What’s in store for e-HR?

first_img Previous Article Next Article What’s in store for e-HR?On 26 Jun 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. The potential for growth in e-HR remains enormous. Developing electronicsystems offers HR benefits in terms of day-to-day organisation, bothstrategically and through streamlining administration. With routine tasks suchas holiday entitlements and corporate procedures available direct to employeesonline, HR’s attention can be given to strategic issues of organisationalgrowth and development. Such developments are timely. E-HR addresses a range of issues from skillsshortages – linking benefits to training, for example, which is tracked online– to global communications. While most of the developments to date have beenfocused in-house via sophisticated corporate intranets, future developmentswill include opening up broader channels of communication and making thatinformation more widely available. Michael Richards, managing director of Snowdrop Systems, says, “Theshort-term trend and demand we are seeing is for web-based applications –that’s far and away the most important issue at the moment. Of our projects, 75per cent this year have involved some web element, which is a huge increase onthe previous year.” He adds, “While these applications providesimilar sorts of functionality that have been around for years, using a webinterface means that anyone can access it from anywhere.” But it is also true that while technical developments offer considerableadvantages, corporate culture can often affect their take-up. As Alan Foley,managing director at ICS Computing, points out, “While the technology isthere, it’s a question of whether companies can adapt their culture – and makethe necessary investment – to use it. Generally, e-HR is under-utilised.” One answer can be to outsource specific functions, says Erik Morse, managingdirector of Peopleclick Europe. “There is a general move to outsourcingsystems in areas like management systems and recruitment. This is partlybecause HR systems are generally low on the list of priorities in companies. Byoutsourcing, HR can have a bit more control of its systems and get a quickerresponse than through its in-house IT departments.” This can also provide a first step for HR departments wanting to convincetheir companies of the strategic and financial benefits of developing online HRresources. Elizabeth WilsonHR Strategy manager (UK), People Softe-HRThe trend towards e-recruitment and e-learning will expand into the area ofbenefits. As benefits become more prevalent in compensation packets, e-HR willhelp enormously because people will be able to self-serve and choose whether,for example, they want to put more into pensions or to have the money direct.They will also be able to get info direct from the providers by clicking ontothe providers’ sites. Also, more admin tasks will be handled online – we arealready seeing things like expenses and travel being done electronically andtracked through the financial systemsRecruitment TollsWe already have a lot being done electronically but that will expandthrough things like web access via the television with people responding toadvertisements. Companies will also become more proactive in searching for CVson the web and that will become more prevalent when the skills shortage hitsthe European marketAbsenceThere won’t be huge changes here, apart from the end user being able to putin requests for things like holiday entitlements, and checking pay issues onlinePayrollThe move to the web for payroll delivery will cut costs of administrationand post. Web-based payslip delivery will be the norm, as will the delivery ofstatutory information to the Inland Revenue. That will help with the speed ofdata transfer and in cutting costsTraining and developmentThere will be enormous changes. Aside from e-learning there is retention ofstaff through career development and training. Skills-based compensation isbeing adapted to retain staff, especially in organisations that have a flatterstructure. As training becomes more integrated with comps, it will have to bemonitored effectively throughout the whole organisation – you can’t havedifferent managers using different rating methodsSystem CapacitiesThe trend is to use HR data analytically to forecast budgets, analysebusiness strategy, not just to store information. To do that properly, HR needsbusiness tools capable of handling volumes of data. Increasingly anorganisation’s competencies and skills gaps need to be handled globally sosystems have to be able to collect information from anywhere at any time, whichis where the web comes inAlan FoleyManaging director, ICS Computinge-HRThere are products available that enable companies to post rules, handbooksand procedures online, and give employees access to systems on information suchas benefits. While the technology is there, in non-technological industries theweb culture has been much slower to take off. Even when e-HR systems are inplace, they remain under-utilised. We offer security-based access for linemanagers to get employee information online, but not many corporates are goingdown this route. If e-HR is fully developed, it should reach the point where HRis only accessed for specialist knowledgeRecruitment ToolsReceiving CVs electronically can speed up recruitment, but there needs tobe changes in the process. Organisations need to improve their ability toreceive applications from their web site and take them straight into their ownsystemAbsenceThis can be poorly controlled if it is paper-based and not process-driven.Using a work-based system means you can register absences and they can beprocessed through the organisation more efficiently. Probably the biggestchange we will see here is the analysis of absence information and the study oftrends, frequencies and patternsPayrollWe see an increasing trend to outsource payroll, including largeorganisations that are outsourcing for the first time. Companies want to keepcontrol of the benefits side, but payroll is otherwise seen as non-core.Organisations are also keen to do less so the supplier handling the payrollacts more as the payroll department, liaising with other departments in thecorporation to get the relevant information direct from themTraining and developmentHR systems were, for a period, almost recording systems. Now they are usedmore as management tools to help decide where people should be developed. Thesoftware is much more capable of providing the tools for HR to developcompetencies within an organisation.System capacitiesThere is a trend to seeking solutions rather than just systems. Oftencompanies are tight on IT resources so, rather than setting up systemsinternally for functions such as payroll, they are willing to access a systemthat is hosted by an external vendor who will handle the function for them. Thetrend to outsourcing HR functions like these will continue.Michael RichardsManaging director, Snowdrop Systemse-HRThe major shift is that HR people have become comfortable with the factthat data does not have to be locked away in a cupboard for use just by HR.There’s an acceptance that you can devolve responsibility – employees can findout for themselves how many days holiday they have left. Overall, you havefull-featured systems and a lot more data being collected and used. In three tofive years there will be a wholesale shift in who uses the data and how –perhaps accessing it through hand-held devices and mobile phonesRecruitment tollsThere are