US — #WeeklyAddress: August 20 – August 26: Multiple journalists face death threats

first_imgJournalists from The New York Times and The Associated Press received messages from anonymous callers threatening them with gun violence this week. On Monday August 20, New York Times  journalist Kenneth Vogel shared a recording of a 38-second voicemail he received shortly after he made an appearance on MSNBC. “You are the enemy of the people,” the caller says, referencing a phrase commonly used by President Donald Trump. “And although the pen is mightier than the sword, the AK-47 is mightier than the pen…there’s nothing civil about a civil war.” Journalists at AP and NYT receive intimidating calls threatening gun violence United StatesAmericas News June 7, 2021 Find out more Whistleblower Reality Winner sentenced to 63 months in prison Facebook has developed a rating to determine how trustworthy a user may be when reporting a news article as false on their platform. In an effort to combat “fake news,” Facebook largely depends on active users to report false or abusive content and is now using this reporting system to evaluate if an individual reporting information as false is doing so for political reasons, or if it is truly disinformation. When interviewed by The Washington Post, Facebook’s product manager Tessa Lyons remarked that it was “not uncommon for people to tell us something is false simply because they disagree with the premise of a story or they’re intentionally trying to target a particular publisher.” The methodology Facebook uses to determine a reliability rating has not been disclosed due to concerns that bad actors will attempt to game the algorithm. Consequently, there is no way for users to know if they are being scored or what their scores are being used for, leading to criticism of opaque practices. The United States ranks 45th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2018 World Press Freedom Index after falling 2 places in the last year. Lyric Cabral, a documentary filmmaker for BuzzFeed News, alleges that R&B singer R. Kelly’s bodyguards grabbed her by the neck and forcibly threw her out of an August 18 after-party in St. Louis, Missouri. Cabral has since filed a police report, maintaining that security targeted her for filming a documentary on the sexual abuse that the singer has allegedly committed. Footage from Instagram shows that other attendees were also filming Kelly’s performance on their cellphones during the time of the alleged incident. In response to Cabral’s allegations, R. Kelly’s lawyer, Chauncey D. Henry, writes that “Mr. Kelly, and/or his employees or affiliates, have no distinct recollection of the events described in your letter related to an alleged altercation that involved your contraction or his removal from Da Beno Nite Club.” BuzzFeed News remains “concerned for the safety of [its] journalists,” but “will not be deterred or intimidated by these shameless tactics.” For the latest updates, follow RSF on twitter @RSF_en.  News News United StatesAmericas BuzzFeed News filmmaker claims she was assaulted for filming documentary at R. Kelly’s afterparty Veteran White House Correspondent April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks recently hired a bodyguard in the wake of growing threats to her safety, she revealed to the Hollywood Reporter in an interview published on August 21. Ryan said covering the Trump administration has effectively “put a target on my head… I’ve had death threats. I’ve had some people wait for me outside the White House.” In a report published by Variety in April detailing the obstacles reporters endure covering the Trump administration, Ryan revealed she frequently receives death threats “just for asking a question.” In the same report, CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta stated that he receives death threats on a weekly basis.    Facebook implements reliability rating for users reporting fake news Convicted National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Reality Winner was sentenced to 63 months in prison on Thursday, August 23, the longest prison sentence in the history of federal leak cases. Winner, who pleaded guilty on June 26 to violating the Espionage Act, is the first of two whistleblowers prosecuted under the Trump administration. Read more about Winner’s sentencing here.  Associated Press reporter Amanda Lee Myers tweeted that a similar threat was made to the AP’s Los Angeles newsroom on Wednesday, August 22, when an unknown person called and said: “At some point we’re just gonna start shooting you f—ing assholes.” AP later released a statement that the incident had been reported to local authorities. These messages follow a growing trend of journalists receiving threats to their safety at the same time that President Trump is publicly ramping up anti-press rhetoric. Read RSF’s report on how American newsrooms are addressing increasing harassment and hostility.  Facebook’s Oversight Board is just a stopgap, regulation urgently needed, RSF sayscenter_img MANDEL NGAN / AFP Below are the most notable incidents regarding threats to press freedom in the US during the week of August 20 – August 26: RSF_en Receive email alerts NSO Group hasn’t kept its promises on human rights, RSF and other NGOs say Follow the news on United States Washington lawmaker calls journalists “dirty, godless, hateful people” to go further June 3, 2021 Find out more Help by sharing this information Speaking at a gun rights rally in Spokane, Washington, on August 18, Washington State Representative Matt Shea admonished journalists as “dirty, godless, hateful people.” Shea is part of an eight-member task force created in response to a lawsuit brought against the Washington State Legislature by several news outlets, including The Associated Press and The Seattle Times, which claim to have been exempted from Washington’s Public Records Act after being denied several requests for records. The Act ensures public access to all records and materials from state and local agencies. Shea has been known to ignore requests for interviews from journalists and has also blocked certain reporters from viewing his social media accounts. White House reporter April Ryan hires personal bodyguard due to threats WhatsApp blocks accounts of at least seven Gaza Strip journalists August 27, 2018 US — #WeeklyAddress: August 20 – August 26: Multiple journalists face death threats News Organisation April 28, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom on Making Karaoke Weird & More

