Georgina Rodriguez Attends Ronaldos Award in Moroccan Caftan

Rabat – Wearing a Moroccan caftan and makeup by a Moroccan makeup artist, Georgina Rodriguez attended the 2019 Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai with her fiance, Cristiano Ronaldo, who received the Best Player of the Year award at the ceremony.Rodriguez wore a stunning gold-embroidered white caftan designed by renowned Moroccan designer Sophia Benyahia and wore famed Moroccan makeup artist Rasha Radi’s makeup.Radi said in a statement that Rodriguez had contacted her to do her makeup and described the 24-year-old model as a “kind, humble woman.” When Radi suggested Rodriguez wear a Moroccan caftan, the young model gladly embraced the idea.Radi shared pictures and videos of herself putting makeup on Rodriguez, who also wore a white headscarf. The award ceremony for the Portuguese footballer and Juventus’ forward Cristiano Ronaldo took place on Thursday in Dubai. The footballer also won the “Fans’ Award” at the ceremony.Other celebrities who have worn caftans include Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Meryl Streep, who donned an ivory-gold caftan made of Indian silk in her film “The Post” in March 2018.Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, Hillary Clinton, Saudi Princess Ameera al-Taweel, and more have also posed in Moroccan caftans.The caftan was originally worn by Ottoman sultans, but due to the Ottoman Empire’s strong global influence in the last few centuries, various cultures have adopted it throughout the world, such as North and West Africa.The caftan reached Morocco after its spread through Andalusia, which first adopted it in the 9th century.Read Also: Morocco’s Princess Lalla Hasna Stuns with Crimson Caftan in TokyoMorocco later refashioned and added its unique touch to the caftan, creating what is now known as “the Moroccan caftan.” Today, caftans are embraced in the world of fashion.

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