How Trump and Biden Can Get to 270 Electoral College Votes

first_img– Advertisement – The presidential race will be decided by voters in more than a dozen competitive states, where Joseph R. Biden Jr. and President Trump will focus their efforts to win the 270 electoral votes needed to reach the White House. In the interactive diagram linked below, try building your own coalition of states, which are organized according to Cook Political Report ratings, to see potential outcomes.last_img

Vietnam reports 43rd H5N1 death

first_imgJun 18, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – A Vietnamese health ministry official announced 2 days ago that a 20-year-old man had died of H5N1 avian influenza, marking the country’s first death from the disease in about 18 months.Trinh Quan Huan, Vietnam’s vice health minister, told Vietnam News Agency (VNA) that the man fell ill on Jun 2 and died on Jun 10, two days after he was hospitalized, according to an Associated Press (AP) report today.VNA reported that the man’s family raised about two dozen fighting cocks and some ducks, the AP story said.If the World Health Organization (WHO) confirms the man’s case, as well as four other cases reported by Vietnam over the past few weeks, the country’s H5N1 case count will rise to 98, with 43 deaths. For now, the WHO count for Vietnam stands at 93 cases and 42 deaths.Two Vietnamese patients who were recently diagnosed with H5N1 infections have been released from hospitals, while two others remain under care, according to the AP report. All are from northern provinces, and all were reported to have had contact with sick or dead birds.Vietnam has been battling several poultry H5N1 outbreaks since early May. Animal-health officials today announced that almost 700 ducks and chickens died at eight farms in Bac Giang province in northern Vietnam, bringing the number of affected provinces to 16, Reuters reported.”Bird flu virus is widely present in the environment and has infected many poultry flocks. Therefore, it can happen anywhere now,” said a government statement quoting Deputy Agriculture Minister Bui Ba Bong, according to the Reuters report.The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently published a report on its investigation of Vietnam’s recent bird outbreaks. It attributed the unseasonable outbreaks to an increase in the numbers of ducks, many unvaccinated, that were released to graze on newly harvested rice paddies.Meanwhile, agriculture officials in Bangladesh said today that H5N1 avian flu has spread to two farms in Jaipurhat district, prompting the culling of 7,000 chickens, according to a Reuters story.The outbreaks, which began in March, have now affected 14 of the country’s 64 districts, the Reuters report said. Bangladesh has had no confirmed human H5N1 cases.See also:WHO H5N1 case countJun 7 FAO report read more

CDC braces for back-to-school flu spike, addresses vaccine worries

first_imgJul 17 2009 (CIDRAP News) – Novel flu activity is still going strong but dropped for the third week in a row, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said today during a media briefing that also sought to calm fears about vaccine availability.Anne Schuchat, MD, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said the CDC will probably follow the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) lead and phase out weekly reports of lab-confirmed cases, which grossly underestimate the true disease burden and divert resources from other pandemic response activities. She said over the next several weeks the agency will start adding new data and other enhancements to its weekly flu report to provide a more detailed profile of the nation’s activity.The CDC’s update today, however, reports that the country’s number of lab-confirmed cases has reached 40,617, of which 263 were fatal.In its flu surveillance report for the week ending Jun 11, the CDC said nine states reported widespread activity: California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, and New York. Twelve states and Puerto Rico reported regional influenza activity.More than 99% of flu isolates that have been subtyped are the novel H1N1 virus, the CDC reported. One of three cases of oseltamivir-resistant viruses detected worldwide was from a child who got sick in California and traveled to Hong Kong. Enhanced antiviral-resistance testing in California has not revealed any oseltamivir-resistant novel H1N1 viruses, the CDC said.One pediatric death from the new virus was reported during the past week, in a child from Massachusetts. Of the 90 fatal pediatric flu cases that have been reported to the CDC so far this season, 23 were novel H1N1 infections.Schuchat said the virus might be persisting through the summer, despite the heat and humidity, because of the US population’s low immunity to the novel virus rather than because the virus has mechanisms for coping with the conditions. However, she said the CDC doesn’t have the data to flesh out its theory about the summer spread.The CDC expects flu activity to start rising again in September, ahead of the regular flu season, which would coincide with kids congregating in greater numbers as school resumes, she said. The CDC and its partners are in the active stage of planning for a spike in pandemic H1N1 flu activity in early fall, she added.The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) will hold an emergency meeting on Jul 29 to discuss recommendations for which populations should be targeted for novel H1N1 flu vaccination and whether tiering the vaccine prioritization would be appropriate, Schuchat told reporters.Two federal officials who are involved in high-level vaccine decisions were on hand at the press conference to address recent questions that have cropped up about disappointingly low novel flu vaccine yield and potential international squabbles over vaccine supplies. The officials were Jesse Goodman, MD, the Food and Drug Administration’s acting chief scientist and deputy commissioner for scientific and medical programs, and Bruce Gellin, MD, director of the National Vaccine Program, Department of Health and Human Services.Gellin said federal officials have stockpiled antigen and adjuvant and that National Institutes of Health investigators, as well as researchers at vaccine companies, are starting to test both adjuvanted and nonadjuvanted versions of the novel flu vaccine. Stockpiling the bulk ingredients gives US officials greater flexibility in pulling together a safe and effective vaccine for its citizens, he said.Schuchat said the CDC has heard concerns about vaccine manufacturers in foreign countries diverting vaccine orders to their own populations. “From our own planning, this is not one of our current concerns,” she said. “We haven’t received any information that makes us question the supply of what’s been promised.”As for poor antigen yields that some manufacturers are reporting for the new virus, Schuchat said the CDC is not surprised and has already incorporated such yields into its planning and vaccine production expectations. “It’s within the range of our planning assumptions, but of course there could always be some surprises,” she said.last_img read more

