Don’t Just Govern, Do Something

first_imgAbdul Hakim-Shabazz in the Statehouse File writes that the Governor has been criticized for not laying out a“bold agenda” or big initiative. He considers it an unfair criticism.But I think Governor Holcomb has missed a real opportunity to lead. He could have led the charge to fix the broken system of gerrymandering in Indiana.He doesn’t see there is a renewed energy by those opposed to gerrymandering. “Gerrymander-haters” (and I am one) are more organized, determined, and focused than ever before.Hoosiers remember the embarrassment and anger, when our state became the butt of national jokes over the fiasco Statehouse Republicans caused with RFRA (Restoration of Freedom Act) and the accompanying “fix”.Or political favoritism that was shown when a big GOP donor shut down committee discussion of basic health and safety laws for children’s day cares.Hoosiers want a voice in their elected representatives, and gerrymandering has deliberately diluted the impact their vote has.Julia Vaughn, Common Cause, said it best in a quote in an editorial: “Drawing districts to advantage individuals and partisan interests significantly undermines the democratic process and takes power away from voters. No Hoosier serving in elected office should endorse a system that allows politicians to choose their voters…”Redistricting reform advocates want a more balanced membership in their legislature; competition in elections; and, less big money and special interest control.We deserve a different system of redistricting. The Governor and the legislature should act now. Hoosiers are watching; a groundswell is growing. The 2018 elections are near.                                                          ###LINK of Article For Review: LinkEmailShare DON’T JUST GOVERN, DO SOMETHINGby CCO StateHouse Editor Gail RieckenFormer District 77 State Representativelast_img read more