Schmidt Chrome OS and Android wont merge just because Pichai is in

first_imgThe tech world quickly worked itself into a frenzy when Google appointed Chrome and apps lead Sundar Pichai to take over Andy Rubin’s position at the Android helm. Speculation that Chrome OS and Android would merge ran wild, though not everyone believed that was actually in the cards. Now you can add one more name to list of those in-the-know who think Chrome OS and Android will remain separate, at least for the time being: Google’s own Eric Schmidt.Schmidt took the stage at the Big Tent conference in New Dehli today, where he spoke with members of the press and responded to questions from the audience. When asked about whether Pichai’s recent appointment would kick off the Android-Chrome amalgamation, Schmidt responded coolly, “No, we don’t make the decision based on who’s heading the service.”If Google doesn’t plan to base its decision on who’s in charge, then maybe the decision was already made. Maybe Google had decided that the time had come for Chrome OS and Android to snuggle up on next-generation devices like the touchscreen-equipped Chromebook Pixel, and Rubin wasn’t a fan of the idea. Maybe that meant it was time to put someone in charge who was a fan of the proposed merger.It’s also entirely possible that Schmidt simply meant to tell the crowd that the decision hasn’t been made. Pichai may have been the best person to step in immediately — Google clearly has enough confidence in his abilities to let him lead Chrome, Chrome OS, and Apps divisions. Heading up Android — at least in the interim — should be something he can handle, too.Schmidt did shed some more light on things later in his discussion, saying that “commonality” between Chrome and Android will increase. He added, “but they’re certainly going to remain separate for a very, very long time because they solve different problems.”last_img

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