first_imgIf I could go back in time, I’d be sure to catch:The original My Fair Lady just because that sounds like a ball. That sounds really fun. A close second is Ethel Merman in Gypsy.Broadway legend I’d see in anything:I’d see Bernadette Peters in anything. Go-to audition song:When I was really auditioning for musical theater a lot, there was a lack of good hard comedy songs for women. There was this song I found called “Darryl is a Boy (And He Lives in My Closet)” by this composer Michael Mitnick. That was my go-to for a while. Probably now it would be one of my own songs—if that’s not the worst thing to say.If I wrote a Broadway musical, it’d be about:I actually have written a full-length musical. It’s basically a f**ked up 42 Street.Karaoke show tune of choice:I really like doing “Ya Got Trouble” from The Music Man as a karaoke tune because it makes everyone really uncomfortable and it’s weird. Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch in ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ (Photo: Jordon Nuttall/The CW) Musical theater dream role:Dot in Sunday in the Park with George. My gender-swapped dream role is Harold Hill in The Music Man.I’d like to make my Broadway debut in:Ideally something I’ve written. And if not, Funny Girl. Actually, that’s my dream role. Dot in Sunday in the Park or Fanny in Funny Girl.center_img In the opening shot of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, it’s clear Rebecca Bunch is one of us, in fact she’s singing her heart out in the ensemble of a summer camp performance of South Pacific. Nine episodes, a giant pretzel and countless original musical numbers (some with Santino Fontana) later, the CW series has become an award-winning, critically acclaimed musical comedy. How often does that happen? Co-creator Rachel Bloom won a Golden Globe in January for her leading performance as Rebecca, and her enthusiasm for all things Broadway is palpable. While she comes from a sketch comedy background, the performer also studied musical theater at New York University. We recently asked Bloom about her show tunes of choice, Broadway crushes and more. Check out her answers below, and catch the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Mondays at 8PM!First Broadway show:The first Broadway-ish show I ever saw was the tour of Beauty and the Beast when it came to LA. But the first actual Broadway show I ever saw was The Lion King, and in the same trip, I saw Annie Get Your Gun with Bernadette Peters.First time on stage:I think I was three years old and I did a children’s community theater play of The Three Little Pigs. Yeah, it was great.Musical theater crush:As a straight woman, my musical theater crush is Marc Kudisch. As an overall sexual being, my musical theater crush is Sutton Foster. View Commentslast_img read more

