first_img IS IT TRUE  we  have just been informed that the year long SIGTARP criminal investigation concerning the City of Evansville “Blight Elimination Program” conducted by the Office Of The Special Inspector General is still ongoing?  …it looks like the City of Evansville DMD Director didn’t tell members of City Council and his media buddies the real truth about this issue? …we hope that the new owners of the Evansville Courier and Press will demand that their new employees do some serious investigative reporting on this developing story?  …if  the media will contact the Office Of The Special Inspector General For The Troubled Asset Relief Program located in Washington DC and ask for the Special Agent Investigation Division they could verify if the above statement is correct?IS IT TRUE that yesterdays Donald Trump political gathering was a resounding success?  …we predict that Mr. Trump shall win Indiana by a big margin?  …we wonder why Mayor Winnecke and Republican party Chairman wasn’t involved in Mr. Trump visit?  …the turnout of people from all walks of life indicate they are tied of the political “BULL SHIT”?IS IT TRUE on Tuesday former President Bill Clinton made two stops in Evansville ? …he stopped by the Central Labor Council of Southern Indiana and Penny Lane Coffeehouse? …he had an unannounced private meeting with a couple of local individuals? …some of the individuals who attended this private gathering were: former City Councilman John Friend CPA, former Sheriff and U S Congressman Brad Ellsworth, 8th District Democratic Party Chairman Tony Long, Vanderburgh County Party Chairman Rob Faulkner, and past Democratic Party Chairman Mark Owen,  Sherrianne  Standley, Democrat State Party Treasurer and Matt Neville Democratic Party employee?  …we were told that many present and past office holders were not properly notified about these meetings by Clintons staff?  …we hear that many past and present Democratic office holders were extremely  disappointed by not being invited to meet the 42nd President of the United States?IS IT TRUE  that yesterday Courier & Press includes two separate legal notices telling taxpayers of hearings that City Council will hold at its May 9 meeting?   …both notices of additional appropriations from the General Fund was for $128,452 and the other was for $1.7 million?  … the additional appropriations request in excess of the budget for the current year?  …the legal notices state that “taxpayers appearing at the meeting shall have a right to be heard.” ?  …similar appropriations totaling millions from various city funds have already been approved this year with unanimous votes and with very little explanation.?  …doesn’t this spending in excess of the approved budget alarm anyone?  …doesn’t  any taxpayers wonder why this administration is clearly spending outside the approved budget to the tune of millions of dollars?  …more importantly why isn’t anyone on City Council concerned about the over spending habits beyond 2016 approved budget?  …we wonder why the newly appointed City Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn hasn’t questioned the excessive  pending habits of the Winnecke Administration?FOOTNOTE:  Todays “Readers Poll” questions is: Who do you endorse in the Democratic primary race for President?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more