An initiative has been launched in Istria to subsidize interest rates on loans for hosts in family accommodation

first_imgAt the beginning of December, a plenary session of the Family Tourism Association Section for the Istria County was held at the Pula County Chamber of Commerce, at which the current President of the Section Miroslav Pretula from Degra doo was confirmed for the next four years, while Astrid Glavičić, the owner of the accommodation units in Labin and Rabac. It is on this topic that we spoke with Miroslav Pretul, President of the Family Tourism Association for the County of Istria at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the Family Tourism Association for the Istrian County at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce through the Initiative would be to raise the quality of accommodation, Pretula points out, adding that they have now taken the first step towards the county to investigate whether they are interested in investing in this tourism industry. Photo: Istria Tourist Board Cover photo: Nirvana Apartments and Rooms, Motovun / Source: The topics of the session were this year’s tourist season, preparations for the next and preparations for the Regional Forum of Family Accommodation for the Istrian County, which will be held in 2019, and a proposal was sent to the Istrian County for interest subsidy program on loans for household accommodation providers. By the way, last year the County of Istria focused more on the grant program intended for private renters for the Eco Domus program, ie Eco Friendly accommodation as well as for Istra Bike & Bed. ISTRIA BED & BIKE BOARDS AWARDED TO HOSTS IN FAMILY ACCOMMODATION That this measure proved to be a complete success is shown by the fact that in 2018 the trend of demand for higher category accommodation in Kvarner will continue. The increase in family accommodation is 4%, but family accommodation with 5 * achieved as much as 26% more overnight stays. We sent an inquiry to the County of Istria as well as the Tourist Board of the County of Istria to the reaction regarding the Initiative for loan subsidies for hosts in family accommodation, but we did not receive an answer to the inquiry until the publication of the article. When we receive the answers, we will pass on the news about this important topic for Istrian hosts in family accommodation. By the way, in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, a couple of years ago, they were the first to start with a subsidy for loans to renters, which is related to the Kvarner family quality label. Thus, the hosts in family accommodation with an interest rate of 1 to 2% had the opportunity to raise the quality of family accommodation, in which 40% of overnight stays were realized in Kvarner last year, ie 7,6 million overnight stays.center_img “As the current topic of recategorization is, I believe that many will want to raise their capacities to that higher level. This does not mean that this incentive would be given only to those who recategorize their facilities, but would serve in general to raise the quality of accommodation of renters. This form of incentive works in cooperation with commercial banks, and of course depends significantly on them and their basic interest rate for renters as well as the limits that the county would have. ” Pretula points out. RELATED NEWS: Asked whether, according to the proposal of the initiative, the subsidy for loans for hosts in family accommodation would be tied to the Domus Bonus quality label, as in Kvarner, Pretula pointed out that for now the basis of this subsidy would not be tied to Domus Bonus renters. “This would limit us to only a small fraction of our hosts. Domus Bonus as a brand has been around for quite some time, but the truth is that it has been noticed that there has been less talk about it in public lately and it is not among the main topics for us renters. Kvarner family as a counterpart to the quality of the Domus bonus branches in several directions (Pet friendly, Hiking friendly, Bike friendly) which is easy for foreign guests to understand and recognize, and foreign guests make up the vast majority of the total number of nights. I believe that at this moment he is achieving much better results. In my opinion, the orientation of the Istria Tourist Board in the last few years is more towards Istra Bike and I believe that it is now a stronger brand than Domus Bonus and many renters are turning to it as much as I personally. I can’t say that the Domus Bonus doesn’t carry a certain level of value for renters. Each of our specializations and demonstrations of quality level raises the value of our personal brand to a higher level. The only question is whether and to what level the end users in this case will recognize our foreign guests – tourists. ” concludes Pretula. According to the latest information, there are currently a total of 92 Bike & Bed facilities in Istria, of which 67 are small private Bike & Bed facilities, 13 Bike hotels and 12 Butique Bike hotels, which are classified into four categories: Bike & Bed, Bike hotels, Bike camps and Boutique bike hotels. as well as 11 private renters bearing the Eco Domus label. On the other hand, they were the first in Istria to start branding family accommodation through the Domus Bonus quality label, but in the last few years the impression is that the Domus Bonus quality label has not justified its market status and has declined in development and growth. The conclusion is clear. The better the accommodation, the better the occupancy, and thus the earnings from tourism. And that is why the visionary project of investing in raising the quality of family accommodation through subsidized loans proved to be a complete success. ISTRIA COUNTY AWARDS FIRST 11 CERTIFICATES FOR MARKING ECO-FRIENDLY ACCOMMODATION ON KVARNER, TREND DEMAND FOR MORE ACCOMMODATION. THE HIGHER NUMBER OF STARS, THE HIGHER EMPLOYMENTlast_img read more