systems available that enable companies to scan CVs forparticular qualifications and experience, but at the moment these can onlyoffer at best, 95 per cent accuracy, which isn’t good enough. What is needed isa systematic structure that will make it easier for individuals to fire off aCV from around the world, which all systems will be able to interpret AbsenceToday’s systems operate well. Different issues will need to be consideredwith home working though. The technology for home working is already availablebut once digital exchanges are up and running, it will become easier to do.That will make monitoring who is and who isn’t in the office or at work morecomplex, so absence will still need to be managedPayrollThis is such a standard process that the technology doesn’t change verymuch, although payroll systems are easier to integrate. What companies need todo with payroll is to outsource it. They want to be able to extract theinformation they need and have access to limited amounts of data to analyse,but not to have to manage or run payrollTraining and developmentThis is one area that will have the biggest impact for e-HR. It is alsohighly visible. Training and development centres on online working, which ismost effective when used to teach about basic technological developments or newproducts. It is not the best vehicle for many other areas of training –although the vehicle is there, it suffers from poor content. People put theemphasis on technology but not the contentSystem capacitiesSoftware development over the past five years has increasingly separateddata from application so different interfaces – such as the web, or hand-helddevices – can be used to access the application. In a few years there will beother devices used to access data. Better system integration is also on theagenda. Accessibility is improving so that information can be made available tothe widest audienceTony FlanaganMarketing manager, ASRe-HRWhat we tend to find is that HR departments are looking to streamlineinternal processes through effective workflow practices linked to e-mailfunctionality and electronic forms that can be accessed via the intranet. Nowthat people are aware of the capabilities of new technology, it’s a question offitting it into their business culture and using it in their day-to-day operations.A lot of HR processes are labour intensive but technology could dramaticallychange the way they workRecruitment toolsBeing able to recruit online has a number of benefits but the key is beingable to track the process from the moment that someone fills in an applicationonline. Those details need to be sifted through to the database, where a skillsmatch can identify candidates for the postAbsenceSystems have developed to the point that, when someone phones in sick, thatprocess can be handled electronically. So the person at reception fills in thedetails of the absent person on their absence screen and files that to therelevant line manager to deal with. Absence can be tracked individually butalso at department level, so that trends can be identifiedPayrollThe significant trend is that people are looking more for integrationbetween the HR and payroll softwareTraining and developmentStaff retention is a key issue and one that is being addressed more throughtraining and development. Organisations are looking to  invest in their staff to try to retain themfor longer and e-learning provides a more targeted and streamlined way of doingthat. We also have software that can link individual appraisals to businessobjectives, to ensure those objectives have been metSystem capacitiesWorking processes are changing as more people are working from home. HR hasto find a way of ensuring they don’t feel alienated and to improvecommunications channels between individuals’ homes and the workplace. Peoplefind out what is going on in an organisation via its intranet, but in future,information will also have to become available via the web so that it can beaccessed from different sourcesMichael HowardManaging director, Frontier Softwaree-HREventually all forms used within an organisation that need HR approval willbe eliminated and such approval process will occur over a companies Intranet.However, until organisations allow their systems to be accessed via the Internet– as an outsider – the benefits of electronic approvals will be minimised.Naturally, Internet security still remains an issue. HR will only become anefficient administrative/planning centre when the admin functions are deployedto both managers and employees, hence systems must be designed in a suitablemannerRecruitment toolsAgain the web will become the number one facility for advertising andgaining applicants compared to where it is now. Use of images and sound toattract applicants will become the norm in five years timeAbsenceIntegration is the key to administering absences. When control is required,managers using technology will be provided with automatic alerts to warn themin advance of events happeningPayrollThe debate between in-house payroll and outsourcing will always be thesame. Either solution is suitable, depending upon business needs. Systems willbecome more integrated and the successful HR software companies will be thosewho offer both servicesTraining and developmentAgain, the use of technology for e-learning will become fundamental.Systems will be designed to utilise all the methods for staff and students tolearn and comprehend in a quicker mannerSystem capacitiesWhat we shall see in the future is: total integration between modules;payroll accreditations; scalability; open technical platforms; Internet andintranet awareness systems easy learning facilities.Christopher BerryManaging director, Compele-HRE-HR will increasingly make the day-to-day administrative aspects of peoplemanagement a background task, enabling HR professionals to concentrate on theadded value contribution they can give to the development and competitivenessof the organisation. For example, there is the increased use of employeeself-service for maintenance of data and the ease with which managers canself-serve their own reports and information that previously would have had tobe requested from the HR function.Recruitment toolsIncreased profile and acceptance of online recruitment providers will addanother source of applicants to HR’s traditional portfolio of recruitmentsources. This will grow more popular as it integrates with a firm’s ownrecruitment admin and applicant tracking software.AbsenceAbsence management and cost control is often a justification for an HRsystem. This will increasingly become the case through the ability of employeesand managers to gather data and report without intervention from HR. Increaseduse of palm computing and PDA’s will make data gathering and reporting moreaccessible, particularly with a remote workforce.PayrollIntegration between HR systems and payroll will become seamless and secure.Web-based technology will make delivery of pay information increasinglystraight forward. For example, payslips can be delivered electronically andthere will be easier access to historical dataTraining and developmentTechnological development, particularly with delivery of graphical andvideo-based material, will lead to greater opportunities for the delivery oftraining to employees’ desktops or, in the case of remote workers, home PCs,making selection of appropriate training material much greater.By Caroline Horn Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Poyet almost replaced Johnson

