with which managers canself-serve their own reports and information that previously would have had tobe requested from the HR function.Recruitment toolsIncreased profile and acceptance of online recruitment providers will addanother source of applicants to HR’s traditional portfolio of recruitmentsources. This will grow more popular as it integrates with a firm’s ownrecruitment admin and applicant tracking software.AbsenceAbsence management and cost control is often a justification for an HRsystem. This will increasingly become the case through the ability of employeesand managers to gather data and report without intervention from HR. Increaseduse of palm computing and PDA’s will make data gathering and reporting moreaccessible, particularly with a remote workforce.PayrollIntegration between HR systems and payroll will become seamless and secure.Web-based technology will make delivery of pay information increasinglystraight forward. For example, payslips can be delivered electronically andthere will be easier access to historical dataTraining and developmentTechnological development, particularly with delivery of graphical andvideo-based material, will lead to greater opportunities for the delivery oftraining to employees’ desktops or, in the case of remote workers, home PCs,making selection of appropriate training material much greater.By Caroline Horn Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Staff encouraged to spend an hour per week learning

first_imgStrategies for upskilling your workforce in a changing world (webinar)ON-DEMAND | This Personnel Today webinar in association with Degreed … No comments yet. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.Comment Name (required) Email (will not be published) (required) Website Previous Article Next Article Is it time to rip up the learning and development rulebook?Leaders have a unique opportunity to question how things have been done in the past and create new organisational norms…. Collaboration is key for post-Covid skills challengeFinancial support has been a lifeline for many employers as a way to avoid potential redundancy. But training is going…center_img Related posts: Shutterstock Major employers and L&D providers including Cisco, Lloyds Bank, LinkedIn Learning and The Open University have backed a campaign that encourages individuals to dedicate an hour per week to online learning.The An Hour to Skill campaign hopes to encourage workers to improve their skills in areas in high demand by employers by taking a free course from the government’s Skills Toolkit.Learning and development6 steps to creating a culture of engaged learningWhy bitesize learning works for Burton’s Biscuit CompanySince launching in April last year, more than 130,000 people have registered for courses via The Skills Toolkit, it has been claimed.The courses, which range from practical maths to digital design and marketing, aim to help enhance individuals’ prospects in their current role, or by providing the skills needed to secure a new job in a competitive market.Apprenticeships and skills minister Gillian Keegan said: “I’m delighted to launch An Hour to Skill and thank all of the great organisations that have joined forces to help boost the nation’s skills and job prospects at such an important time for our economy.“Progressing your learning doesn’t have to be a mammoth task – spending just one hour a week on a free online course can make a real difference to your earning potential. We’re confident that learning through The Skills Toolkit can give you the skills employers are looking for.”Professor Tim Blackman, vice-chancellor at The Open University said: “We’re pleased to share relevant, high-quality, free OpenLearn courses via The Skills Toolkit.“All courses have appeal across the spectrum, with opportunities for all regardless of age, life stage or prior level of learning. Using our world leading expertise and capability in online teaching, our short courses are imaginatively designed to inform and educate in a time-sensitive way.“We hope people continue to benefit from their skill-boosting content and for employers to back them too. We know that for many these free courses have been a lifeline in these difficult times and can provide a stepping-stone to more formal learning.”L&D job opportunities on Personnel TodayBrowse more L&D jobs Staff encouraged to spend an hour per week learningBy Ashleigh Webber on 7 Jan 2021 in Career development, Latest News, Continuous professional development, Learning & development, e-learning, Skills shortages, Personnel Today, Training delivery, Training needs analysislast_img read more

Retail boost for craft sector at BIE 2010

first_imgNext year’s Baking Industry Exhibition, taking place at the NEC in Birmingham from March 21-24, will host a new area the ’Craft Baker’s Shop’.The Shop is designed to give exhibitors the chance to demonstrate innovative and exciting new products, which will help independent bakers improve their retail offering. After its success in 2008, Bakery Live is also back, with a fully functioning bakery producing products on the day.California Raisins will also be hosting its Future Baker of the Year competition, a live event which will take place on each of the four days of the show. It is open to teams of three people working from colleges or companies that are working towards a recognised national bakery qualification.Exhibitors include: Benier UK; DCL Yeast; Double D Engineering; Kern; PFM; Raque Food Systems; Reiser; Rondo Doge; Britvic; Reynards; Pentagram; and Tom Chandley.last_img read more

