Holiday Message from LieutenantGovernor

first_imgAs the Queen’s representative in Nova Scotia, and on behalf of myhusband, Larry, and our family, it is a pleasure to extendSeasons’ Greetings from Government House to you and yourfamilies. As lieutenant-governor I have travelled throughout the provinceand joined many Nova Scotians in community celebrations. I havealso hosted events and ceremonies at Government House, welcomingthe opportunity to thank many of you for your commitment toimproving our communities. My goal has been to open the doors ofGovernment House to the youth of our province. Encouraging ouryoung people to learn about their past enables them to build upontheir future with confidence and a sense of commitment to theircommunity and province. This has been a rewarding year for Nova Scotia. During this timeI have had the privilege of presenting the Order of Nova Scotiaand Caring Canadian awards to deserving recipients whose talents,achievements and creativity have enriched our society. Suchoccasions serve as a reminder of how proud we should be of ourprovince, our citizens and all that we do for one another. The warmth and generosity of Nova Scotians was also evident inthe days immediately following Hurricane Juan. You assisted yourneighbours and provided support for those who needed it. I extenddeepest appreciation to those who worked around the clock torestore power and provide essential services, volunteered theirtime and worked with relief agencies or community organizations. This holiday season is a time to reflect on the achievements inour lives, and give thanks for the love and support of family andfriends. We must take this time to think of the men and women inthe Canadian Forces serving overseas. Thank you for your courageand sacrifice in making our country a safer place in which tolive. We should also remember our neighbours and friends who maybe less fortunate and offer them our compassion and support. Nova Scotia is a beautiful province, steeped in rich culture andfascinating history. Next year will be an exciting and historictime for the Acadian community as l’Annee de l’Acadie iscelebrated. This, and other cultural festivities throughout theprovince, help us appreciate the achievements and contributionsof our diverse heritage. This holiday season is also a time to celebrate the cultural andspiritual customs of families and communities — customs thathave helped shape this province. The greatest gifts that we cangive one another are love, shared traditions, stories and fondmemories. My wish for everyone at this time, and throughout the year, isone of happiness, good health and love. May all of you share inthe joy of this holiday season. -30-last_img

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