How your CU marketing can respond to the coronavirus

first_img 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Jennifer Laud Jennifer is a credit union marketing consultant and the owner of Jennifer Laud Consulting. She has a background in strategy and a passion for positioning credit unions to find their … Web: Details Crisis is never an easy thing to manage, and knowing how to address concerns as a business is a real skill. This cold and flu season has brought with it a virus that is proving to have a widespread impact. While the biggest concerns are for health, the effects also cover many other facets of our lives as employees are asked to work from home, schools are temporarily shut down, travel plans and events are cancelled, the stock market responds, and more.During a time of fear and uncertainty, members are searching for information and solutions to help them weather the current storm. This gives credit unions the chance to show they are putting members first, something we regularly tout as a pillar of our business. It’s time to plan your communication strategy and adjust your marketing plan.Maintain a Consistent MessageHaving a consistent external message starts by having a strong internal message. Your staff members are going to be the people fielding questions, so keep them up-to-date on the credit union’s actions and position. Are you planning on limiting hours or otherwise adjusting operations? What are you doing to keep staff healthy and safe and how does that have an impact on members’ safety? Staff and members alike will be happy to know about efforts like increased cleaning of shared space and surfaces or additional supplies for washing hands.Because we are dealing with people’s finances and their access to their money, having information readily available will set minds at ease and show that you are thinking about everyone’s well-being. Keep your content fact-based to avoid fueling fears while using a straight-forward and respectful tone. Use your branches, call centers, website and social media channels to make information readily available for anyone looking for updates. Have events coming up, like your annual member meeting? Make sure the latest information is posted with regular updates on the status of the event and what precautions are being taken. If you’ve been considering shifting more of your events and info sessions to the digital world, this could be the time to take the leap with a webinar or a live social media stream. Members and staff are sure to appreciate being able to continue receiving services, but in a safer way.Educate Members on Other Ways to Do Business While members are changing their regular routines, this can be a good time to make sure they know all of their options. Particularly for members who are in a higher-risk group for the virus, provide education on your online, mobile, text and audio banking functions. Staff can help members get set up with these services and even automate activities like bill pay or money transfers. Make sure your staff are ready and able to seamlessly help members set up, and make the most of, your remote services. Then, the member can choose when and if they want to continue using face-to-face options down the road.Adjust Your CalendarSpring might be the time you usually talk about home loans or getting a new credit card in time for spring break travel. Take another look at your calendar and see where you need to make some edits. What may have seemed relevant and timely may now appear tone-deaf and insensitive. Your originally-planned travel campaign will also be less effective as members ditch their plans and stay home. Instead, shuffle a bit so you’re not staying stagnant. Look at the goals you have for the year to choose activities that will support your objectives and are aligned with our instincts to hunker down for the immediate future. If you’re trying to build deposits, this could be a great time to talk more about strategies for saving and building wealth. Just as with any other major event, what additional support or concessions can you offer your specific membership group? Right now, coronavirus is top of mind, but there are plenty of other instances where major events deeply affect a significant group of members: large business closures or layoffs, natural disasters, government shutdown. We can leverage our ability to nimbly respond as a local financial institution in order to be a source of support for any crisis. If you already have a skip-a-pay program, this is a great time to remind members who are experiencing a reduction in income. Are there other concessions you can offer members who are affected more strongly by either the economic changes or illness? On the positive side, where can you proactively provide resources or support? You can help members and staff by stocking up on hand sanitizers and soap for your branches. But also look at your community and business partners to see where there are needs that you could help meet.We have yet to see the full scope of the coronavirus’ impact. Be a source of support and strength for your staff and members by identifying how you will communicate and what needs to change in your marketing calendar so you have an updated plan.last_img read more

An initiative has been launched in Istria to subsidize interest rates on loans for hosts in family accommodation

