Sony to release nasne media hub works with PS3 and Vita

first_imgThe current generation of games consoles are more than just machines for playing video games on. You can surf the web, access services like Netflix, and stream media through them from different devices. Sony has decided to take that additional functionality a step further by announcing a new media hub called nasne.Nasne combines a digital tuner with a 500GB hard drive in a box that looks like a squashed PS3. It connects to your home network and allows for both digital terrestrial and satellite programming to be recorded on to the drive for later viewing, but you can also stream that content to your PS Vita, Sony-branded tablets, laptops, and smartphones.The nasne may be a standalone box, but you can plug up to four of them into your PS3, effectively giving you access to four channel recording simultaneously. Alternatively, you don’t require a PS3, you can instead just hook nasne up to your home network and access it through a PS Vita.Deciding what to record and watch is handled through a free app that ships with nasne called torne. There are versions available for the different platforms, with both PS3 and PS Vita apps confirmed. Sony must also have an Android app ready for its tablets and smartphone though, and another for Windows.For the moment, it looks as if Japan is the only market Sony will release nasne in, and that happens on July 19 with the media hub costing around $210. That’s quite expensive seeing as you only get one tuner and 500GB of storage, but then Sony isn’t known for offering cheap console peripherals.More at Sony Japan, via Eurogamer.netlast_img

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