US franchisee files suit against Tim Hortons alleging price gouging

Companies in this story: (TSX:QSR)The Canadian Press A company that entered into an agreement to open hundreds of Tim Hortons restaurants in Minnesota filed a lawsuit against the chain and its parent company today alleging they misled and over-charged the franchisee.Tim-Minn Inc. says it entered into an agreement with Tim Hortons USA Inc. and Restaurant Brands International to develop more than 280 of the coffee-and-doughnut chain stores in the state where there were previously none.Tim-Minn claims in a document filed in the U.S. district court for the district of Minnesota that it invested millions of dollars into the venture and can no longer operate it due to the actions of Tim Hortons and RBI.The plaintiff alleges the chain gave false and misleading financial representations, did not adequately support the planned growth and over-charged for mandatory purchases of inventory, equipment and supplies.None of the claims have been proven in court and RBI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Tim-Minn is seeking a trial by jury and asking for monetary damages, legal fees and any other relief the court wants to grant in this matter. read more

Collaboration Indigenous knowledge at heart of Muskrat House project

Alex Wilson says she’s already looking forward to seeing what Muskrat Hut version 2.0 looks like.Wilson is an Indigenous education professor at the University of Saskatchewan and part of the team that created a Muskrat Hut prototype — also known as wachusko weesti — that aims to address concerns about access to safe and clean water, toilets and food preparation areas in remote areas, including northern Saskatchewan.The hut is a sustainable, locally-sourced, four-season mobile unit complete with an incinerating toilet, shower, sauna, pop-up kitchen and solar and wind energy sources. It was made through a collaboration between Opaskwayak First Nation in Manitoba, the University of Saskatchewan and many other partners. The hut is now in use at Opaskwayak First Nation.Wilson said the project was spearheaded by Idle No More’s One House, Many Nations campaign, which has previously created tiny houses to help solve on-reserve housing crises. While building those tiny houses, the group noticed there was also a need for bathroom and kitchen facilities during gatherings and to support land-based programming.“We were excited to think about how traditional Indigenous knowledge could be integrated or interpreted into a modern context, for housing systems as well,” Wilson said. “We have the solutions in our own communities, we have the knowledge, we have the skill, we have the expertise.”Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.The process was collaborative, with five First Nations and members of the Métis community working on the open-source design and building plan that anyone is welcome to use. Financial support came from a federal grant and the Northern Manitoba Health Foods Cooperative.Wilson noted there are only about 18 Indigenous architects in the country, and most of them were involved in this project.Reanna Merasty, a member of Barren Lands First Nation and an architecture graduate student at the University of Manitoba who worked on the project, said she appreciated that the development process involved community, Indigenous knowledge, sustainability, and regional influences in the materials.“As Indigenous peoples, this way of building has always been inherent, and is a reflection of our stewardship to the land. As an Indigenous student, it is important for me to express who I am, and what my responsibility is as an Indigenous designer/architect, especially on a project that would be used by the community,” she said.Amina Lalor, a Metis graduate student in architecture at the University of Waterloo who was also involved in development of the Muskrat Hut, said participating in the project had a deep meaning for her because her great-great-grandmother was Swampy Cree and born in Norway House, not far from Opaskwayak.“I see great potential for the Muskrat Hut to foster dialogue among architects (both Indigenous and non-Indigenous) around what it means to work closely with community and build in good relationship with the land, especially as we face a growing environmental crisis. Projects like the Muskrat Hut also have very real impacts on the ground, helping to facilitate important Indigenous land-based activities and learning,” she said.Wilson said the prototype was named after the muskrat because the animal plays a major role in Cree and Indigenous cosmology, is known for persistence and hard work and is a critical part of the ecosystem and water system. The muskrat was used for food, clothing, fur and had ties to important medicines as well.“(Muskrats are) doing a lot of work all the time that is really important to our ecosystems and often don’t get the credit,” Wilson said of the inspiration.Along with architects and architecture students, Elders and trappers contributed their knowledge.Doctoral candidate Mylan Tootoosis was a research assistant and participant.“It’s a system-based approach,” Tootoosis said, explaining that the group was conscious of housing, social, and economic issues in the design. “It’s doable, sustainable, and can be replicated time and again.”He added that it was also experiential: team members were learning as they went, adding to the conversation about housing and sustainability that One House, Many Nations has been promoting since 2015.“As Indigenous people, we know we want to protect the land. There’s a climate crisis. We have to take steps to help people engage in access to the land, and the Muskrat Hut is providing service to the land in a safe and secure way,” Tootoosis said, adding that services, safety, shelter and food are a basic stepping stone in providing further projects to come.“We want to create momentum and keep doing this forever.” read more