Gasbuddy: Pump prices likely steady, unless hurricanes interfere

first_imgIndianaLocalNews Google+ By Jon Zimney – September 22, 2020 0 289 Facebook Twitter Pinterest Gasbuddy: Pump prices likely steady, unless hurricanes interfere Google+ Pinterest Twitter WhatsApp (“Gas Pump” by Mike Mozart, CC BY 2.0) Even if gas prices go up over the next few weeks, GasBuddy says they should not increase all that much.“Last week we saw some stations across Indianapolis try to go to $2.15, but it didn’t really take. We did see a little bit of an attempt at a price cycle, but overall prices still average $1.98. A lot of that is due to coronavirus,” says Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.It’s not just the coronavirus that’s affecting gas prices. DeHaan says the current hurricane season is also playing a role.“It may be a little bit bumpy here the next couple of weeks. We do have an active hurricane season with Tropical Storm Beta out in the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve got Hurricane Teddy. That’s away from land. There is still the possibility in the weeks ahead that hurricanes could cause oil refineries to shut down, so that’s where we get the (price) volatility. So far, though, we haven’t seen hurricane season make much of an effect,” says DeHaan.DeHaan expects prices to stay around $2 per gallon by Halloween, so long as there’s “not any disruption from a hurricane.” DeHaan also gave his thoughts on what could happen this week“My inkling is that we may see some stations try to go to $2.15 again at some point this week. We’re still in good condition. Prices are around $1.98. Around this same time a year ago, we were at $2.59.DeHaan says gas prices are the lowest they’ve been since 2004.GasBuddy says the statewide average for gas as of Monday, September 21 is $2.02 per gallon. The average is $1.98 in Indianapolis. It’s $1.96 in both Fort Wayne and Evansville.The lowest price for gas in South Bend was $1.82 for a gallon of regular unleaded. The average price was $1.96. Facebook WhatsApp Previous articleWalorski backing proposal to study ways to prevent illegal school bus passingNext articleLocal unemployment rate continue post-pandemic drop Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney.last_img read more

Jans Ingber Talks About The Badass Crew He’s Gathered For The Funk Fellowship In Colorado