For the first time, Varaždin County is financing tourism projects with grants

first_img“A month ago, we presented the results in the tourism of our County and in the assessment of the situation we clearly emphasized that the biggest problem in exploiting the tourist potential of our County is the lack of accommodation capacity. That is why the County, in cooperation with the Tourist Board, has designed a unique project Holiday Home with a story whose goal is to increase the number of nights, extend the season, register new accommodation and improve the tourist quality of service. On that occasion, we also presented our strategic EU projects in this regard, the Spinal Center in Varaždinske Toplice in the segment of health tourism, the renovation of Minerva and two other tourist projects Konstantinov dom and Lovrinja Kupelj. All these projects are in certain stages of implementation”, Said Martinčević. Varaždin County has announced a public call for grants in tourism for 2019, and the call was presented by Natalija Martinčević, President of the Tourist Board of Varaždin County, Miran Bojanić Morandini, Director of the Tourist Board of Varaždin County and Mladen Jakopović, Head of the Administrative Department for Economy, Finance and European affairs of Varaždin County. HRK 1.000.000,00 provided in the budget of Varaždin County The tender is open from February 26 to March 28 this year, and the County will co-finance up to a maximum of 50% of the total eligible costs, with a minimum co-financing of HRK 3.000,00, while the maximum amount is up to HRK 30.000,00, excluding VAT , with the proviso that the maximum amount will depend on the number of applications received and the number of application points earned. Miran Bojanic Morandini, Natalija Martincevic, Mladen Jakopoviccenter_img “It is important to point out that holiday homes with a story have proven to be the fastest growing part of our tourist offer. This is the first time that the County finances projects in tourism on the basis of direct grants and that according to the number of those who have already inquired and come to lectures organized by our Tourist Board, we realized that this project will be very well received. Through holiday homes, we connect and promote all our valuable family farms, we promote Varaždin pumpkin oil, which we have branded and which we present at all important events.” In his address, Miran Bojanić Morandini stated that the County is implementing a number of projects in the field of tourism and stressed the importance of increasing accommodation capacity. “It is important to point out that holiday homes with a story have proven to be the fastest growing part of our tourist offer. This is the first time that the County finances projects in tourism on the basis of direct grants and that according to the number of those who have already inquired and come to lectures organized by our Tourist Board, we realized that this project will be very well received. Through holiday homes we connect and promote all our valuable family farms, we promote Varaždin pumpkin oil, which we have branded and which we present at all important events.”, Said Bojanic to Morandini and expressed hope that the accommodation capacities will increase with this project. Mladen Jakopović explained that the financial resources for the allocation of aid of a total of one million kuna were provided in the budget of Varaždin County. “The submitted applications will be considered by the Commission for the implementation of the Public Call for Grants in Tourism and determine whether they meet the formal requirements of this Public Call. Eligible costs are minor construction and earthworks – up to 25% of the total value of the applied project, investments in the cycling offer (eg: bicycle rack, information corner, bicycle storage, tools for basic bicycle repairs, bicycle washing place and other similar investments, which have their foothold in the standard for the development of cycling tourism offer and services in Varaždin County called Cyclist Welcome Quality standard, arrangement and equipment of the facility, and printing of promotional materials – up to 10% of the total value of the applied project”, Concluded Jakopović.last_img read more

