PubTalk hosts veteran entrepreneur

first_imgStarting a new business is never easy, no matter how many times you’ve done it or how much success you’ve enjoyed in the past.“It’s a lot harder than people think,” said Steve Hix, 74, founder of projection company InFocus and other successful technology start-ups. “Emotionally, everyone has the tide come in and out. You get excited about a new product and a new company. You forget how hard it is to get (investment) money, and to make money once you do have it.”Hix, a longtime Clark County resident who currently lives in Camas, is the featured speaker at this Wednesday’s Clark County PubTalk scheduled for 5 to 8 p.m. at the Fort Vancouver National Site Artillery Barracks, 600 E. Hatheway Road. He’s been here before: Hix spoke at the first-ever Clark County PubTalk in December 2009, when organizers expected a couple dozen attendees and wound up with almost 100 spilling out of a restaurant banquet room.This time, Hix will make the first public presentation of his latest venture, called Circle Technology. The company has developed an Android-based portable presentation system for use in sales calls, conferences, and meetings. Using the technology, a “host” could manage the event on a central computer, while other participants using nearby displays could be connected through a private network connection. The group could review and modify documents such as sales reports from the display terminals, while the host would organize and control the flow of the discussion and revisions.Hix plans to publicly launch Circle Technology in April and he intends to establish the company’s base in Clark County. He’s hoping to raise about $600,000 over the next several weeks. “The biggest thing I can say is that I’m an old man and I’ve been through it many times, and this is probably the most exciting thing I’ve brought out,” he said.last_img

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