The Best Gifts for Star Trek Fans

first_imgAnother clever take on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 body.This putter complies fully with the USGA’s standards and features a stainlesssteel head, aluminum body, and toe weight cylinders. Since we’re talking about “ultimate,” why not plan for thefuture with this $800 urn. It’s the next best thing to having your ashessprinkled on William Shatner’s breakfast cereal. The urn is made out of solidbronze and features the words “To Boldly Go…” Star Trek Cologne,$30 It’s not quite a communicator, but it’ll do. Star Trek Energy Drink Romulan Ale, $6.14 Looking for something to go with that Enterprise PizzaCutter? How about a bottle opener shaped like the NCC-1701. The bottle openeris located in the saucer of the ship. Grab a hold of the nacelles and getprying. See also: the Klingon Korkscrew. USB Communicator, $34.99The clever kids at Think Geek turned the classic StarfleetCommunicator into a working USB microphone that’s compatible with IM, Skype,and other VoIP programs. The speaker also features 21 “authentic” Star Treksound effects.EnterpriseKeyboard, $59.99Keep your love of Star Trek at your fingertips with thisEnterprise-emblazoned keyboard. It’s PC- and Mac-compatible, and it features a 10-key number pad for all of that data entry.Star Trek Classic Captains Chair Replica, $2,717All right, so you can’t buy the one you love their very own Enterprise,but this thing is the next best thing, right? At nearly $3,000, this is far andaway the most expensive thing on the list, and there’s good reason for it–thisreplica of Kirk’s captain chair may well be the ultimate living room gift forthe Star Trek fan on your list. Urn, $800 Here’s something for the classier Star Trek fan our yourlist. One of a number of Star Trek-themed aromas (including Ponn Farr for women, and Tiberus cologne), Red Shirt features green mandarin, bergamot and a hint oflavender and promises to “instill confidence, showing the universe yourstrength.” Command Insignia on XGear Case for iPhone 4, $25 There’s a trade embargo on this stuff–but don’t tell Amazon. Golf Putter, $130 Have a Trekker to cross off on your holiday shopping list? Good news, there are plenty of cool, clever, and even practical gifts out there, from a $6 stocking-stuffing Romulan-branded energy to a $3,000 replica of Kirk’s captain chair. Check out our picks for the best Star Trek gifts, after the jump.Enterprise PizzaCutter, $24.99AdChoices广告This has to be the most elegant coming-together of sciencefiction and greasy foods. The Enterprise Pizza Cutter finally recognizes thefull potent of the NCC-1701’s shape: dividing up Italian food in easy-to-holdpieces.EnterpriseBottle Opener, $19.99last_img

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