first_imgSunderland head coach Gus Poyet admitted he was about to take derby hero Adam Johnson off minutes before he struck the goal which secured a fourth successive victory over Newcastle. The winger converted substitute Will Buckley’s lay-off to score the only goal of the game at St James’ Park and snatch a 1-0 win with seconds of normal time remaining. However, Poyet, who maintained his 100 per cent derby record with the Black Cats, which now extends to three games, later revealed Johnson was about to be replaced by Buckley when he changed his mind and withdrew Connor Wickham instead. Press Association The Uruguayan said: “I have to be honest, I was taking Adam Johnson off and for some reason, I didn’t. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know, and luckily enough Jonno scored the winning goal, which is fantastic for us.” Asked what had prompted his 81st-minute change of heart, Poyet added: “It was the previous action to when the referee was probably stopping to change. “Adam Johnson went in behind, checked back, missed the chance – I don’t know if you remember, when he checked back on Coloccini and with the left foot, missed the goal? “What we were looking for was to go in behind – that was Buckley coming on – and Jonno did it, so I said, ‘No, no, no, change Connor, number 10′. “Decisions. You can call it luck or whatever, but we haven’t had too much this year so if it is luck, I’ll take it for once. It’s not bad.” Johnson’s intervention came as Newcastle, looking to avoid a fourth derby defeat on the trot for the first time in their history, were making a final big push in a fiercely-fought contest when Johnson struck. Up until that point, Sunderland had enjoyed the better of the game, but had squandered a series of gilt-edged chances and had to rely on keeper Costel Pantilimon to keep out goal-bound efforts from Ayoze Perez and Moussa Sissoko. But as the clock ticked down, Johnson, who had scored at St James’ in 3-0 victories in the previous two seasons, held off Sissoko inside his own half before heading upfield to feed striker Steven Fletcher and then making his way into the penalty area to dispatch Buckley’s lay-off. Poyet said: “It’s great, it’s incredible. When you are on the right side, the good side, you are going to remember it all your life, so it’s a special moment for us, a special moment for the club. “Records, continuing to win games, they are always there for someone to break. We were able to continue this winning run against Newcastle, which is great for us, without forgetting that the three points are the main thing. “But it makes it a very special Christmas for us.” Opposite number Alan Pardew finished the game with three strikers – Perez, Papiss Cisse and Adam Armstrong – and attacking midfielder Remy Cabella on the pitch, but was still unable to force the breakthrough before disaster struck at the death. Pardew, whose decision was described as “very brave” by Poyet, said: “This club wants to see goals. I am never going to be the manager of this football team and accept a draw at home as a positive result regardless of who it is against. “But we should still have the discipline in the team, regardless of how many offensive players we have on, to do the job. It wasn’t so much the offensive players, it was our defenders, really, who over-committed. “But I am not here to criticise my team. They gave everything today, they tried to win it and if we are ever going to lose a game, then we would lose it in that manner, if I am honest, trying to push for a win.” Pardew, who was under pressure from his own club’s fans earlier in the season, now has to bear the burden of an unwelcome derby record, and it is one which is hard to take. He said: “It’s a good day for Gus and not for us.” last_img read more

ICC World Cup ICC Cricket World Cup: England hoping to avoid Gayle-storm, fans hoping rain stays away

first_imgNew Delhi: The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is already been dominated by one factor: Rain. Looking at the number of games that have been washed out, the rain is currently leading the points table with the rest of the teams playing catch-up. Heading into the match in Southampton, England will not only be praying that the rain stays away but they will also be hoping to get rid of the Gayle-storm. In the previous series between the two sides, Gayle blasted 39 sixes against England and his big scores posed plenty of problems to an England side in the series which ended 2-2.For England, they are sitting pretty after bouncing back from defeat against Pakistan to win comfortably against Bangladesh. For the West Indies, they will be frustrated with a narrow loss to Australia and the wash-out against South Africa in Southampton. The weather forecast is again not looking good for Southampton. If it is overcast, then it is advantage England. The bowling attack has plenty of options with seam, pace and spin while the batting has plenty of power thanks to Jos Buttler, Jason Roy, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan and Jonny Bairstow. With Bairstow and Roy coming back to form, the opening partnership looks steady. For West Indies, Gayle holds the key. His big-hitting had helped West Indies immensely in the ODIs against England and also in the game against Pakistan. The fast bowling department is in good hands with Sheldon Cottrell and Oshane Thomas showing their mettle. West Indies need to play smart cricket and play calmly according to the situations if they are to get over the line.Team combinationsMoeen Ali was left out to include an extra pacer against Bangladesh. However, Eoin Morgan might not want to change the winning combination. For West Indies, they will be hoping that Andre Russell is fit and should he overcome his injury woes, Russell is an automatic slot.England (Playing XI): Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Chris Woakes, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Liam Plunkett, Mark WoodWest Indies (Playing XI): Chris Gayle, Shai Hope(w), Nicholas Pooran, Shimron Hetmyer, Jason Holder(c), Andre Russell, Carlos Brathwaite, Ashley Nurse, Kemar Roach, Sheldon Cottrell, Oshane ThomasWho will win?India has a much-better bowling and batting line-up than New Zealand. However, if the pitch offers seam movement and if the weather remains overcast, then New Zealand hold the edge.Weather and pitchThis is the most dominant question of all. The weather in Southampton is not all that great. There are chances of rain and it could end up being another spoiler.StatisticsWest Indies are the two-time champions but surprisingly, they have a poor record against England. Their only victory against them came in 1979 when they won the title. Apart from that, they have tasted defeat in every game.Stadium and timingsThe match will be played at Rose Bowl, Southampton and the match will begin at 3:00 PM IST. For all the Latest Sports News News, ICC World Cup News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