first_imgAt the beginning of December, a plenary session of the Family Tourism Association Section for the Istria County was held at the Pula County Chamber of Commerce, at which the current President of the Section Miroslav Pretula from Degra doo was confirmed for the next four years, while Astrid Glavičić, the owner of the accommodation units in Labin and Rabac. It is on this topic that we spoke with Miroslav Pretul, President of the Family Tourism Association for the County of Istria at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the Family Tourism Association for the Istrian County at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce through the Initiative would be to raise the quality of accommodation, Pretula points out, adding that they have now taken the first step towards the county to investigate whether they are interested in investing in this tourism industry. Photo: Istria Tourist Board Cover photo: Nirvana Apartments and Rooms, Motovun / Source: The topics of the session were this year’s tourist season, preparations for the next and preparations for the Regional Forum of Family Accommodation for the Istrian County, which will be held in 2019, and a proposal was sent to the Istrian County for interest subsidy program on loans for household accommodation providers. By the way, last year the County of Istria focused more on the grant program intended for private renters for the Eco Domus program, ie Eco Friendly accommodation as well as for Istra Bike & Bed. ISTRIA BED & BIKE BOARDS AWARDED TO HOSTS IN FAMILY ACCOMMODATION That this measure proved to be a complete success is shown by the fact that in 2018 the trend of demand for higher category accommodation in Kvarner will continue. The increase in family accommodation is 4%, but family accommodation with 5 * achieved as much as 26% more overnight stays. We sent an inquiry to the County of Istria as well as the Tourist Board of the County of Istria to the reaction regarding the Initiative for loan subsidies for hosts in family accommodation, but we did not receive an answer to the inquiry until the publication of the article. When we receive the answers, we will pass on the news about this important topic for Istrian hosts in family accommodation. By the way, in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, a couple of years ago, they were the first to start with a subsidy for loans to renters, which is related to the Kvarner family quality label. Thus, the hosts in family accommodation with an interest rate of 1 to 2% had the opportunity to raise the quality of family accommodation, in which 40% of overnight stays were realized in Kvarner last year, ie 7,6 million overnight stays.center_img “As the current topic of recategorization is, I believe that many will want to raise their capacities to that higher level. This does not mean that this incentive would be given only to those who recategorize their facilities, but would serve in general to raise the quality of accommodation of renters. This form of incentive works in cooperation with commercial banks, and of course depends significantly on them and their basic interest rate for renters as well as the limits that the county would have. ” Pretula points out. RELATED NEWS: Asked whether, according to the proposal of the initiative, the subsidy for loans for hosts in family accommodation would be tied to the Domus Bonus quality label, as in Kvarner, Pretula pointed out that for now the basis of this subsidy would not be tied to Domus Bonus renters. “This would limit us to only a small fraction of our hosts. Domus Bonus as a brand has been around for quite some time, but the truth is that it has been noticed that there has been less talk about it in public lately and it is not among the main topics for us renters. Kvarner family as a counterpart to the quality of the Domus bonus branches in several directions (Pet friendly, Hiking friendly, Bike friendly) which is easy for foreign guests to understand and recognize, and foreign guests make up the vast majority of the total number of nights. I believe that at this moment he is achieving much better results. In my opinion, the orientation of the Istria Tourist Board in the last few years is more towards Istra Bike and I believe that it is now a stronger brand than Domus Bonus and many renters are turning to it as much as I personally. I can’t say that the Domus Bonus doesn’t carry a certain level of value for renters. Each of our specializations and demonstrations of quality level raises the value of our personal brand to a higher level. The only question is whether and to what level the end users in this case will recognize our foreign guests – tourists. ” concludes Pretula. According to the latest information, there are currently a total of 92 Bike & Bed facilities in Istria, of which 67 are small private Bike & Bed facilities, 13 Bike hotels and 12 Butique Bike hotels, which are classified into four categories: Bike & Bed, Bike hotels, Bike camps and Boutique bike hotels. as well as 11 private renters bearing the Eco Domus label. On the other hand, they were the first in Istria to start branding family accommodation through the Domus Bonus quality label, but in the last few years the impression is that the Domus Bonus quality label has not justified its market status and has declined in development and growth. The conclusion is clear. The better the accommodation, the better the occupancy, and thus the earnings from tourism. And that is why the visionary project of investing in raising the quality of family accommodation through subsidized loans proved to be a complete success. ISTRIA COUNTY AWARDS FIRST 11 CERTIFICATES FOR MARKING ECO-FRIENDLY ACCOMMODATION ON KVARNER, TREND DEMAND FOR MORE ACCOMMODATION. THE HIGHER NUMBER OF STARS, THE HIGHER EMPLOYMENTlast_img read more

