first_imgtypewritertypewriter Todays “READERS POLL” question is” Should the Vanderburgh County Council approve the spending of $500,000 to combined both county offices into one business pod?We urge you to take time and click the section we have reserved for the daily recaps of the activities of our local Law Enforcement professionals. This section is located on the upper right side of our publication.If you would like to advertise or submit and article in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] County Observer has been serving our community for 18 years.EDITORS FOOTNOTE: For the last several years we have had the following questions and statements on our mind and would like for you to help us to expand this list.  Bottom line,  we feel its time that our elected and appointed officials practice good public policy.QUESTIONS AND STATEMENTS FOR YOU TO EXPAND ONAre you disappointed that State officials received a $57 million dollars commitment from the taxpayers of Evansville to build the new downtown IU Medical School and then quietly eliminated Ivy Tech medical Tech students from this project?Are you upset that the Evansville City Council voted to reduce our Homestead Tax Credits by 2% this year without consulting the taxpayers of this community?Are you getting tired of the wasteful spending habits of our local elected and appointed officials?Are you getting sick and tired of the broken political promises made to us by our elected officials?Do you feel that Its time to challenge the out of control nepotism and political patronage practices at the Civic Center?Does it concern you that our local elementary schools continue to post F grades while our extremely well paid EVSC Administrators create new slogans and workshops in an attempt to attack this unacceptable problem without measurable results?Do you feel it was wise for EVSC to spend $3 1/2 million dollars to purchase a golf course without any immediate plans to develop the land?Are you aware that  the Evansville DMD has been purchasing vacant lots and dilapidated property on North Main way over assessed value?Did you know that DMD also has given hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars for Facade Grants to political supporters of the Mayor?Are you tired of our elected officials awarding legal, consulting and construction contracts to out of town individuals and firms?Are you feed up with the practice of firms and individuals that donate money to our locally  elected officials campaigns receive city and county contracts?Are you concerned that the Mayor continues to support deficit spending without regard to budgetary constraints?Does it concern you that The City of Evansville Employee Health Care Fund owe city employees medical providers about $7 1/2 million dollars as of February, 2017?.Are you offended about the way that Veterans Council Commander Mark Acker was mistreated by individuals at the Civic Center when he was asked to turn over the keys to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum?  You agree that this was an insult  to all veterans of this community?Do you agree with the decision of the Mayor and City Council giving the Developer of the new Downtown Doubletree Hotel over $21 million dollars without us having any ownership?Are you concerned that the Mayor and City Council committed exactly $57 million dollars to build  the downtown IU Medical School without us having any ownershipDo you feel that its time that our elected officials be encouraged to become “Good Stewards of the Public Trust?Are you ready to take a stand against the tax and spend practices of our local elected officials?Do you feel that the local political environment is becoming ripe for the “Masses to Assemble” to protest in a positive, creative and non-violent way against the wasteful spending habits of our  elected and appointed officials on useless public works projects?Are you aware “when the people fear the Government we have Tyranny! When the Government fear the people we have Liberty”?Do you remember back in the Sixties when the “Masses Assembled” to voice their grievances against the government?  These protests changed the direction of this Nation for years to come.After reading the above questions and statements we wonder if you feel that the time is right for the “Masses To Assemble” on the Civic Center steps to voice their grievances against the mis-deeds of our local elected and appointed officials?Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more