MLAX : TENFOLD: Ten different players score as Syracuse rolls past Hobart

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Comments Published on April 19, 2011 at 12:00 pmcenter_img T.W. Johnson didn’t see any difference Tuesday from the previous six times he’s coached against Syracuse.The Hobart head coach saw Jeremy Thompson and Josh Amidon work together in a two-on-one that ended with an Amidon laser shot into the top left corner for the first goal of the game. From the start, he saw a relentless Orange attack throughout the game that was both balanced and efficient.Syracuse’s offense has not been the team’s strongpoint this season. But while the offensive dominance may have been new to this SU team, Johnson was used to seeing it from the Orange.‘I’ve played them for seven years now, and to be honest, it’s the same every year,’ he said. ‘They’ve got talented guys. They have a lot of them. They have the ability to go on runs at any point during the game.’Ten different players scored for No. 4 SU (11-1, 3-0 Big East) in its 13-7 win over the Statesmen (5-7) Tuesday in the Carrier Dome, keeping the Kraus-Simmons trophy in Syracuse for the fifth straight season.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textThe Orange offense played perhaps its most consistent game of the season in front of 4,340 fans, not relying on one short burst but finding ways to score throughout the game. And that brought back the memories of dangerous, high-flying SU attacks from recent years.‘I think we’ve tried to play like that all year long,’ Syracuse head coach John Desko said. ‘We don’t rely on just one player to get it done for us offensively. … We believe in that. It’s team play.’All year long, the Orange offense has struggled. SU has failed to reach double digits in five of its 12 games. Those include two five-goal performances and SU’s only loss when it scored six goals against Cornell.Even when Syracuse has reached double figures, the team has gone quarters at a time floundering on the offensive end while opponents forge comebacks.This time, Hobart tried to shut down Syracuse’s offense at first with a 1-3-2 zone, a new defensive wrinkle the Orange had not yet seen this year. But Thompson and Amidon quickly solved that defense.The two senior midfielders stood 15 yards away from the goal on opposite hash marks. Thompson got possession and forced the single Hobart defender to slide over to him. Thompson quickly flipped the ball over to Amidon on the right hash, and Amidon did the rest for the 1-0 lead.‘I think we executed much better,’ Desko said. ‘We ran the offenses. The guys really appeared to understand what we were trying to accomplish. This is the time of year where you like to see those kinds of things.’Hobart managed to stay with the Orange through the first quarter, as SU only held a 3-2 lead after 15 minutes. But SU took over in the second.Jovan Miller ended a personal three-game scoring drought with a running shot from the right side on SU’s first possession of the period. Junior midfielder Bobby Eilers continued his strong showing in recent games with a goal four minutes later.Kevin Drew then got into the mix on a transition goal. He was left unguarded in the middle of the field, and attack JoJo Marasco found him cutting to the net.‘I’ve just been staying out a little more, get some offense going a little bit,’ said Drew, who had a career-high two goals in the game. ‘We’ve been working on fastbreaks every day in practice, so we’re just working on that.’Syracuse’s leading scorer Stephen Keogh capped off that second-quarter run by scooping up a rebound on the crease and finishing with a putback a minute after Drew’s first score. That put the lead at 7-2, and Hobart would never close the margin to less than three goals throughout the game.The key for SU’s offense Tuesday was that mix of the primary and secondary scorers. Syracuse got its expected contributions from Keogh, Amidon, Thompson and Marasco, all of whom had at least two points in the game.But the additional scoring from Eilers, Drew, Pete Coleman and defender Matt Harris turned an average offensive performance into one of SU’s better scoring games this year.‘I think we executed much better,’ Desko said. ‘We ran the offenses. The guys really appeared to understand what we were trying to accomplish. This is the time of year where you really want to see those kinds of things.’[email protected]last_img read more

LeBron James injury update: Christmas Day in doubt as Lakers’ losing streak hits three

first_imgLeBron James will be assessed day to day ahead of the Lakers’ Los Angeles showdown with the Clippers on Christmas Day, head coach Frank Vogel said.James was absent as the Lakers went down 128-104 on home court to the Nuggets on Sunday, their third straight defeat. James was officially missing with an injury to his rib cage, while reports from ESPN suggest the 15-time All-Star is also contending with a persistent groin issue. Davis himself had an injury scare when he hurt his knee in the third quarter, but he managed to return to the game.”I felt fine enough to go back out and play. I’ll see how it feels tomorrow [before deciding if I can play against the Clippers],” Davis said. “We’ve got two days before our next game, so that should be plenty of enough time to get it back right. “But obviously the game just ended so we got to see how it feels overnight and then hopefully nothing significant happens. [I can] get some treatment on it and continue to move forward [on] Wednesday.” Vogel acknowledged the importance of James and remains hopeful of having him available for a Los Angeles Christmas cracker on Wednesday.”Hopefully he’ll be available for us on Christmas Day,” Vogel said in quotes reported by the Los Angeles Times. “But we’ll see how the injury heals up and whenever he gets back, we’ll benefit from that for sure. LeBron is obviously a game-changer. Our offensive flow, defensive communication, quarterbacking, playmaking offensively, being able to get guys shots. [He has an impact on] probably all that stuff.”Last one, let’s make it count. pic.twitter.com/Bf0MMkofMG— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) December 23, 2019Anthony Davis did his part to try and carry the Lakers without James, finishing with 32 points, 11 rebounds and an assist, while the returning Kyle Kuzma put up 16 points in 22 minutes.last_img read more

