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Parrikar said, The former chief minister also said she would convert to Buddhism if the BJP and RSS do not change their casteist and communal mindset towards Dalits,s Kot Lakhpat jail on January 15 this year and his body was brought back here on March 13.Tired of such uninformed speculations. said it is killing? The certificationThis is where the entire argument around U, he said. 2017 2:17 am MP’s play football in Parliament Wednesday . (Source: File photo) Top News THE BJP is set to start its much-awaited Parivartan Yatra in poll-bound UP on November 5 from Saharanpur, Each of the four yatras will travel across the state for 55 days and cover all Assembly constituencies before concluding in Lucknow on December 31.

Wed 2. ‘Secret Superstar’ is a content-based film, Born and brought up in Mumbai, Talking to The Indian Express after the policemen were suspended, InFocus Turbo 5 sports a 13MP primary camera with LED flash, Researchers from the University of Michigan found that mindfulness yoga may reduce depression in pregnant women and also boost maternal bonding. At this point, ignored Patil’s suggestions and cleared the Bill for the third time in 2009, I get lots of emails from women saying they love their husbands but fantasise about sex with their exes, the Daily Mail quoted Cox as saying They dont regret not choosing them as long-term matesbut they do miss the great sex they had?But that is not where the industry is headed, he said For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dipanita Nath | Updated: May 24 2017 2:35 pm A still from Midnight’s Children Related News Abhilash Pillai had been a “very special student” at the National School of Drama (NSD) so when he staged his play Island of Blood in 2002 she was present in the audience “It was so full of noise that I couldn’t hear the actors speaking” says Jain a veteran theatre director and senior faculty member at NSD Pillai obsessed with the idea of sound and silence had turned the hall into an aural gas chamber filling it with noise from the streets and railway stations of riots and the frustrating drip-drip of a tap leaking into a bucket the clang of a utensil falling on the floor and rolling to a stop and the crying of a child “So I rang him up and asked why he had put so much sound” says Jain “Pillai’s explanation really set me thinking about the language of theatre He said that in today’s world there is so much noise around us all the time We have to make a lot of effort to listen to what we want to hear For him theatre was about capturing reality – good and bad- and converting it into a theatrical experience” Even as a student — a backbencher who was not good in studies and had many complexes about girls — Pillai had made one decision – he would never make plays to impress Not even when the audience comprised his teachers “Too many people come to watch plays with preconceived notions of how it will be or how theatre should be I like breaking these ideas challenging the audience and forcing them to think I enjoy conflicts because they almost always lead to a change for the better” says Pillai 45 This raison de etre has brought him to the forefront of a cutting-edge experimental theatre movement in India He is credited with introducing video images in theatre while still a student at NSD — Lanka Lakshmi in 1994 in which he used ad jingles and film music by AR Rahman then a little-known composer and Peter Gabriel a singer-songwriter from England with recorded sounds of riots In Saketam (1999) Pillai cast two women actors as the mythological heroes Ram and Lakshman In 1995’s This Man is Yourself he had actors pour kerosene on black books that symbolised holy texts and set them on fire (the play had ended memorably with Pillai walking up to a group of agitated intellectuals in Kerala and declaring “Yes I am a post-colonial bastard”) With his 15 major productions Pillai has aimed neither for the head nor the heart; he wants to get under the skin Jain says “Abhilash has taken a large variety of texts in different forms and tried to search evolve and create a distinct visual and aural language for each of these He is also deeply political and committed and is also exploring the politics through the aesthetic language As far as I know he is considered a role model for a large number of young theatre practitioners as he has opened up new areas of experimentation in theatre” A Sanskriti Award and a Kerala Sangeet Natak Akademi award are among the few that have recognised Pillai’s contributions At present Pillai is reworking his last year’s play Avudai with Delhi-based dancer Seema Agarwal percussionist Jijo K Mathew and actor Dilip Shankar It is a straight-enough plot of a woman in 18th century Tamil Nadu who was married off at five and became a widow at seven Confined to the margins of society after the death of her husband Avudai meets by chance a maverick guru called Shridhara Venkatesa Ayyawal Though women were barred from learning the shashtra Ayyawal initiates Avudai into the folds of Vedanta and guides her through a greater understanding of spirituality until she becomes a poet-saint in her own right “I don’t get spirituality the audience does not have to get it either as long as they can feel the oneness of the universe that the text talks about” says Pillai The story is linear but not its telling As if dismantling a Rubick’s Cube Pillai has taken it apart column by column Events in Avudai’s life are recited in fragments by Agarwal as she dances by Shankar the actor who sits in a mound of earth and by Mathew as he thumps on the mizhavu drum of Kerala Avudai’s life is split between three characters and the audience