Attacks on three Maracaibo media amid continuing tension in run-up to election

first_img Follow the news on Venezuela News Organisation News VenezuelaAmericas RSF_en January 13, 2021 Find out more to go further August 25, 2020 Find out more With just four months to go to a 7 October election in which President Hugo Chávez is being challenged by former Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles, journalists continue to be the targets of physical violence and there has been a worrying new development in the form of armed attacks on news media buildings.“We note that the recent attacks are being investigated, but we are still very worried by the intensity of the violence in the run-up to the October presidential election,” Reporters Without Borders said. “Such extreme polarization affects not only freedom of information but also journalists’ basic freedom of movement. Normal election coverage could prove to be impossible if the following emergency measures are not taken.”Reporters Without Borders recommends the following three emergency measures:- That all physical attacks on news media and journalists linked to the elections should be handled by a single court, which operates in consultation with media and journalists’ organizations of all political colours.- A solemn undertaking to respect freedom of information should be given jointly by the candidates and their staff, an undertaking to ensure that their supporters fully respect journalists as they go about their work.- All the media, especially the broadcast media, should undertake to provide the fairest possible coverage of political debates and the fairest possible allocation of space and air-time to the candidates.Three media have been the targets of armed attacks in Maracaibo, the capital of the western state of Zulia. The first was a grenade attack on the daily Qué Pasa on 29 May which damaged its facade. In the second, just a few hours later, 14 gunshots were fired at Catatumbo TV’s headquarters by men in a pickup. In the latest incident, shots were fired from a pickup at the headquarters of the daily Versión Final on 3 June. Fortunately there were no injuries in any of the attacks.The management of all three news media said they thought the attacks were a direct reprisal for their editorial policies. The Forensic and Criminal Investigation Division (CICPC), which is handling the investigations, is working on this hypothesis. Catatumbo TV’s coverage of the recent violence in Maracaibo’ Sabaneta prison may have been the motive in its case.Coverage of a wave of riots and violence in Venezuelan prisons is thought to have been behind the anonymous threat that María Isoliett Iglesias (photo) of the daily El Universal received in 1 June, “warning” her that she would soon be the target of an “ambush.” With the support of the National Journalists’ Association (CNP) and the National Press Workers’ Union (SNTP), she filed a complaint with the Victims Protection Unit on 5 June.Stigmatized by both sidesThese latest attacks and threats have exacerbated existing tension resulting from a series of physical attacks on reporters in the field, who are being branded as partisan on the basis of the media they work for. Those employed by state media are accused of being pro-government. Those working for privately-owned media are assumed to be pro-opposition.Telesur reporter Jordán Rodríguez and cameraman Claybord Saint Jhons were attacked by a group of individuals on 8 May outside La Planta prison, near Caracas, where a riot was taking place. The only reason for the assault was the fact that they work for Telesur. At the same time, National Guard members seized and damaged the equipment of reporter Guillermo Colina and cameraman Luis Reaño, who work for privately-owned Globovisión.Two days later, Danny Vargas, a cameraman with the leading state TV station, Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), was physically attacked while covering a rally held by opposition presidential candidate Capriles in the western state of Barinas. In a similar incident, Oneiver Rojas, a cameraman working for the privately-owned TV station Televen, was attacked after a Capriles campaign appearance in the eastern state of Anzoátegui on 17 April because he was mistaken for a VTV cameraman. Newscenter_img Receive email alerts New wave of censorship targeting critical media outlets Coronavirus “information heroes” – journalism that saves lives June 8, 2012 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Attacks on three Maracaibo media amid continuing tension in run-up to election Help by sharing this information VenezuelaAmericas Two journalists murdered just days apart in Venezuela News June 15, 2020 Find out morelast_img read more