First lady delivers lunch to firefighters and families in DC

first_imgMelania Trump treated lunch amid the coronavirus pandemic.The first lady made a surprise visit with District of Columbia firefighters and emergency medical services personnel last week to deliver White House-prepared boxed lunches, tote bags, reusable face masks and hand sanitizer, her office said. She also met with police officers.Mrs. Trump had been making regular visits to schools, hospitals and other venues to promote her youth welfare initiative, “ Be Best. ” But after the pandemic forced classrooms to close and hospitals to bar visitors, it appears she turned to the White House kitchens for inspiration. The courtesy call came as President Donald Trump has made it clear that he stands with police and other law enforcement amid the nationwide calls for racial justice and changes to policing sparked by the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police.last_img read more

Head to head

first_imgEveryone and their dead relatives tried to hype up the recent Steelers/Cardinals clash as a pseudo rematch of Super Bowl XLIII and the head coaches that led their teams to the Lombardi Classic played in Tampa, Fla., Feb. 1, 2009 with the Steelers prevailing as a result of a miraculous catch by Santonio Holmes, viewed by many as the 2nd “immaculate reception.” However, the circumstances that led up to the game contained more sub-plots than a Martin Scorsese flick or an Oprah Winfrey rerun, whichever floats your boat. On Jan. 22, 2007 the Steelers announced they had selected Mike Tomlin as their new head coach. Tomlin was 34, the same age that his predecessor Bill Cowher was when the Steelers hired him 15 years earlier.The Steelers chose Tomlin after narrowing their search down to him and Russ Grimm, the Steelers assistant head coach/offensive line coach. This is where the plot thickens. Just 24 hours before the historic hiring, Mike Prisuta of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that Grimm had been offered and had accepted the position. However by the crack of dawn there were folks in the Steel City that were in the midst of some serious damage control. There was controlled madness that was obvious in the “burgh.” The airwaves were relative to free flowing “lava.” The ‘Rooney’ rule was now being whispered about in some circles as the “looney” rule. The Steelers management had to be on the verge of being committed to Western Psych for an involuntary evaluation and treatment.How could dem, dere Stillers even remotely consider hiring this snot nosed Black kid who had only played football at William & Mary. What, William & Mary? That sounds like the names of my neighbor’s son and daughter, not an institution revered for football. Plus this new kid had climbed the ranks with warped speed. And he had no real track record that could even remotely compare with one of their own, Grimm, a hardnosed University of Pittsburgh grad who had gone on to become one of the fixtures of the Washington Redskins “Hoggs,” one of the most legendary offensive lines ever to perform in the history of the NFL.Boys and girls there is something a bit more tantalizing and mystical than the superficial components of this story initially suggest. The Rooney family and those that may have been involved in the decision making process may have been just as enamored with the “true” coaching lineage of Tomlin in addition to his obvious coaching acumen. His coaching “genealogy” may have been one of the sub-elements that tilted the evaluation to hire Mr. Tomlin in his favor. Tomlin’s former boss, Tony Dungy, was hired as an assistant with legendary Head Coach Chuck ‘The Emperor’ Noll, his former coach, in 1981. His work put him under the Sid Gilman coaching tree. Tomlin was once an assistant under Dungy at Tampa Bay, putting him under the Noll coaching tree. Oh did I forget to mention that the Noll played under one of the greatest if not the greatest football coaches and innovators of all time, the late Paul Brown. There is something about, sitting under greatness.People tried to put some stuff in the game even after Tomlin had achieved his first Super Bowl victory and with it the title of the youngest coach ever to win a Super Bowl. On Dec. 1, 2009 less than a year after Tomlin did his victory lap carrying the Lombardi trophy for the first time, Todd Fleming of bleacherreport.com said, “He has had plenty of success in his early career. And, like his predecessor, he certainly looks the part. But, to me, the praise heaped on him and the lack of criticism directed at him seems to be out of proportion. I am not convinced he is as good of a head coach as most people give him credit for. I’m concerned he might be the equivalent of Jon Gruden, a young coach who took over a very talented roster, connected with those players in a way his predecessor no longer seemed able to do, and led them to a Super Bowl win before backsliding to a very average career before ultimately being replaced.”Whether Tomlin reaches the post season ever again, his Super Bowl record is 1-1 and he would be 2-0 if not for two dumb interceptions by a “greedy” quarterback and a fumble by a “needy” running back.There are a few wannabes who think Rashard Mendenhall, who had an aberration of a game rushing for 146 yards in 23 carries against the Jaguars, should book his flight to the Pro Bowl. I suggest that they stick with the sport they know best and leave the NFL coverage to me and the rest of the “pros.” Against the Cardinals, the “Hall-of-Fame” bound Mendenhall had 13 rushes for 32 yards. Now that is a serious crash landing. I’ve heard it said many times that you can coach the players but you can’t play the game.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected]­pitts­burghcourier.com or 412-583-6741.)last_img read more

