Samsungs almost unknown bada OS had the most successful launch since the

first_imgBada bing, bada boom. Late last year, Samsung announced that they would be throwing their hat into the mobile OS arena with bada OS. Since then, we’ve barely heard a word about bada OS: the only US device to use it was the Samsung Wave, which was quickly forgotten due to the release of the Android-toting Samsung Galaxy S. It’s easy, then, to think of bada as a failure, but think again: according to the most recent smartphone figures, bada OS might have enjoyed the most successful OS launch since that enjoyed by the original iPhone. That’s not to say it’s the best launch domestically, of course, but worldwide, Samsung managed to take two percent (or 1.3 million out of 80 million users) of the smartphone market in Q3. That puts it just a single percentage point behind the well-entrenched Windows Mobile (not including the launch of Windows Phone 7, and bada OS’s first four months of availability trumped even Android’s debut… all despite negligible American presence.Not bad for a smartphone operating system you’ve probably never heard of, is it? Expect 2011 to see a lot more bada phones: this is the little smartphone OS that could.Read more at GigaOMlast_img

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