At UN President of Montenegro urges broader respect for human rights

Mr. Vujanoviÿ said that, as a member of the UN Human Rights Council, Montenegro provided “a strong contribution to the development of efficient and effective Human Rights Council and its mechanism – the Universal Periodic Review.” He went on to say “we pay particular attention, inter alia, to the issues of prevention of discrimination and violence, protection of children’s rights, rights of persons with disabilities, LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] people, empowerment of women and girls, and protection of freedom of opinion and expression.”He also noted Montenegro’s support of the 2030 Agenda, emphasizing that financing was of crucial importance for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and recalling the importance of the Addis Ababa conference on financing for development. “We are certain that the national sustainable development strategies, supported by integrated national financial frameworks for sustainable development, must be reinforced by appropriate international economic environment,” he said.Mr. Vujanoviÿ also noted the importance of putting an end to violence in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Libya and other crisis areas. “Serious human rights violations, as well as the intensification of violence and crimes committed by terrorist and extremist groups – ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant] and Boko Haram clearly show that terrorism poses a serious threat to international peace and security,” he said.Mr. Vujanoviÿ also spoke of his country’s commitment to the concept of the ‘responsibility to protect,’ particularly with regard to preventing mass atrocities, “including the early warning mechanism and early and balanced response in cases of risk from crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide,” he said.“We will continue to demand accountability and punishment for all perpetrators,” he added. “In conflict resolution, the use of preventive diplomacy, in particular mediation, is necessary. In this regard, strengthening the capacity of the UN so that this global Organization would be able to respond to the growing needs in this field is an imperative.“Coming from a region of fragile stability, our experience has shown that dialogue and cooperation are the best way of defusing tensions, overcoming differences and achieving durable solutions,” he explained. He also turned his attention to the refugee and migrant crisis, saying that the international community should be guided by humanity and solidarity.“Montenegro, as a country where refugees accounted for one fifth of the population in the recent past, understands the need for solidarity with people in great trouble and the heaviness of the burden of a receiving country,” he said.

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