Red Bank Garden Yields Produce, Community Spirit

first_imgBy John BurtonRED BANK – The rocky road to establishing a community garden has yielded a harvest of involvement and cooperation for the gardeners and community.“I think this has truly become a community effort,” said Elizabeth Seydell, who chairs the community garden committee.Elizabeth Seydell, Red Bank community garden chairperson, checks on how the season’sharvest is progressing during the community garden’s first year.Located on Marion Street, just west of Eastside Park, the garden, which is in its first year, is a 30-by-80 foot plot of a 5,281 square-foot borough-owned property. The garden has 14 plots measuring an average of 4-by-16 feet, with room for two more – though that property is being held for a possible easement for the neighboring homeowner.The plots were awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, with gardeners paying $25 for the season’s use. There is a waiting list for plots, Seydell said.Among those tending their crops are families, some with young children, singles, seniors, and the local Girl Scout troop, all who relish the opportunity to plant and sow – even in such small patches, Seydell said.“There is a great sense of community” there, said Cindy Burnham, who spearheaded the idea a couple of years ago. Burnham, who does not have a plot, said the gardeners are all working together, offering advice and help. “It really is people helping people.”Discussions about establishing a community garden, going back about two years, became startlingly heated and controversial. The debate wasn’t so much about the garden itself – all parties insisted they wanted one – but instead about location.Burnham and her allies had been advocating for using a borough-owned property at 94 West Front St., located next to the public library and overlooking the Navesink River.Mayor Pasquale Menna and the Borough Council insisted that site was inappropriate for use as a garden for a number of reasons, including not being centrally located and lack of parking. Borough officials also had reservations about using the limited amount of borough-owned open space for a small number of residents. The library’s board of trustees also worried about how use of the property would impact their facility.Proponents continued to push, quite vocally and pointedly, for the Front Street site, insisting no other borough-owned location was as good for this use.Burnham, who is now on the Republican ticket for Borough Council, also continued to allege Menna and the council, all Democrats, were planning to ultimately sell the property, which they strenuously denied.Years later the tract remains borough property.Menna eventually convened the committee to look at potential garden sites and advise the council. The council finally decided the Marion Street site was the only workable one.“Everything has been going beautifully” at the site, Burnham said last week.Seydell noted that the contentious back and forth was “worth it in the end.”A lifelong borough resident, Seydell said that as a child, she and her father, Bud Riegelman, would use Fair Haven’s community garden when space was available. She cherished those experiences. “I think a community garden is a wonderful experience for everybody,” she said.Gardeners this season are growing tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, string beans and cabbage.“We even got some corn growing,” Burnham said.About a dozen members of Girl Scout Troop 1556 are growing vegetables and flowers, including sunflowers and colorful zalias, said Jenny Rossano, a troop leader.“It’s really nice to see them out there” and enjoying the work, Rossano said. She also hopes the scouts take away a lesson. “I hope they appreciate where their food comes from,” she said.“There is something about putting something in the ground and watching it grow and then it’s available to eat, or to give to someone that is so special,” Seydell said. “It’s an amazing learning experience.”“We want this to be more than just a garden,” Burnham said. “We want it to be an educational aid.”Garden committee meetings are held at the garden on the first Tuesday of the month.last_img read more


