Hundreds rally in Jersey City, N.J., to defend public park

first_imgStephanie Hedgecoke contributed to this article.  FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare this Jersey City, N.J. Jan. 11 — Over 700 people rallied in Liberty State Park today to oppose the transfer of 22 acres of parkland to the adjacent private Liberty National Golf Course. Liberty National, owned by billionaire tycoon Paul Fireman, has an initiation fee of $500,000.Jan. 11 rally in Jersey City.The 22 acres, known as Caven Point, is a migratory bird habitat teeming with bird life year round. Those who came to the rally, reflecting the broad diversity of Jersey City and the surrounding area, included high school students, environmental activists, bird watchers, trade unionists, military veterans, scientists and local politicians. Support to stop this theft of precious land is wide and deep, and the 1%  were a target of every speaker at the rally, which was called by over 50 organizations. (NY Times, Jan. 9)Liberty National has been maneuvering behind the scenes in Trenton, the state capital, with devious tactics ranging from getting friendly politicians to undertake parliamentary maneuvers to setting up a “coalition” of construction unions desperate for jobs and trying to convince local communities of color that saving the Caven Point wildlife refuge is not in their interests!Liberty State Park covers 1,000 acres along the Hudson River — a former abandoned industrial site restored with Land and Water Conservation funds. ( “If you can privatize land purchased with Land and Water Conservation dollars, you’re jeopardizing most of our national parks,” said Greg Remaud, director of NY/NJ Baykeeper. “It’s one of our bedrock precedents for land conservation.”The park is New Jersey’s most visited state park with 5 million visitors a year — it’s a people’s park. And the people have fought off numerous attempts to privatize the restored waterfront park throughout its 43-year history — a continuous onslaught of development proposals, including the private golf course, a water park, a Formula One racetrack, a sports complex and a second private yacht marina — and are fighting now to protect the bird sanctuary at Caven Point. ( The LSP Protection Act, currently pending in the New Jersey State Assembly to protect the wildlife refuge, would prohibit any concession, conveyance or lease within the 235-acre natural restoration area in the interior of the park and at Caven Point Peninsula. The bill was submitted by two Assembly members from Jersey City: Raj Mukherji of South Asian descent and Angela McKnight, an African American.last_img read more

Tedeschi Trucks Band & Marcus King Band Trade Sit-Ins In Augusta

first_imgTedeschi Trucks Band will finally close their tour tonight in Asheville, NC before taking a much-needed month off ahead of their European tour this April. Fans can click here for tickets to of TTB’s upcoming performances.Setlist: Marcus King Band | William B. Bell Auditorium | Augusta, GA | 3/1/19Never In My Life (Mountain), Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That, 8 AM, New Song, Homesick, Thespian Espionage, Every Good Boy**w/ Derek Trucks & Kebbi WilliamsSetlist: Tedeschi Trucks Band | William B. Bell Auditorium | Augusta, GA | 3/1/19Part of Me, Do I Look Worried, When Will I Begin, Signs, High Times, Down in the Flood, Bird on the Wire, Hard Case, Don’t Know What It Means > Shame, Leavin’ Trunk, Bound For Glory, Sky Is Crying, Idle WindE: Don’t Think Twice*, Show Me^*w/ Marcus King^w/ Marcus King Band Tedeschi Trucks Band played their second to last show of what’s been an incredibly emotional tour on Friday night at the William B. Bell Auditorium in Augusta, GA. Fans were in for a treat with the Marcus King Band on deck as opening support, which featured the debut of a brand new song and sit-ins from Derek Trucks and Kebbi Williams during a cover of Derek Trucks Band‘s “Every Good Boy”.During the headlining set, the collaborations continued with Marcus King taking over guitar and vocal duties for a cover of Bob Dylan‘s “Don’t Think Twice” in the encore slot, trading lead vocals with Susan Tedeschi while Derek took a moment off the stage. Additional members of the Marcus King Band arrived on stage for the show-closer, including Dean Mitchell on saxophone, Justin Johnson on trumpet, Stephen Campbell on bass, and Deshawn “D’Vibes” Alexander on keys. With everyone packed onto the stage, the two bands tore through a cover of Joe Tex‘s “Show Me”. The collaboration recalled the many times the members of the two bands performed together during many of the shows on TTB’s “Wheels of Soul Summer Tour” in 2018. Like any great performance, however, Friday’s sit-in featured a unique musical journey of its own, one which everyone in the audience was surely thrilled to be a part of.Check out a snippet of the encore below, courtesy of Instagram user tracithaler123:last_img read more

