MSC Cruises offer Australians more choice

first_imgMSC Cruises marketing manager Australia and New Zealand Donna Anderson & MSC Cruises managing director Lynne Clarke. “We are a multicultural society and every one of us have different needs and wants, so it’s important that we provide choice for our customers, especially when considering a market as diverse as Australia,” Ms Clarke said. Speaking to delegates at the MSC Cruises discovery event from their waterfront offices in Sydney, Ms Clarke highlighted the significance of the Australian market to the Mediterranean cruise company. Source = ETB News: P.T. In terms of brand recognition and development, MSC Cruises didn’t need to invent their philosophy. “We didn’t have to create another brand for ourselves… we didn’t have to say, who could we be? What should we be? It was, who are we? The fact that we are from the Mediterranean, what does it mean being from the Mediterranean,” Ms Clarke said. MSC Cruises understand the diversity within the Australian market, offering passengers choice, flexibility and authenticity aboard every ship, according to MSC Cruises managing director Lynne Clarke. MSC Cruises recorded double-digit growth in 2012, carrying 1.68 million passengers annually and has increased its birth capacity six-fold since 2003. “We will also be cruising year-round in the Caribbean and this is another market that has grown excessively well amongst Australian cruise travellers,” Ms Clarke said. “There’s love of life, there’s authenticity, there’s humanity… everything that we do comes from the heart, that’s how we’re pushing MSC Cruises and it’s how we came up with our campaign ‘Life should be measured in moments not minutes’.” “We’ve been doing this for three years now and when we first started we used to take it as the cream on the top of the cake… now we have to calculate those passenger numbers because it is so important to the Australian market, continuing to grow every year,” Ms Clarke said. MSC returns to the Arabian Peninsula for the 2013/2014 winter season with MSC Lirica and Ms Clarke believes this is a region that will be popular with Australians, among other destinations. When it comes to winter Mediterranean cruising, MSC did not initially comprehend the potential.last_img

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