first_imgChad Lindsay2241118%27%$76,230 Philip D’Amato451211527%62%$756,060 Hector O. Palma833038%75%$59,490 Fernando Perez333339%27%$151,140 Martin Jones930033%33%$144,100 Tiago Pereira52581010%44%$211,968 Steven Miyadi1233025%50%$87,895 Edwin Maldonado7115121021%52%$568,086 CHAMPION SONGBIRD WORKS TOWARDS HER RETURNFANTICOLA HAS BETTER DRAW IN MONDAY’S GAMELYEDWIN MALDONADO IS KING OF THE TWO-YEAR-OLDSOBVIOUSLY DRILLS FOR THIRD SHOEMAKER VICTORY Rafael Bejarano7315121221%53%$853,985 Simon Callaghan1231125%42%$142,830 Stewart Elliott423527%24%$181,500 Mike Puype3063320%40%$216,405 Tim Yakteen1334123%62%$131,438 JockeyMts1st2nd3rdWin%ITM%Money Won Richard Mandella1834317%56%$218,415 Flavien Prat53167630%55%$728,020 Santiago Gonzalez711012914%44%$500,975 Drayden Van Dyke3133410%32%$175,550 Edward Freeman1031230%60%$95,930 -30- Doug O’Neill363858%44%$318,350 Peter Eurton1850228%39%$219,370 TrainerSts1st2nd3rdWin%ITM%Money Won Brayan Pena323479%44%$85,585 Martin Garcia4564613%36%$385,130 SANTA ANITA STATISTICS John Sadler3162319%35%$378,705 Mario Gutierrez2636012%35%$306,320 MALDONADO ENJOYS HOLIDAY ON TWO-YEAR-OLDSMeet Edwin Maldonado, King of the Two-Year-Olds.The 33-year-old native of Columbus, Ohio, who is represented by agent J.R. Pegram, is in a pitched battle for Santa Anita’s Spring Meet riding title, thanks in the main to his remarkable success on two-year-olds.From nine mounts aboard “babies” this year, Maldonado has won seven, twice at Los Alamitos and five times at Santa Anita, including Saturday when he piloted Cioppino Pasadino to a 4 ¼-length score for trainer Gary Sherlock in the second race at an $18.40 win payoff.“He’s number one among 269 jockeys in two-year-old earnings this year with $241,645,” pointed out Pegram, “and he’s also first in wins on two-year-olds.”“I like being on younger horses,” said Maldonado, a refreshing presence in the Southern California riding colony. “It’s exciting. It’s like opening a Christmas present. You don’t know what you have until they run.“Riding good horses for trainers like (Mike) Harrington and (John) Brocklebank who always seems to do well with babies make it easier for me, and it helps to have a little luck at the break.“I got a off to a good start this meet. The last time that happened, at Hollywood Park, I won the title, so based on that, I think I have a good shot to win it here.“In past meets, it seemed I got off to slow starts and had to finish strong to catch up. Now I’m in a better position, up front with others trying to catch me.”FINISH LINES: Obviously, in quest of his third straight win in the Grade I, $400,000 “Win and You’re In” Shoemaker Mile next Saturday, June 4, worked six furlongs on Santa Anita’s training track Sunday for Phil D’Amato in 1:10.60. Fractional times for the eight-year-old Irish-bred gelding were 23.20, 34.80 and 45.60. Probable for the Shoemaker: Heart to Heart, Julien Leparoux; Home Run Kitten, Joe Talamo; Midnight Storm, Rafael Bejarano; Obviously, Mike Smith; Tourist, Jose Lezcano; and Twentytwentyvision, Flavien Prat . . . Leandro Mora, assistant to Doug O’Neill, reports continued good news on Kentucky Derby winner Nyquist, currently at Pimlico following his third-place finish behind Exaggerator in last Saturday’s Preakness. “The last two days his white count has been normal, he’s eating, and his temperature is back to normal,” Mora said Sunday morning at Santa Anita. “If everything stays as it is, he’ll be here on June 5.” . . . With three wins Saturday, Flavien Prat moved into first place in the jockeys’ race with 16, one in front of Tyler Baze, Rafael Bejarano and Edwin Maldonado, who have 15 . . . Unusual Heat, the indefatigable 26-year-old stallion that stands at Harris Ranch in Coalinga for $20,000, sired three winners on yesterday’s Gold Rush Day card for California-bred or sired horses at Santa Anita: How Unusual (3.60) in the third race; Infinite Loop ($7.80) in the seventh; and Packin Heat ($30.40) in the ninth, the latter cementing a Pick 6 carryover into Sunday of $103,276.50. For good measure, Unusual Heat also sired three horses that finished third . . . Hall of Fame jockey Alex Solis reflecting on icons Charles Whittingham and Bill Shoemaker, each with a stakes race named in their memory at Santa Anita: “They were two great people, two great horsemen and I’m very lucky to have ridden with Shoemaker and ridden for Mr. Whittingham. It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed many great times with each of them.” Solis pilots Blingo for trainer John Shirreffs in today’s Whittingham Stakes. “He’s a nice horse and he’s training very well,” Solis said. “He’s very happy right now. I think he’s coming up to this race in good form.” . . . Congratulations to jockey Brice Blanc on winning his first race of the meet Saturday aboard Bert’s Melody for trainer Sean McCarthy in the Fran’s Valentine Stakes. “It’s been a little rough,” said the affable Frenchman. “I’ve gotten beat a couple of noses, so it was nice to win, especially for John Barr (Oakcrest Stable) and Sean.” . . . Kona Gold winner Wild Dude worked four furlongs Sunday for Jerry Hollendorfer in 49.20 with Bejarano up . . . Maiden Trojan Nation, runner-up by a head in the Wood Memorial and 16th at 42-1 in the Kentucky Derby, worked five furlongs Sunday in 1:00.20, after which trainer Paddy Gallagher said he was “still thinking” about the son of Street Cry‘s next race . . . Trainer Hector Palma feted Victor Espinoza and Fernando Perez on the occasion of their birthdays Sunday morning at Clockers’ Corner, balloons and all. Espinoza turned 44 on May 23, while Perez was 30 on May 25 . . . Agent Vic Lipton is representing seven-pound apprentice rider Jose Barnes . . . Horseplayer Dylan Donnelly will be Tom Quigley‘s guest Monday, 12:50 p.m., in the East Paddock Gardens . . . Santa Anita races through this Monday, Memorial Day, which is Dollar Day when fans can enjoy draft beers, hot dogs and sodas for just a buck. First post time Memorial Day is 2 p.m. Admission gates open at 11:30 a.m. Santa Anita’s festive Infield Carnival continues through Monday from 12 noon until 7:30 p.m. The entire family can share Carnival rides, games and prizes in addition to exciting Thoroughbred racing . . . Golden Gate’s ‘Golden 6,’ alive and growing for 51 straight days, stands at a whopping $1,065,284 going into Sunday . . . Friday’s single winning Pick 6 at Santa Anita that paid $167,245 was purchased through BetAmerica for $1,280. SONGBIRD TAKES A MINUTE FOR SUNDAY BREEZEOn an overcast Sunday morning, Songbird, racing’s perfect filly, worked five furlongs on Santa Anita’s fast main track shortly after daybreak in a minute flat with exercise rider Edgar Rodriguez aboard.While published reports have mentioned the Grade II, $200,000 Summertime Oaks on June 18 as Songbird’s comeback race, trainer Jerry Hollendorfer indicated that was not written in stone, leaving the door open for other options.“I don’t have an agenda for her,” Hollendorfer said. “We’re taking it one work at a time. It wasn’t me who said we were going to run there. They said, ‘Was it possible?’ It is possible, but I didn’t pick that race.”Songbird, champion two-year-old filly of 2015 and easy winner of all seven of her races including the Grade I Santa Anita Oaks last April 9, has not raced since then. The daughter of Medaglia d’Oro is owned by Rick Porter’s Fox Hill Farms.Santa Anita clocker Dane Nelson had fractional times for Songbird of 24 flat and 48.20, with a six furlong gallop out of 1:13.20.“She galloped out good,” Hollendorfer said. Patrick Gallagher1340031%31%$112,120 Martin Pedroza3964615%41%$214,970 (Current Through Saturday, May 28) Jerry Hollendorfer3763816%46%$499,280 CONDITIONS MORE SUITABLE FOR FANTICOLA IN GAMELY            A better post position and a softer pace scenario could benefit Fanticola in Monday’s Memorial Day feature, the Grade I, $300,000 Gamely Stakes for fillies and mares, three and up, at 1 1/8 miles on turf.Fanticola, a six-year-old mare conditoned by training leader Phil D’Amato, broke from the extreme outside 14 post last out in the Royal Heroine at a mile on grass, compromising her chances of making the lead from the start under regular rider Joe Talamo.“There was nothing Joe could do,” D’Amato said. “He rode as good a race as he could being hung that wide, but he should be able to save a little bit more ground this time, and it’s her third race off the bench, so all systems are go.”Despite her unfavorable post in the Royal Heroine, Fanticola held the lead into the stretch but was passed late, winding up third, beaten less than two lengths.The Canadian-bred daughter of Silent Name has a 5-5-8 record from 21 starts with earnings of $537,300 for owners Anthony Fanticola and Joseph Scardino.The lineup for the Gamely, race eight of 10: Nancy From Nairobi, Abel Lozano, 5-2; Evo Campo, Rafael Bejarano, 15-1; Dressed to a T, Mario Gutierrez, 30-1; Fanticola, Joe Talamo, 6-1; Elektrum, Victor Espinoza, 6-1; Wekeela, Javier Castellano, 9-5; Keri Belle, Mike Smith, 15-1; Illuminant, Flavien Prat, 5-1; and Nashoba’s Gold, Tyler Baze, 15-1. Mark Glatt2754519%52%$174,846 Tyler Baze7915151619%58%$757,300 Joseph Talamo5510121218%62%$594,323 Richard Baltas2636312%46%$164,588 Ignacio Puglisi1441229%50%$113,518last_img read more

