Wadham bar prices rise in cash

first_imgDrinks prices in the Wadham bar have risen by up to 25 per cent for those paying in cash, after the college introduced a Bod Card payment system this term.An email from the college bursar, Pauline Linieres-Hartley, outlined the introduction of the system. “There will be a two-tier pricing system. The lower price will be available for EPOS transactions and the higher price for any cash transactions.”One Wadham student explained the noticeable difference in prices between the two systems. “Originally we were told that the difference in prices would be relatively small, but they have now altered the prices significantly for those who wish to pay by cash.”He added, “I bought a double gin and tonic with cash, only to find out that it was £4.75 – as much as, if not more than, the King’s Arms – which is 25% more than paying by Bod Card!”Another student was worried about how the tabs might be interpreted, “My concern is that if someone has a poor term academically, will they then have their bar tabs examined and be reprimanded or banned?”last_img read more