The State Inspectorate will publish a list of all regulations that are supervised in inspections

first_img“Wherever possible, measures of opportunity are used to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to correct some minor irregularities, because closing the premises does not benefit anyone. But unfair competition, unregistered facilities will continue to be punished without reservation. We used to be reprimanded for entering only registered facilities, which is no longer the case, know that by court order we are looking for unregistered facilities and entering them”, Said Mikulic. In the period from 1 April to 31 October 2019, a total of 7.162 inspections were carried out, of which in 79 cases the premises were sealed by oral decision for performing catering or tourist activities without registration, ie without acts for performing registered activities where it is mentioned. the irregularity according to the State Inspectorate has a zero tolerance rate. Furthermore, most importantly, he announced that lists of regulations monitored in inspections will soon be published on the website of the State Inspectorate. Photo: This confirms the goal of prevention, education and mutual cooperation, all with the aim of facilitating the business of entrepreneurs. “Our goal is prevention, education and mutual cooperation, and that is why you will know in advance what each inspector will be looking for. This is one of a series of new measures that we plan to introduce in our work”, Said Mikulić. center_img At the recent Forum of Zagreb Caterers, Chief State Inspector Andrija Mikulić announced that the State Inspectorate will soon publish lists of all regulations that are monitored in inspections. Finally, he singled out the introduction of innovations in the work of the State Inspectorate that will greatly facilitate the business of businessmen, one of which is that lists of regulations monitored in inspections will be published on the website of the State Inspectorate in the coming period. Mikulić also pointed out that the inspectors of the State Inspectorate operate on the principle of transparency, learn from the experience of entrepreneurs and solve problems in synergy, and what the State Inspectorate is able to do is distinguish between milder and more serious offenses and act accordingly.last_img read more

This year, the CNTB office in Madrid will open

first_imgTo remind, the Minister of Tourism launched an initiative to establish a special EU fund for tourism that would facilitate the use of EU funds to finance investment and sustainable development in tourism, reduce the impact of climate change, education and other areas important for tourism development in Europe. Also, the initiative is accompanied by the idea of ​​establishing a Working Group for Tourism within the EU institutions, which would discuss how to address the many challenges facing the tourism sector.  According to the Ministry of Tourism, during the meeting Minister Cappelli presented to the Spanish side the priorities of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union within the tourism sector related to advocating responsible and sustainable development policies with emphasis on encouraging diversity of tourism and development of underdeveloped areas. He also stressed the importance of the use of information and communication technologies and the digitalisation of the tourism system, as well as the need to establish common European regulations for digital platforms for the provision of tourism services.  As part of his official visit to the Kingdom of Spain, Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli held a bilateral meeting today with Spanish Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Maria Reyes Maroto Illera. “I believe that the tourist exchange will be further increased by the re-establishment of the office of the Croatian Tourist Board in Madrid, whose reopening is expected in 2020 at the Croatian Embassy in order to minimize office costs. For even stronger connections, direct air connections are important, which are progressing from year to year, and today in the winter flight schedule three airlines fly on three air routes between Croatia and Spain, and I expect that in the future a regular daily line between Zagreb and Madrid”, emphasized the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia Gary Cappelli. Regarding tourism and wider cooperation between the two countries, the meeting concluded that Croatia is a popular destination in Spain and last year the number of Spanish tourists increased by 8,45 percent and the number of overnight stays from that market by 10,46 percent. Although according to previous announcements, the reopening of the CNTB office in Madrid was planned for January this year, just before the FITUR fair, the largest tourism fair in Spain, which takes place from 22.01-26.01.2020, it has been extended. On that occasion, the Minister also presented Croatia’s initiative to establish a European tourism brand for the joint promotion of member states in distant markets and called on Minister Reyes Maroto Illera to join the initiative and support the creation of better tourism visibility in European policies and institutions. In addition, Cappelli stressed that we should work together on a stronger withdrawal of funds from EU funds for the development of small and medium enterprises in tourism.last_img read more