Somalia: first doctors in 18 years

first_imgFadumo Abdulkadir Hassan, one of eight female doctors to graduate from the Benadir University Medical College in Mogadishu. (Image: Hasaan Mahamud Ahmed, IrinPhoto)Somalia’s first medical doctors in 18 years officially graduated in Mogadishu on 20 November.Twelve men and eight women completed their studies at the Benadir University Medical College (BUMC) and are now working at various hospitals in Mogadishu, said Mohamed Mahamud Bidey, dean of the college.This is the first time since 1990 that doctors have graduated from a Somali institution such as the BUMC.“There is an acute shortage of doctors in the country and this new crop will help the health system,” Bidey said.No new Somali doctors have entered the profession since 1990. At the same time, “former doctors left the country, got old or simply died”, he said.“Before the civil war, our university [Somali National University] used to have 50 medical graduates a year.“We expect to see 24 doctors graduate next year.” He added that this number would have been greater but many students dropped out because they could not pay the fees.The college is funded by donations from Somali physicians and an annual fee of US$1 500 (R15 000) per student.Bidey said the BUMC was training 256 medical students – 151 male and 105 female.Mohamed Adan Shahiid, one of the lecturers, said the BUMC had collaboration agreements with several foreign universities, including Universita Degli Studi G’Annunzio Di Scieti in Italy, Jazira University in Sudan and Ismailia University in Egypt.These institutions had pledged to assist in “curriculum development, books, distance-learning, training and equipment”, he said.According to Shahiid, BUMC is staffed by Somali doctors based both inside and outside the country. “We have two Somali professors from the diaspora who are teaching. Others come and go as time allows them.”Fadumo Abdulkadir Hassan, 24, one of the new graduates, said she had been assigned to the Benadir Hospital’s pediatric section for her internship.Hassan said it was a difficult learning environment for students and teachers “but we are very happy to be here”.“There were times when we could not get to the college. Other times we could not leave and had to spend the night inside the college because it was too dangerous to leave.”She said she was as committed to the course as her instructors. “We cannot all leave. Who will take care of the people?”Yahya Abdulakdir, another graduate, said that despite the difficulties they faced, “all of us are happy and overjoyed. Without the dedication of our professors who braved all sorts of problems we would never have been here.”Shahiid said the university’s most pressing needs were a library and teaching material and space, and training for both the teaching staff and the graduates.He said so far the UN World Health Organization had helped in providing some training and appealed to agencies, Somalis in the diaspora and well-wishers to “do anything they can to help the university. With the right help we can produce the next generation of medical staff for Somalia, despite the difficulties.“Together we can make a difference.”Source: Irin NewsDo you have queries or comments about this article? Email Mary Alexander at [email protected] articlesFruity treatment for malariaBig medicine from a little plant Angola’s four-year plan for health Improved labs for Tanzania Research into tropical diseaseslast_img read more