Local Air Quality Forecasts

first_imgAir quality forecasts for Evansville and Vanderburgh County are provided as a public service.  They are best estimates of predicted pollution levels that can be used as a guide so people can modify their activities and reduce their exposure to air quality conditions that may affect their health.  The forecasts are routinely made available at least a day in advance, and are posted by 10:30 AM Evansville time on Monday (for Tuesday through Thursday) and Thursday (for Friday through Monday).  When atmospheric conditions are uncertain or favor pollution levels above the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, forecasts are made on a daily basis.Ozone forecasts are available from mid-April through September 30th.  Fine particulate (PM2.5) forecasts are available year round. OzoneAir Quality IndexNA*NA*NA*NA*NA* * Not Available and/or Conditions Uncertain.Air Quality Action DaysOzone Alerts are issued by the Evansville EPA when maximum ozone readings averaged over a period of eight hours are forecasted to reach 71 parts per billion (ppb), or unhealthy for sensitive groups on the USEPA Air Quality Index scale.Particulate Alerts are issued by the Evansville EPA when PM2.5 readings averaged over the period of midnight to midnight are forecasted to reach 35 micrograms per meter cubed (µg/m3).Current conditions of OZONE and FINE PARTICULATE MATTER are available in near real-time on the Indiana Department of Environment Management’s website.National and regional maps of current conditions are available through USEPA AIRNow. Fine Particulate(0-23 CST avg)Air Quality IndexgoodgoodgoodNA*NA* Ozone(peak 8-hr avg)(expected)NA*NA*NA*NA*NA* SaturdayOctober 22SundayOctober 23MondayOctober 24TuesdayOctober 25WednesdayOctober 26 Air Quality ForecastFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more


first_imgtypewritertypewriter Todays “READERS POLL” question is” Should the Vanderburgh County Council approve the spending of $500,000 to combined both county offices into one business pod?We urge you to take time and click the section we have reserved for the daily recaps of the activities of our local Law Enforcement professionals. This section is located on the upper right side of our publication.If you would like to advertise or submit and article in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] County Observer has been serving our community for 18 years.EDITORS FOOTNOTE: For the last several years we have had the following questions and statements on our mind and would like for you to help us to expand this list.  Bottom line,  we feel its time that our elected and appointed officials practice good public policy.QUESTIONS AND STATEMENTS FOR YOU TO EXPAND ONAre you disappointed that State officials received a $57 million dollars commitment from the taxpayers of Evansville to build the new downtown IU Medical School and then quietly eliminated Ivy Tech medical Tech students from this project?Are you upset that the Evansville City Council voted to reduce our Homestead Tax Credits by 2% this year without consulting the taxpayers of this community?Are you getting tired of the wasteful spending habits of our local elected and appointed officials?Are you getting sick and tired of the broken political promises made to us by our elected officials?Do you feel that Its time to challenge the out of control nepotism and political patronage practices at the Civic Center?Does it concern you that our local elementary schools continue to post F grades while our extremely well paid EVSC Administrators create new slogans and workshops in an attempt to attack this unacceptable problem without measurable results?Do you feel it was wise for EVSC to spend $3 1/2 million dollars to purchase a golf course without any immediate plans to develop the land?Are you aware that  the Evansville DMD has been purchasing vacant lots and dilapidated property on North Main way over assessed value?Did you know that DMD also has given hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars for Facade Grants to political supporters of the Mayor?Are you tired of our elected officials awarding legal, consulting and construction contracts to out of town individuals and firms?Are you feed up with the practice of firms and individuals that donate money to our locally  elected officials campaigns receive city and county contracts?Are you concerned that the Mayor continues to support deficit spending without regard to budgetary constraints?Does it concern you that The City of Evansville Employee Health Care Fund owe city employees medical providers about $7 1/2 million dollars as of February, 2017?.Are you offended about the way that Veterans Council Commander Mark Acker was mistreated by individuals at the Civic Center when he was asked to turn over the keys to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum?  You agree that this was an insult  to all veterans of this community?Do you agree with the decision of the Mayor and City Council giving the Developer of the new Downtown Doubletree Hotel over $21 million dollars without us having any ownership?Are you concerned that the Mayor and City Council committed exactly $57 million dollars to build  the downtown IU Medical School without us having any ownershipDo you feel that its time that our elected officials be encouraged to become “Good Stewards of the Public Trust?Are you ready to take a stand against the tax and spend practices of our local elected officials?Do you feel that the local political environment is becoming ripe for the “Masses to Assemble” to protest in a positive, creative and non-violent way against the wasteful spending habits of our  elected and appointed officials on useless public works projects?Are you aware “when the people fear the Government we have Tyranny! When the Government fear the people we have Liberty”?Do you remember back in the Sixties when the “Masses Assembled” to voice their grievances against the government?  These protests changed the direction of this Nation for years to come.After reading the above questions and statements we wonder if you feel that the time is right for the “Masses To Assemble” on the Civic Center steps to voice their grievances against the mis-deeds of our local elected and appointed officials?Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Author recounts experience with Catholic Worker