first_imgJans Ingber, the infamous singer and hypeman formerly of the Motet, has shown time and time again that he knows how to throw a party. After moving to Oregon, residents of Colorado this weekend will be lucky enough to get down with Jans once again, and he’s bringing some world-class musicians along for the ride. Jans Ingber’s Funk Fellowship will be hitting Cervantes’ in Denver on Friday, December 16th (more info) then moving North to the Fox Theatre in Boulder for a second night of booty-shaking, soul-moving funk on December 17th (more info).To get prepped, we asked Jans for the low-down on the musicians he’s bringing together for the funk extravaganza. Here’s what he had to say about the unreal line-up he’s assembled for the weekend!Isaiah Sharkey – GuitarFrom D’Angelo’s band, Isaiah is one of the baddest young guitarists in this game. He’s got some clear Chicago gospel and jazz roots, and he knows how to lay it down. He also just played on Anderson. Paak’s and Corrine Bailey Rae’s newest records. Colorado, we gotta show him how we do it!Video of Isaiah Sharkey below courtesy of Kevin Wilson.Sharay Reed – BassYou may or may not know the name, but trust me when I say this dude is one of the baddest bass players alive. If you don’t trust me, do you trust Chaka Kahn, Aretha Franklin, and R. Kelly? Because he plays with all of them too. And if you still have your doubts, then just watch the video below, and you’ll get it.Video of Sharay Reed below courtesy of HattieMacDSteveland Swatkins – KeysHe’s our boy wonder, cinnamon bear, talk box swag machine. When he’s not out touring with Allen Stone, he’s home in Portland making videos like the one below, which really shows you how he does. You know, man, he’s part of our funk family.Video of Steveland Swatkins below courtesy of the artistJarrod Lawson – Vocals, KeysI know Denver has been waiting for his return after he became a literal international soul sensation! Dude released his first album a couple years ago, and he straight blew up in Europe. He’s flying in from Portland, and we’re gonna be going so deep. Do not sleep, because this cat right here is one of the baddest soul singers in the biz.Video of Jarrod Lawson below courtesy of BBC Radio 1XtraAlvin Ford, Jr. – DrumsOne of the cats! So check it, he’s the current drummer of the Pretty Lights Live Band, and former drummer of Dumpstaphunk and Dirty Dozen Brass Band. I don’t know what else you want me to say except that we are feeling blessed to have a New Orleans funk legend in the house.Video of Alvin Ford, Jr. below courtesy of Clayton Call DrumCamKimberly Dawson – VocalsThe girl can SANG! Ha, I know it, you know it, we all know it. She’s my good friend and just an all-around amazing artist from the Pimps of Joytime.Video of Kimberly Dawson with the New Mastersounds below courtesy of Dan SneiderLaDamion Massey – VocalsMan, I’m so stoked on this night. The chorus is gonna be too strong. LaDamion is another great friend and even better singer.Video of LaDamion Masey with Jans Ingber’s Funk Fellowship below courtesy of Jaden Carlson BandShane Endsley – TrumpetShane has been all around the world playing music. Somehow, I don’t know if you guys in Colorado recognize how lucky y’all are to have him. Kneebody is his group. He’s a super musical cat, and I’m feeling so honored to have him on the gig.Video of Shane Endsley below courtesy of KneebodyJonathan Lee Stewart – SaxThis dude is one of my best homies in Denver! Ha, he’s a bad boy right here. I mean he’s gotta be if he plays with SuperCollider, Devotchka and more.Video of Jonathan Lee Stewart courtesy of user youngtraneJans Ingber – Vocals, percussionHa! And that’s me. I’m that one guy. I got a pocket full of vibe, and I leave it all on the stage.Video of Jans Ingber’s Funk Fellowship courtesy of CrescendoPDXWe are beyond stoked to see Jans Ingber return to Colorado and check out the badass lineup he’s assembled for his two-night stand here. Tickets for the Friday show at Cervantes in Denver can be purchased here. Tickets for the Saturday show at the Fox Theatre in Boulder can be purchased here. Colorado residents who are in a giving mood this holiday season but still want to get down on Friday might be interested in the Dance of the Sugar Plum Deepness, a charity event benefiting the Denver Rescue Mission that includes tickets to Jans Ingber’s Funk Fellowship at Cervantes after.last_img read more

Eric Krasno, Joe Russo, And MonoNeon Announce Free Webcast For (nO*sO*nO*) Debut

first_imgThis weekend, NYC’s Brooklyn Bowl will celebrate their 9th anniversary with the debut of a new project (nO*sO*nO*) on Saturday, July 7th. The band will feature guitarist Eric Krasno (Soulive/Lettuce), drummer Joe Russo (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead), and bassist MonoNeon (Prince). While the three musicians have played together on many occasions in various other supergroup formations, this will mark the first performance as a dedicated trio under this moniker. The new band name is a play on the musicians’ names, KrasNO, RusSO, and MoNO. Given the histories of these three musicians, we can expect some funk-driven, psychedelic weirdness to come from the stage on the night of their performance.For those of you who can’t make it, Relix will be broadcasting the debut performance live for FREE on their YouTube channel.The rest of the Brooklyn Bowl’s 9th anniversary celebration weekend will be highlighted by performances from Love 2 Love: Donna Summer’s Decade of Disco Decadence (7/5), The Skatalites (7/6), and Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra (7/8). Head to the venue’s website for more information. You can catch MonoNeon with various other supergroup band formations at Brooklyn Comes Alive, set to take place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on September 29th. The event features 50+ musicians from your favorite bands in unique lineups performing tributes, collabs, and more at three venues within blocks of each other for one jam-packed day of music.For more information, or to grab your ticket today, head to the Brooklyn Comes Alive website.last_img read more

