Your view makes a real difference

first_imgThe opinion pages of Personnel Today provide the ideal forum for gettingyour ideas across and help to put HR on the national agendaWith this being the final issue of 2003 (our next issue comes out on 6January 2004), it seemed like an opportune moment to thank all those who havecontributed to this section in Personnel Today this year, making it a fabulousplatform for some raging debates. We’ve seen heated discussions on topics ranging from workplace stress to humancapital management, and much more besides. But perhaps the hottest of them all was sparked by columnist Stephen Overellwho questioned in his Off Message column (13 May) whether it was right thatemployees with children were given unfair advantages over their childlesscolleagues. Some of you thought bosses were too lenient with working parents, whodemanded and took far too much time off in the name of their kids, leavingtheir colleagues to pick up the pieces. Naturally, those with children argued their case loudly and clearly throughthese pages – for months. This healthy discourse demonstrates the importance of letting yourcolleagues in HR know what you think through the opinion pages of PersonnelToday. One letter sparked a Personnel Today/Doctor magazine survey of GPs and HRprofessionals, to see what they thought about the current situation on issuingsicknotes. The result? A front page story that has been picked up by themainstream media, and has made the issue a matter of national importance. It’sa good example of how effective your input can be and how HR can influence thenational agenda. And so to 2004, when the economy is predicted to inch forward and pursestrings are expected to be slightly loosened. What will be the issues of the day? Our crystal ball rests on fact: HR flewfrom backstage to centre stage this year, and there it will stay as peoplemanagement gets ratcheted further and further up every organisation’s agenda. Personnel Today is here to be the independent voice of the HR profession,but it is your day-to-day experience in HR that sets the agenda. So keep thoseletters rolling in. By Penny Wilson, Deputy editor, Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Your view makes a real differenceOn 9 Dec 2003 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. last_img read more