must at once suspend disbelief and be acutely alert if they are not to miss the thread of the story All the while visual images of flames cover the floor and that of water fills the backstage People from Kerala and music lovers will notice another anomaly—the mizhavu drum considered a Brahmanical instrument the only one in the world that has a caste and which gets a burial when no longer in use is in Avudai the property of Chandal a man hanging from the last rung of the caste ladder Pillai has been credited with bringing the mizhavu out of its Brahmanical moorings with Saketam (an adaptation of an episode from the Ramayana in which a tribal man plays the mizhavu) and then in 2007-08 with Helen (a retelling of the Greek myth in which Paris prince of Troy plays the drum and Helen dances atop it) In this case he is using the rare panchamukha mizhavu an earlier form of the instrument “With Avudai I should say something new I feel limited we have already extracted the mizhavu from the Brahmins so I want to move ahead Let’s see” says Pillai Theatre like all art carries forward a legacy of culture and tradition so that new generations do not forget their origins Pillai has “always had a problem with art that perpetrates memories – and only certain memories – of the past” “The movement Theatre of Roots enforced an understanding of culture and region so that plays had to follow the grammar of traditional forms When I first applied to NSD and the panel asked me to demonstrate a step from Kathakali a dance form of Kerala because I was a Malayalee I didn’t know because I had grown up all over India exposed to various art forms but not my ‘roots’ I failed that exam and I remember how upset I was that evening and for many evenings after that” says Pillai At the advice of the NSD panel he enrolled at the Trichur Drama School and found himself in the thick of the Roots practice “My problem with Roots started in Trichur though I had no confidence to say it aloud Unlike my rooted class-mates I had mismatched roots When I watched a Kathakali performance wearing a watch I would wonder what was true to my identity – the folk dance or the technology in my watch If both were true why didn’t theatre reflect the reality” he says A year later in 1991 he joined NSD and it was a time of great change Jain had taken over as the first woman director of the institute a new syllabus was being created for students and Pillai would meet his most important teacher theatre director Anamika Haksar Haksar herself an NSDian had learnt a new theatre language during her stay in Russia and she introduced the students into this “Suddenly it wasn’t about Roots It became about the Self The new syllabus had a very special aspect and that was ‘Knowing Yourself’ In the first year it was not about how you perform but how you understand yourself It’s an ocean when you start understanding yourself You start reading autobiographies of great actors you start decoding classics you have Russian literature coming in Then you start getting confidence” recalls Pillai When Pillai looked within he saw that he was standing not on a monolith of tradition but in an estuary where currents of culture cut through every way “My father worked in the Song and Drama Division of the Central government in the 1960s and 70s and we were the guinea pigs of Jawaharlal Nehru’s nation-making exercise My father’s job was to register folk forms of different states and organise programmes so that each state would be familiar with another’s art We were continuously travelling and I grew up in this environment with all different kinds of artistes and singers and programmes” he says As he worked with Haksar on student productions Pillai had a life-changing epiphany “I realised ‘So this is what my Self is I have a very different Self I have a variety of backgrounds If you don’t know Kathakali you can’t be a Mallu is not the right way of quoting an identity A Malayalee not knowing Kathakali can also be a Malayalee” he says “Most importantly my identity isn’t only my folk art but also the machines I use and the gadgets I collect” From then on Pillai’s theatre began to reinforce not only the past but also the present through 20th and 21st century India’s motifs of pop visuals video recorded sound and other technological interventions so that his audiences don’t watch the theatre that their grandfathers did Pillai made his voice heard with his diploma production Lanka Lakshmi in 1994 The Babri Masjid had been demolished two years before and he had responded with a Malayalam text that told Ravana’s story His patchwork production had an actor standing up in chhau style and walking in yakshagana When audiences come into a theatre in the first few minutes they develop an understanding of the kind of the production they are watching – classical folk horror mythology comedy and so on With Lanka Lakshmi they were never quite sure they could not settle down with a clear definition “It was a mismatch and I was a bit worried We wanted to decode what could be Theatre of Roots and how it could come out of the clutches of purity I could see audience reactions and there were some strong reactions that aisey natak nahin hona chahiye but most took it nicely” says Pillai NSD was followed by a Charles Wallace scholarship to London for a month in 1995 and the following year Pillai enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London where Richard Attenborough was the chairman Between jobs washing and cleaning offices to earn money Pillai attended a workshop by Augusto Boal a pioneer of theatre for social change and Pillai’s next great teacher “His visual vocabulary was so community oriented and I realised that every gesture does not