Adam Langdon Will Lead The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Tour

first_img View Comments Newcomer Adam Langdon will star as Christopher John Francis Boone in the upcoming national tour of Simon Stephens’ The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The touring production of the Tony Award-winning play will launch on September 27 in Rochester, NY, before continuing to additional cities across the country.Langdon graduated from The Juilliard School of Drama in 2015. His stage credits include Kimberly Akimbo, I Saw My Neighbor on the Train and I Didn’t Even Smile, Hapgood, Robin Hood and Dreamtime. Langdon’s appeared on TV in Red Oaks, The Good Wife, Great News, The Path and Difficult People.In addition to Langdon as Christopher, the cast of the Curious Incident tour will include Gene Gillette as Ed, Felicity Jones Latta as Judy, Maria Elena Ramirez as Siobhan and Amelia White as Mrs. Alexander. The ensemble includes Brian Robert Burns, Francesca Choy-Kee, Josephine Hall, John Hemphill, Robyn Kerr, Kathy McCafferty, J. Paul Nicholas, Geoffrey Wade and Tim Wright. Benjamin Wheelwright will play Christopher at certain performances.Based on the novel by Mark Haddon, Simon Stephens’ The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time follows Christopher (Langdon)—a fifteen-year-old who is exceptionally intelligent but ill-equipped to interpret everyday life. When he falls under suspicion for killing his neighbor’s dog, he sets out to identify the true culprit, which leads to an earth-shattering discovery and a journey that will change his life forever.The play premiered at the U.K.’s National Theatre in 2012 and went on to transfer to the West End and win seven 2013 Olivier Awards. Curious Incident took home five 2015 Tony Awards, including Best Play and Best Direction of a Play for Marianne Elliott. Adam Langdonlast_img read more

Vermont Chapter To Receive Continuing Publication Commendation From the Construction Specifications Institute

first_imgThe Vermont Chapter will receive a Continuing Publication Commendation from the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) for its monthly newsletter, Green Mountain Specifier. Christopher Eling, CSI, CDT, editor of the newsletter, will accept the award April 21, 2004 during the Opening General Session of The 48th Annual CSI Showä & Convention.CSI presents a Continuing Publication Commendation to individuals, chapters, firms, or organizations for outstanding publications in areas related to the Institute. The Vermont Chapter nominated Eling and the Green Mountain Specifier for:- Consistently providing the construction community with news from the chapter, region, and Institute- Publishing technical and educational articles by members and industry experts- Reviewing past, present and future chapter programs- Recognizing new members- Promoting and recognizing certification and member accomplishmentsThe Green Mountain Specifier is published 10 times each year.Eling has been a member of CSI for three years, and works for Peter Morris Architect in Vergennes, VT.The Opening General Session will take place on Wednesday, April 21, in Chicago, and will be open to the public. For more information about the Show & Convention, visit www.thecsishow.com(link is external).The Vermont Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute will receive both of this year’s Chapter Cup awards during the Institute’s Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 24th in Chicago. CSI awards two Chapter Cups each year to recognize the chapters that grew the most during the previous calendar year. Because one cup is awarded based on percentage growth in membership, and the other based on net growth, it is unprecedented that a single chapter wins both cups in one year.The Vermont Chapter grew from 57 to 126 members last year, a 122 percent increase. The Vermont Chapter was chartered in May 1968 with 30 members. The chapter has been active and growing in recent years, and was able to take home Chapter Cup awards for highest percentage growth in 2000 and 2001.Vermont leaders credit their success to a strong continuing education program for construction practitioners and efforts to reach students in construction-related programs at Norwich University and Vermont Technical College.About CSICSI is a national association of specifiers, architects, engineers, contractors, building materials suppliers and others involved in nonresidential building design and construction.last_img read more

Behind the Scenes: Bedrock Sandals

first_imgBehind the Scenes at Bedrock Sandals from Blue Ridge Outdoors on Vimeo.Located in a small warehouse outside of downtown Charlottesville, Va., two friends from AmeriCorps are hard at work creating the latest in minimalist footwear: the Bedrock Sandal. Modeled after the traditional huarache, these lightweight sandals are made entirely within the U.S. Check out what co-founders Nick Pence and Dan Opalacz have to say about their company and their mission.For more gear made in the Southeast, check out our Blue Ridge Gear Guide from our October, 2013 issue.last_img