Medeama’s Muntari Tagoe feels Kotoko still live on past glory

first_imgMedeama Sporting Club goalkeeper Muntari Tagoe has described Asante Kotoko as an ordinary team ahead of their FA Cup final later this month.The Tarkwa-based side will face the Porcupines for the second time in three years in an FA Cup final. In 2013, Medeama triumphed over the Kumasi side to win the trophy for the first time.Perhaps, that is the reason why the goalie is so confident about his team beating their opponents come August 30. And there’s also the fact that Kotoko’s recent performances have been largely inconsistent in all competitions.“Kotoko enjoys from their past glory but now Kotoko is a normal team and we know we are going to carry the day,” Tagoe said at the press soiree to announce the modalities for the grand finale.The team that wins the game will represent the country at the CAF Confederations Cup tournament and Tagoe believes that could propel his team as one with top class material. The winner also earns GH₵60,000 to boost their preparations for the competition and failure to do will see that money transferred to the runner-up.All this is in addition to a GH₵40,000 game prize for the victor while the runner-up bags GH₵15,000. –Follow Joy Sports on Twitter: @Joy997FM. Our hashtag is #JoySportslast_img read more

Chelsea have ‘problems’ but Conte doesn’t want sympathy

first_imgLondon, United Kingdom | AFP | Antonio Conte insists he isn’t looking for sympathy despite admitting Chelsea are facing problems at the start of their Premier League title defence.Conte has been frustrated by Chelsea’s failure to land his top transfer targets while the champions’ title rivals embarked on multi-million pound spending sprees.The Chelsea manager’s public complaints about the size of his squad have grown louder since his club’s decision to sanction the sale of Nemanja Matic to Manchester United.Asked about Conte’s grumbling, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger aimed a jibe at the Italian this week, pointing to Chelsea sending numerous players out on loan in recent weeks.With Conte also having fallen out with star striker Diego Costa during the close-season, former England captain Alan Shearer has said there is “something brewing which isn’t nice” at Stamford Bridge.Now Conte has conceded it hasn’t been plain sailing for Chelsea as they prepare for their Premier League opener at home to Burnley on Saturday.“We are facing different problems. But we must be ready to try to do our best tomorrow,” he told reporters on Friday. But despite Chelsea’s troubles, the former Juventus coach claimed he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about his club’s predicament.“I’m not looking for sympathy of any coaches for this situation. This is my message,” Conte said.“The situation is clear. If the club decide to send on loan players for their development it’s because these players are not ready to play for Chelsea.“It’s simple. I think I’m the coach of this team. My aim is to try to improve my players, to try to improve my team.“I repeat: my only task is to focus on the pitch, what happens on the pitch, during the training session to work with my players. This must be my focus during this period.“The club knows very well what is my opinion. And then I repeat: the club is trying to do their best on the transfer market.”Share on: WhatsApp Pages: 1 2last_img read more

England Golf Trust launched to support young players

first_img A new charitable trust, supported by England Golf, was launched today and will provide grants and bursaries for boys and girls who need financial help to play the game. The England Golf Trust replaces and extends the scope of the former EWGA Trust for girls’ golf. It is being backed by ambassadors, BBC presenter Naga Munchetty and European Tour professional Robert Rock. Naga sent a message to today’s launch event at King’s Norton Golf Club, Worcestershire, saying: “Every time I play I see the effect that that game has on the development of young people’s personal skills, confidence and values – and this is why I am delighted to be associated with the England Golf Trust. “Young people are the lifeblood of our golf clubs so helping them to play golf in a fun environment should be encouraged by us all.” The Trust will help young people, aged under 21 or in full-time education, who are in financial need and who, without this support, would not be able to play golf. It will award grants and bursaries. Money which was given to the EWGA Trust to help girls has been ring fenced and the Angela Uzielli and Bellamy Bursaries will also be open only to girls. But all future money will be available for both boys and girls. Trust chairman Di Horsley said: “It became clear that to make a real difference to young people, we should have a trust supporting both boys and young men as well as girls and young women. “The England Golf Trust fills a gap by offering help to young people who genuinely can’t afford to play golf, but who love the sport. It will give them the opportunity to stay in the game, to develop life skills including confidence, self-esteem and integrity and to help make up the heart and soul of our golf clubs.” Among those attending the launch were representatives of the PGA and the Golf Foundation, together with four young women who have been helped by the former EWGA Trust and who spoke about the support they had received. They include: Lucy Buckley, from Birmingham, first started playing golf, aged 10, on the Wii – and loved it. Her grandma enrolled her for a series of golf lessons with Greg Lynch, the PGA professional at the local driving range. Greg recognised her potential straight away and encouraged her to join Warley Woods Golf Club, a local municipal nine-hole course, owned by a Community Trust. She’s made impressive progress, helped by a grant from the Trust. Stacey Mitchell was supported by a Bellamy Bursary when she was a self-funded post graduate student at the University of Lincoln. She said: “The grant enabled me to complete my Research Masters on gender inequality in golf which has helped me to achieve my dream role as a Regional Development Officer for The Golf Foundation, also taking a lead on girls’ development for the charity. I am extremely grateful for the support provided by the EWGA Trust.” How to help the Trust: There are two ways to help the Trust, firstly by identifying those young people who need financial support to stay in the game and secondly by encouraging individuals and golf clubs to make a donation, make a bequest or buy a golf diary. To find out more about the Trust, access application forms and different ways to support it please click here Caption: Young golfers at the launch of the England Golf Trust (image © Leaderboard Photography) 4 Aug 2015 England Golf Trust launched to support young players last_img read more

