22 reminders that will turn your bad day around instantly

first_imgSOMETIMES, IT CAN feel like you’re having a really bad day. Source: ImgurAnd sometimes we all need a reminder that it could be worse.Are you ready? Source: WordPress1. First off, let’s get some perspective. This wasn’t your mistake. Source: Imgur2. You’re not this nurse. Source: Imgur3. You still have your awareness of glass doors. Source: Imgur4. Unlike this guy, you’re still allowed to hold cameras. Source: Viralnova5. And nobody has seen you do this. Source: Imgur6. In career terms, you haven’t accidentally destroyed your workplace in a glass-collecting incident. Source: Imgur7. And no matter what your relationship status, you’re in better shape than some. Source: Mikesacks8. So look. We’ve all been in difficult situations. Source: Dumpaday9. Sometimes life throws us hard lessons. Source: Viralnova10. The most naturally gifted people can have off days. Source: Imgur11. And it’s hard not to vent your frustration. Source: Imgur12. But while you never know what having a bad day can bring… Source: Imgur13. … there’s always someone who’s known worse. Source: Buzzfeed14. So look on the bright side. You’re not this person.15. Or this one. Source: Imgur16. Or this one. Source: Netdna-cdn17. Or Captain Missing Sandwich. Source: Buzzfeed18. This isn’t your car. Source: Imgur19. Or your dog. Source: Imgur20. You didn’t lose a fight with a sandwich board. Source: Thumbpress21. You’re not this guy, whose face shows that he’s realised the policeman is only radioing for his mates Source: Imgur22. And this is still the worst day ever. Source: ThumbpressSo there you go. Your day isn’t so bad.Feel free to bookmark this post and come back to it when you need a reminder.PS: here’s a baby polar bear getting tickled. Source: ImgurMore: 9 facts that will definitely cheer you up>last_img

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