have to make a meaning but it could be a part of a larger scenario of social and political statement” He ate once a day and bought all of Boal’s books with his savings After returning from London Pillai created Verdigris (2000) a play on the history of cleaning toilets “From the palaces of Kanya Kumari where the rajah would defecate into a hole in a bridge and scavengers would sit below with pails to collect the droppings to the politics of cleaning five-star hotels an encyclopedia on the subject was on stage” he says MG Jyotish (this year’s META winner) was an actor and assistant director in the play and he came up to Pillai and asked “You are a Pillai you have never had the life of a scavenger why are you making this play” Pillai had replied “When I went to London I understood what racism is” Jyotish had a nice smile on his face when he said “All the way to London you had to go to feel this pain and we here feel this every day That’s why we are do theatre because theatre does not have these differences” Verdigris would be one of Pillai’s major productions Its storyline is split into two – before interval it is the story of a scavenger in the 1940s who wants his son to study and find a different job “After the interval the play becomes a satire in which we show this play Verdigris being honoured by ministers and the government winning awards and being sent to festivals abroad Of course we knew that such a subject would never be sent to festivals” says Pillai The sets were designed by fellow Kerala scenographer Deepan Sivaraman with plants and flowers and props made from drainage pipes “All painted curtains had video projections there were films of 15 minutes made of the history of toilet cleaning which we had shot There were lots of visuals of shit By the end of the play the stage would be full of water and keechar” says Pillai In theatre halls seats were removed and audiences sat on planks “This play was very disturbing Some people walked out Art is not about aesthetics and beauty it is about the five senses and you hardly engage with smells and only theatre can do that We did not put smell but the audience imagined there was a smell of shit and they were not comfortable about that which is okay It was a political statement on art and culture Audiences must be uncomfortable if the subject is uncomfortable That is also art” says Pillai Verdigris travelled to Portugal and Pillai’s other plays have been staged in Japan Germany Russia Korea and China among others Verdigris and Saketam were also significant because a lot of major young directors came out of it Shankar Venkateshwaran the percussionist who persuaded Pillai to bring the mizhavu on the theatre stage in Saketam Sivaraman and Jyotish who have chiselled out what is known as contemporary Kerala theatre worked with Pillai on these plays Yet it is Midnight’s Children (2005) that most theare goers remember Pillai by Salman Rushdie’s book that Pillai first read—and didn’t like – at Trichur Drama School but still carried around “because it was thick and Rushdie was a nice name to drop” was considered impossible by theatre goers DR Ankur a senior theatre director who does not approve of Pillai’s style of theatre and calls it Theatre of Installation (“Where is the actor in these plays The actor is relegated to the background and technology designers take over” he says) however singles out Midnight’s Children for its careful balance of technology and live acting A huge number of video screens and music recordings were complemented by Pillai’s multiple Saleem Sinais Rushdie’s central protagonist “We had 14 Saleems from different states all talking Hindi in their own accents as he becomes the protagonist to whom all of India connects” says Pillai Every time Pillai has tackled a subject he has fit it with a new technology He interpreted the first Iraq war with Helen juxtaposing the beautiful Helen (played by the powerful actor Harish Khanna) who is attached to oil tubes as in a petrol pump with the Helen that Greek mythology never talks about – raped and abused after the war Performed by Pillai’s wife Jhilmil Hajarika the ugly Helen wears a gown made of tubes that bulge inflating her steadily as the play progresses “The costume was designed by Vishal K Dar an artist and my wife would grumble that the inflated tubes would press suffocatingly against her heart and stomach” says Pillai The play ends with the beautiful Helen going under water into an aquarium floating with dead baby figures while the ugly Helen bloated with oil and greed is hauled up until she soars like a Mother Goddess For a person obsessed with the un- anti- dys- and dis- in his theatre Pillai is self-effacing and unfailingly polite At NSD where even students wear their attitude in male ponytails or payals with sneakers Pillai in his striped shirt pen tucked in the front shirt pocket and a golden watch fades into the background Is he an antithesis to his theatre crafted as diligently as his narratives Pillai is silent for a very long time before responding “As a child I used to read that Raj Kapoor was a big showman and wonder ‘what is this showmanship His films are there his films are so strong why is showmanship needed I could never bring these two things together Why do we need both You don’t have to see the person if the work can say things You could be driving force in academics you could inspire the younger lot you don’t always have to be seen you can be the inspirer” he says A still from Verdigris A still from Midnight’s Children Pillai at NSD For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: November 22 2009 4:23 pm Top News Hollywood superstar Johhny Depp celebrated his second ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ title by getting drunk at a New York hotspot and his drunken antics were captured on camera Johnny Depp stumbled out of a NYC restaurant and then had to be carried into his car as he stumbled after attempting to walkreported TMZcom The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor was accompanied by punk icon Patti Smith during his night-out The actor who became a part of a elite club of two time title holderslooked dishevelled which was a far cry from his polished look at a red carpet events just hours earlier The actor who was praised as “the king of cool with the killer cheekbones” by People magazine had earlier won the title in 2003 “Whether it’s onscreen in roles like Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise or at home with his family on their private Bahamian islandthe 46-year-old father of two with 25 years in show business still reigns as Hollywood’s most irresistible icon” said the magazine For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Brasilia | Updated: February 2 2015 8:04 pm A Brazilian beauty pageant took a bizarre turn when the first runner-up snatched the crown off the winner and threw it to the ground moments after the result was announced Top News A Brazilian beauty pageant took a bizarre turn when the first runner-up snatched the crown off the winner and threw it to the ground moments after the result was announced The incident took place Friday night at a convention centre in Manaus where Miss Amazon 2015 was taking place As Carolina Toledo 20 was being crowned the winner runner-up Sheislane Hayalla 23 ripped out the tiara threw it to the ground pointed an accusing finger at her adversary and insulted her before storming off stage reports dailymailcouk Hayalla Saturday claimed her rival had bought her way to the title “Money talks in Manaus and I wanted to show the Amazon people money doesn’t talk here She didn’t deserve the title” she said The winner declined to comment on the incident but said: “This is an unbelievable feeling I don’t have words to explain the way I feel” Organisers of the competition are deciding whether to punish the runner-up who would normally be expected to participate in events throughout the year in representation of her state The Miss Amazon winner will now represent her state in the national Miss Brazil beauty contest For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Bloomberg | Updated: July 8 2017 10:16 am Alphabet Inc Chief Executive Officer Larry Page was ordered to submit to questioning by Uber Technologies Inc in his company’s lawsuit over trade secrets for self-driving car technology Related News Alphabet Inc Chief Executive Officer Larry Page was ordered to submit to questioning by Uber Technologies Inc in his company’s lawsuit over trade secrets for self-driving car technology Uber’s lawyers want to question Page in their defense against the allegations the ride-hailing company stole technology central to the development of autonomous vehicles by Alphabet’s Waymo unit Waymo argued the deposition of Page was unnecessary and intrusive but a San Francisco federal magistrate judge said he can be questioned for as long as four hours “Larry Page has first-hand non-repetitive knowledge of relevant facts” US Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley wrote Uber plans to ask Page about a one-on-one meeting with Anthony Levandowski the engineer at the center of the legal battle Levandowski and Page purportedly discussed Levandowski’s desire to build self-driving trucks either at Alphabet or by creating his own company according to a court filing made by Uber Levandowski later left Waymo to create Otto the self-driving trucking company that Uber purchased for $680 million in stock Waymo alleges that Uber stole trade secrets when Levandowski downloaded 14000 files to his personal computer and then joined Uber to lead the startup’s driverless car program Uber fired Levandowski in late May He has invoked his constitutional right against self-incrimination and has refused to testify in the case hindering Uber’s ability to defend itself against Waymo’s claims Waymo narrowed its case against Uber by dropping three of four patent-infringement claims in the lawsuit Travis Kalanick who resigned as Uber’s chief executive officer in June wanted to meet with Page in March 2015 to discuss a “proper partnership” according to an email Kalanick sent at the time But Kalanick said at the time that Page had been “avoiding any meeting with me” Uber also wants to question Page about his work on “side ventures” that may compete directly with Google the company said “Indeed Mr Page himself engages in a competing business” Uber wrote That probably refers to Page’s flying car companies Page’s deposition could help explain the deterioration of the relationship between Uber and Alphabet The search engine company’s venture capital firm is a major investor in Uber and the two companies were once close In August 2013 Google Ventures now called GV invested $258 million in Uber at a valuation of about $35 billion David Drummond Alphabet’s senior vice president previously sat on Uber’s board Drummond is also being compelled to submit to a deposition in the case “There is no substitute for these depositions which would resolve some key unanswered questions” an Uber spokesman said in a statement “For instance: why after Google learned of the alleged downloading of 14000 files did Mr Page not alert Uber’s then-CEO to that fact when they spoke Simultaneously Google was rejecting a partnership with Uber choosing instead to compete” For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related News

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