Bombardier Beetle Mechanism Explained

first_imgA beetle that has become a creationist icon is examined by evolutionists in a leading journal.Dr. Duane Gish used the bombardier beetle decades ago to challenge evolution: how could a mechanism that delivers a carefully timed and aimed explosion evolve by stepwise Darwinian processes? In Science, evolutionists from MIT, U of Arizona and Brookhaven National Lab learned more about this amazing beetle’s firepower—but they had very little to say about how it might have evolved. Emily Demarco, summarizing the paper in the same issue of Science, had zilch to say about Darwin but quite a bit about design. Look first at her parts list, then how they work together:When threatened, the beetle contracts muscles that open a structure called the interchamber valve, allowing a droplet of a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and chemicals known as hydroquinones to flow from one chamber in the gland to another, the team reports online today in Science. There, the droplet comes into contact with the peroxidase and catalysts that create the noxious chemicals and the reactions that explode them out of the insect’s rear. Pressure from the explosion distends a flexible structure called the expansion membrane, closing the interchamber valve and disrupting the flow of chemicals. When pressure in the chamber drops after the explosion, however, the valve opens again, and a new droplet begins the process once more. Such new insight could help improve technologies like fuel injectors in internal combustion engines, the researchers say.The Editor’s Summary is also silent about evolution:Bombardier beetles shoot a toxic pulse at potential predators and other harassers. The toxic spray is created by a chemical reaction that occurs inside the beetle’s body. Although the details of the reaction are known, how the beetle is able to precisely combine the chemicals at appropriate times and release the pulse at regular intervals has remained a mystery. Arndt et al. used synchrotron x-ray imagery to observe the process as it occurs within live beetles. Expansion and contraction of an internal expansion membrane facilitate the precise cyclic injection of reactants and the subsequent ejection of toxic sprays that keep the beetle’s predators at bay.The only mention of evolution is at the end of the paper, and it only concerns one aspect of the bombardier beetle’s mechanism:The pulsed spray mechanism of brachinine bombardier beetles is remarkably elegant and effective, protecting these beetles from nearly all predators (and incautious humans). The passive mediation of pulsation by mechanical feedback from the explosion is advantageous because it provides automatic regulation of reactant use. Further, the evolutionary change from a continuous defensive spray (exhibited by close relatives of the brachinines) to a pulsed spray required only relatively minor changes to the reaction chamber inlet structures rather than the evolution of novel valve-closing muscles.In other words, they are only talking about how a continuous spray might have evolved into a pulsed spray. This still leaves unaddressed how the reactants could combine without destroying the beetle instead of its target.An MIT press release shows the X-ray videos taken of the firing mechanism, shot at 2,000 frames per second. In the embedded video clip (2 minutes), lead author Eric Arndt, an MIT grad student, begins by saying he wants to understand the beetle and what we can learn from it, but then at the end gives his evolutionary slant about how a continuous spray evolved into a pulsed mechanism by a very “simple” modification.Five years ago, creation researcher Andrew McIntosh of Leeds University won an award for design of a pressure sprayer inspired by the bombardier beetle (12/15/10). So how “simple” is the mechanism? Using intelligent design, his team took five years trying to duplicate it for their invention. McIntosh now travels internationally giving scientific evidence for creation.Speaking of beetles, another odd one was described recently by New Scientist. One might think the stag beetle would have trouble flying with those long jaws that protrude almost as long as the rest of its body. Actually, the article says, the “stag beetle’s unwieldy jaws are surprising slick in flight.”Here’s how evolutionists treat creation arguments: they ignore them. Then they offer brief hand-waving speculations to allege how irreducibly complex mechanisms might have evolved. Once you know their strategy, you find it everywhere. (Visited 176 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Tips for buying firewood from ODA