With a total of 470 kilometers of cycling routes, the Krka Bike project has enriched the offer of specific forms of tourism

first_img“With the Krka Bike project, we wanted to strengthen the development potential of cycling tourism in NP” Krka “since it is a sustainable type of tourism that has a number of advantages – from individual ones such as a positive impact on health, to broader ones concerning the impact on local economic activities. At the same time, biking and trekking have a slight impact on the environment, which is extremely important to us since the routes are located in the protected nature of the Park.pointed out the director of the Public Institution “Krka National Park” Nella Slavica and added: “Apart from offering an excellent opportunity to get to know natural beauties that you didn’t even know existed, our cycling routes also have an educational role because they reveal the hidden treasures of the rich cultural and historical heritage preserved by the Krka National Park.”.  The most attractive parts of the Park are connected with as many as 14 circular bicycle routes of different levels of difficulty with appropriate cycling signals, and the ideal combination of different terrain configurations and rich natural and cultural heritage allows you to discover a famous destination in a completely different and sustainable way.  Whether it is for beginners, recreational or professionals – five MTB or mountain bike routes, three Road or road routes and six Track routes for a pleasant family ride, will satisfy different adventurous needs and tastes.  More information on cycling routes, maps and GPS coordinates as well as rules of conduct for cyclists can be found on the website Krka Bike The most willing adventurers will surely dare the longest, the so-called The “royal route”, 95,1 km long, which begins in front of the Park Branch in Skradin, passes through the towns of Rupe and Kistanje, and ends in the pearl of ancient history, the Roman military camp Burnum. On the way back to Skradin, it descends twice into the Krka river canyon, to the Brljan and Roški waterfalls, and after the visitor center in Laškovica, which is the center of a network of hiking and cycling routes along the river Krka, returns to Skradin by the same route. The shortest cycling route, 8,6 km long, from Skradin along the Krk leads upstream to Skradinski Buk, the most beautiful and most visited waterfall on the river Krka. In the twenty months since its opening, over 470 kilometers of well-maintained cycling routes in the Krka National Park, which pass through the untouched nature of the most beautiful part of the Krka River, have become a favorite destination for lovers of active holidays.  Photo: NP Krkalast_img read more

Belgian TUI and Scandinavian Airlines are launching two routes to Croatia

first_imgIn the summer flight schedule, SAS operates from numerous destinations in Scandinavia to Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik, but the company has so far announced only two for Split Airport. Thus, from June 20, TUI will reintroduce the seasonal line Brussels – Dubrovnik, twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Also, the company will launch a line Antwerp – Split, from July 10, twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. the company has announced a flight schedule for June, while the schedule for July will be finalized soon. From the same date, the Oslo – Split line will be introduced, but only once a week (Saturday), by the same type of aircraft, A320neo which in the fleet of this carrier has capacity of 174 seats. Scandinavian Airlines, better known as SAS, the airline of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, will also soon launch two international routes to Croatia. Photo: Pexels.comcenter_img From June 20, the company will introduce the Copenhagen – Split line, 2 times a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays), by A320neo aircraft. Scandinavian Airlines is introducing two routes to Split Line Brussels – Pula it is not currently on sale, but there is a possibility that the company will launch it in the next few weeks. B737-800 aircraft with a capacity of 189 passengers have been announced on the routes. Belgian branch TUI announced the re-launch of its international lines to traditional leisure destinations in Europe, including Croatia, reports Croatian Aviation. last_img read more