first_imgRosalie Riegle, an author and alumna of the Saint Mary’s class of 1959, spoke Tuesday about her life and journey with the Catholic Worker for the Collegiate Speaker Series sponsored by the Career Crossings Office, the Department of Communication Studies and the Cushwa-Leighton Library.Riegle said meeting Dorothy Day while working as a peace activist during the Vietnam War changed her life and initiated her activism in the Catholic Worker. She has written several oral histories of the Catholic Worker and one on Dorothy Day. She has also helped opened two Catholic Worker houses of hospitality.Studying theology and church history at Saint Mary’s College planted the seed which sparked her decision later in life to join the Catholic Worker, Riegle said.“The theology and church history just fascinated me because I just knew nothing about Catholicism,” she said. “My daily life and education has been secular, I had attended a public school as a teenager where I could always skip catechism. For many in my class, theology was same old same old; they had had 12 years of parish education. I just lapped it up.”After graduation, Riegle married, had children and began teaching as an English professor, but although her life seemed to be flourishing, her heart lay elsewhere, she said.“I was conflicted,” Riegle said. “My insides and outsides didn’t match and frankly sometimes at a parties I would feel really lonely. Lonely for community, to be with people who thought like I did, loneliness for likeminded souls.”Her husband’s disapproval of her activism in the Catholic Worker caused her to throw herself into other work, to keep her mind off of the movement and save her marriage she said.“For the next 15 or so years I buried my attraction deep inside a love of busyness, raising our four daughters, helping my husband become a judge, moving to a beautiful Georgian home in the suburbs and completing a doctorate at the University of Michigan,” Riegle said.She said she got the idea to write a book on the Catholic Worker one day when interviewing students; however, with her marriage breaking, she struggled with how she could become more involved in the movement she loved.“I found I had written myself into the movement, but I didn’t get it out of my head,” she said. “It became an increasingly uncomfortable ball in my throat, and I was pushed this way and that … The Catholic Worker became hot for me and my other interests became colder and colder. So when Sister Leona [Sullivan, a Catholic Worker based in Saginaw, Mich.] asked me to discuss forming a community, I jumped at the chance. We would provide hospitality to homeless women and children, I could do that.”Riegle said becoming a Catholic Worker and opening a hospitality house was God giving her what she needed.“Catholic Workers are not social workers, and they don’t need any training, in fact true Catholic Workers don’t work about changing people, we worry about changing ourselves,” Riegle said. “We named our community the mustard seeds … after much community preparation and sprucing up the house we moved in … For 10 years I lived with women from many different cultures, many of them suffering from addiction and neglect, all of them needed solace, food and shelter.”The Catholic Worker is where Riegle said she feels most at home.“The Catholic Worker is where my insides and outsides match, where I can live authentically,” Riegle said. “It’s definitely something I need and definitely something I didn’t know I needed when I was at Saint Mary’s or years later.“When I say matching insides and outsides, I mean its where my souls and my actions are the most in sync; notice I didn’t say perfectly in sync. I have always felt a bundle of contradictions, but I finally learned to be happy with those ambiguities, particularly the ones I can’t minimize or make disappear.”Riegle said it took her years discover her calling to the Catholic Worker and her advice to students was to discover their passions.“Don’t do what is expected; do what you like,” she said. If you want to do something, I hope you have the courage to do it.”Tags: Catholic Worker, Catholicism, religion, Rosie Riegle, saint mary’s, SMClast_img read more