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest As winter quickly approaches and more people look to firewood to help heat their homes, the Ohio Department of Agriculture is offering some basic tips to help when purchasing wood.“Many Ohioans rely on firewood to heat their homes during the cold winter months,” said David Daniels, director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture. “That’s why it’s important to know the laws about how firewood must be sold in order to make sure you, the consumer, are getting what you pay for.”The following firewood rules and regulations are helpful to review before making purchases:Non-packaged firewood must be sold by the cord or by fractions of a cord. One cord, when properly stacked, should be 8 feet long by 4 feet high and 4 feet wide (128 cubic feet).If sold in bulk, firewood must be purchased by the weight in ton measurements. This must be weighed on a certified scale.It is illegal to sell firewood by any other unit of measurement such as a rick, rack, face cord or truckload. If a consumer believes that a seller did not comply with these rules and regulations, the person should immediately contact the seller.If non-packaged firewood is purchased, the seller must present the consumer with a delivery ticket or sales invoice that includes contact information and the terms and conditions of the sale.If the firewood is advertised and sold as a certain type of wood, the load must contain at least 90% of that species.Be aware of different firewood movement regulations in place concerning invasive species such as gypsy moth and Asian longhorned beetle. It is always good practice to not move firewood long distances and to buy local and burn local.When burning firewood for heat, the State Fire Marshal advises to follow all necessary safety practices to avoid any serious problems.If you have questions or concerns with a firewood sale, and the seller will not correct the problem, contact the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Division of Weights and Measures at (614) 728-6290 or contact your county auditor’s office.last_img read more

Brazil take on Croatia in World Cup opener amid defensive woes

first_imgBrazil enters its final days of preparations for the World Cup paying extra attention to its defenceBrazil enters its final days of preparations for the World Cup paying extra attention to its defence.Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari spent part of the team’s training session on Monday making adjustments to the defensive setup, stopping practice several times to reposition players until he was satisfied.Although Brazil didn’t concede a goal in its two warm-up matches before the World Cup, Scolari said he was not completely satisfied with how his squad played defensively. He didn’t even like how the team practiced at times, and publicly said his players were giving up too much space for counter-attacks.One of the coach’s main goals in the last week of preparations was to make sure the team ready defensively in time for the opener against Croatia on Thursday.”We know that if we don’t concede goals, our chances to win matches increase, because we know the kind of talent we have in attack,” Scolari said. “It’s important we are well prepared on defense so we are not caught by surprise.”Right back Daniel Alves acknowledged that Brazil’s defence isn’t perfect, but said the team is working to improve before the opener.When told that Croatia striker Ivica Olic said he saw spaces in Brazil’s defence during the warm-up matches, Alves acknowledged that adjustments still have to be made.”Obviously, if we didn’t make mistakes, we would be a perfect team, and that’s not possible,” the Barcelona defender said. “If Olic saw spaces, then we have to make sure we fix that so he can’t find them anymore.”advertisementThe last time Brazil conceded a goal was in a 2-1 win over Chile in a friendly last November. Brazil beat Panama 4-0 and Serbia 1-0 last week in the last two matches before for the opening match in Sao Paulo.”Physically we are ready, but tactically we still have to adjust a few things,” Scolari said.The coach’s other main focus during Monday’s training was on set pieces – another area where he said Brazil still needs to improve.There was a scare in the session when Neymar twisted his right ankle. He was on the ground in pain and needed to be attended to by doctors, but was able to finish the training session normally.Brazil is expected to practice again at its training camp outside Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday before traveling to Sao Paulo later in the day for the opener.last_img read more