Grand Theft Auto Vice City heading to iOS Android

first_imgBack in December last year Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto III on iOS and Android. It was the game’s first appearance on mobile devices and was generally well received even if the controls were a little limiting compared to the original. It joined the previously released GTA: Chinatown Wars which saw a release early in 2010.This year, Rockstar aims to please mobile gamers again and has announced that GTA: Vice City is also heading to iOS and Android devices soon.Originally released in October 2002, Vice City is set in the Miami of the 80’s. The re-release for mobile is actually a 10th anniversary celebration, so Rockstar is taking the opportunity to give it a proper update. That includes giving the graphics a HD makeover, releasing a new trailer, and including a load of artwork that has never been seen before from the original development of the game.If you have already played the game to death, Rockstar may be able to tempt you into purchasing some commemorative merchandise instead. They haven’t announced what that includes yet, but it will all appear on the Rockstar Warehouse online store once the game is available.The fact Rockstar is promoting Vice City now means the release can’t be too far off. It would be nice to see it appear before the end of October, which means they have until next Wednesday to get it on the App Store and Google Play. As for price, I’m hoping it’s no more than the $4.99 Grand Theft Auto III debuted for last year.More at Rockstarlast_img

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