Fraught moment for religious freedom

first_imgThose who cherish the nation’s tradition of religious freedom should be alarmed by President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and all refugees, two Harvard Divinity School faculty members warned Monday.“I find it to be a moral travesty,” Diane L. Moore, director of the Religious Literacy Project and a senior lecturer on religious studies and education, said of the president’s order, which was issued Friday and set off a weekend of nationwide protest.While planning for the forum on religious freedom began before the November election, recent actions by the president were a key focus at the Andover Hall event.Moore and Dudley C. Rose, associate dean for ministry studies and a lecturer on ministry education at the Divinity School, warned that the immigrant ban and other moves by the administration are sending chilling signs about coming challenges to religious and other bedrock American freedoms.The immigration ban, Moore argued, is a particular worry because it is “based on an association of Islam with violence and terrorism.” A related concern, Moore said, is the administration’s apparent effort to “make a distinction between religion in terms of its freedom of protection and Islam, which they are associating with political ideology.”“This notion that is being promoted to exclude the current executive order … from being challenged on religious freedom grounds [is] very dangerous,” Moore said, warning that it could lead to justifications for executive orders based on claimed links between Islam and terrorism.“This is exactly what the foundations of a police state require,” she said.Both speakers urged those worried about an erosion of religious freedom, particularly religious groups, to take a vocal stand. Resistance is especially important, Moore said, in the context of the president’s suggestion of preference for Christian refugees.“So many Christian groups said no …. to giving exemptions for Christians coming from Syria, for example,” she said. “These are the sorts of things we have to stand up to and stand up against — the desire to try and divide.”In the discussion, moderated by Aisha Ansano, M.Div. ’16, Moore urged that religious freedom be seen in its historical and social context. Both she and Rose traced the way different perceptions of it have taken root in this country in recent times.“To exclude the current executive order … from being challenged on religious freedom grounds [is] very dangerous,” warned Moore. “This is exactly what the foundations of a police state require.” Jon Chase/Harvard Staff PhotographerThe two recalled how several court cases that ruled against individuals or groups claiming the right to engage in certain religious activities prompted Congress to adopt the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The bipartisan measure barred limits being placed on religious freedoms beyond those needed to protect the rights of others or the rule of law.But a 1997 court ruling declared the act unconstitutional, and Moore and Rose said that with the aid of other court rulings since — including the 2014 Hobby Lobby case — some states have adopted laws allowing firms to cite religious convictions in sometimes controversial business decisions.Moore said the trend shows how “the context of religious freedom is so critical. … If it’s just the freedom of any individual or corporation now to hold any religious belief they want, it really can come into conflict and violate other fundamental values that we have enshrined in our Constitution. And that I think becomes a very interesting challenge and tension.”Rose said he feared a shift in focus from religious freedom being understood as protecting people vulnerable because they are religious minorities to “people in power using the claim of religious freedom to actually impose their will on the vulnerable.”last_img read more

How Trump and Biden Can Get to 270 Electoral College Votes

first_img– Advertisement – The presidential race will be decided by voters in more than a dozen competitive states, where Joseph R. Biden Jr. and President Trump will focus their efforts to win the 270 electoral votes needed to reach the White House. In the interactive diagram linked below, try building your own coalition of states, which are organized according to Cook Political Report ratings, to see potential outcomes.last_img

Dr. Nicole Adamson Explains The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

first_imgFacebook81Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Dr. Nicole Adamson for Adamson ChiropracticDr. Nicole AdamsonLet’s get down to brass tacks…What does a chiropractor do?  Who needs to see one?  Most importantly, what is the benefit?  I have to answer these questions every day, and it’s a good problem to have in my profession.  Let’s explore these questions one step at a time.A chiropractor is a physician who specializes in manual medicine seeking to reduce pain and improve function.  We do this by stretching sore muscles, mobilizing stiff joints, reducing pressure on sensitive neurological structures and restoring the integrity of the musculoskeletal system.  We do all of this without surgery or drugs, and we get amazing results.  Patients who seek chiropractic treatments experience less pain, improved sports performance and increased function in their daily activities.Most people will tell you that visiting a chiropractor is scary, or that you should see a “real doctor.”  Let me ask you this:  if you have a toothache, would you go to your foot doctor?  Or if you had a broken leg, would you visit your dentist?  Of course not. That would be very scary, and you would have a negative experience.  But if you wake up with a stiff neck, or you get a back injury at work, or you pull a muscle in the gym you should seek treatment from a musculoskeletal physician – a real doctor that specializes in biomechanical injuries.  You should see a Chiropractor.Just like any other avenue of medicine, there are a lot of different types of chiropractors.  Some specialize in specific treatment protocols, some specialize in treating certain conditions, and even more specialize in family health and wellness.  Regardless of your diagnosis, there is one out there that will suit you and I recommend being proactive.  Get established with a chiropractor you like, have them check out any aches or pains and let them tell you their opinion. You don’t have to have an injury for a consultation.  You can go in for a wellness visit which is very beneficial so that your doctor can evaluate you at a “regular” level of function. Don’t wait for that day when you help your neighbor move a couch and you throw out your back and can’t move for a week.  Don’t wait for the day when you get rear-ended on the way home from the store and you have neck pain every morning.  Parents please don’t wait for your youth baseball player to blow out his or her shoulder after complaining for weeks that they are sore.  Start early.  Be proactive.  Get a specialist on your team that can handle these situations so you don’t have to visit a surgeon.Chiropractic care is very beneficial for patients experiencing general pain or stiffness, and it is very specific curative treatment for many acute, biomechanical conditions. If you have not been evaluated by a chiropractor, why not?  What are you waiting for?  Do something to improve your physical health and wellness and start with a chiropractic visit today.last_img read more