Brockdeveloped online math game launches Oct 24

E-Brock Bugs, a computer math game developed by a team from Brock, launches Oct. 24. Having trouble grasping and applying the concept of probability? It’s E-Brock Bugs to the rescue!Bug City, once a peaceful place to live, is now occupied by an evil band of Bullies, who have transformed the city’s six districts into a wasteland. But the situation is not entirely hopeless. Through winning a series of probability games, the player can set Bug City free and become a hero.Bug City can be found in E-Brock Bugs© online mathematics computer game. The game seeks to teach users basic probability concepts in a personalized, interactive, animated and fun way. The game’s goal is to enable players to develop their ability to think mathematically, either independently or with the aid of prompts.The mathematics research team that created the game is officially launching E-Brock Bugs on Thursday, Oct. 24, at 10 a.m. in Plaza 501C. Come and check it out.

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