Nobel laureate Tutu to head UN rights probe of Israeli killing of

A leading figure in the struggle against apartheid, Archbishop Tutu chaired the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission established in 1995. Israel has said the Beit Hanoun attack was the result of a technical error and apologized.According to a resolution adopted by the Council on 15 November, the mission is to travel to Beit Hanoun to, among other tasks, “assess the situation of victims, address the needs of survivors, and make recommendations on ways and means to protect Palestinian civilians against further Israeli assaults.” It is to report on its progress no later than the middle of December.At the 15 November special session expressed grave concern “at the continued violation by the occupying Power, Israel, of the human rights of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian territory” and described the military attacks as “a collective punishment of the civilians.” At the time of the Beit Hanoun attack on 8 November, Secretary-General Kofi Annan voiced his shock, took note of the reported announcement by the Israeli Government of a full investigation into the incident and said he looked forward to its early results.The UN General Assembly has also set up a fact-finding commission to investigate the killings. read more

The Chris Paul Conundrum

The most valuable point guards ever (by advanced statistics) 2Oscar Robertson43,88623.2.207+4.673.1 3Jerry West36,57122.9.213+4.762.1 7Steve Nash38,06920.0.164+2.644.5 1John Stockton47,76421.8.209+4.578.6 5Chris Paul27,72525.7.249+6.156.9 RATE STATISTICS SPM (statistical plus/minus) is based on player efficiency rating and win shares per 48 minutes. VAR (value above replacement) converts SPM into a measure of a player’s total value in the minutes he played.Source: PLAYERTOTAL MIN. PLAYEDPLAYER EFF. RATINGWIN SHARES PER 48 MINSPMVAR Few point guards in NBA history have the résumé to go toe-to-toe with Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers. So how can it be that he’s never played in the conference finals?The battle lines on the topic of Chris Paul are well defined. On the one side, you have supporters of Chris Paul, Point God; on the other, a coalition of traditionalists, stat-skeptics and perplexed quants wondering how a player who dominates every advanced statistic we throw at him, and who has had excellent teammates for the last five seasons, has found so little playoff success. At its most basic level, this can devolve into a debate about the usefulness of stats in identifying a franchise player, versus, say, the ol’ Eye Test. Thankfully, Paul’s stature in the league helps fend off the worst of these arguments, but every great troll opinion has its own grain of truth. In this case: If every tool available to us says Paul is a Michael Jordan-level player, and if we believe basketball is the team sport most influenced by a single, all-powerful player, how do we explain Chris Paul’s dismal playoff record?Paul’s individual profile really is top-notch. Although he only turned 31 near the end of last season, Paul is already the sixth-most-decorated point guard1According to the positional designations at ever in terms of MVP voting. His statistical portfolio is mind-boggling: Paul currently ranks as the most efficient point guard in NBA history, according to both career win shares per 48 minutes and player efficiency rating. Among all guards, period, he trails only Michael Jordan in each metric. If you combine both metrics into a composite statistical plus/minus index2No, PER isn’t a great stat, and win shares has its flaws as well; FiveThirtyEight readers know we much prefer the plus/minus family of advanced metrics, including box plus/minus (which powers our CARMELO projection system). But BPM is only available going back to 1973-74, and a proper contextualization of CP3’s career needs to include players from earlier eras — your Jerry Wests, Walt Fraziers, Oscar Robertsons and so forth. Fortunately, PER and WS are better together than they are apart, with PER’s love for high-usage players filling in WS’s blind fixation on efficiency. To be precise, I generated the combined version by figuring out the mix of each (relative to league average) that best correlates with Jeremias Engelmann’s Real Plus-Minus. The composite still isn’t better than, say, BPM, but it isn’t bad, either, particularly for comparing players across eras. and use that to measure each player’s career value above replacement (VAR),3VAR is structured the same as’s VORP, right down to the replacement level of -2.0 points per 100 possessions, but uses our PER/win shares composite as its foundation instead of box plus/minus. CP3 is the fifth-most-valuable point guard to ever set a sneaker on an NBA court: 8Jason Kidd50,11117.9.133+1.543.9 But there’s always that pesky question of the postseason: Although Paul’s teams have qualified for the playoffs in all but three of his 11 NBA seasons, they haven’t made it very far once there: They’ve lost in the first round four times and in the second round on four other occasions. And that’s it. In the entire history of the NBA, few players with individual numbers as great as Paul’s have seen so little postseason success.In fact, I have a system of playoff success points that can be used to measure a team’s postseason accomplishments in proportion to how many teams it had to beat out to get as far as it did. And only one NBA player — Karl Malone — ever accumulated fewer career dynasty points than Paul has, relative to what we’d expect based on their lifetime VAR tallies: 4Magic Johnson33,24524.1.225+5.361.4 Paul’s postseason numbers are great, though a bit lower than we’d expect given his stellar regular-season stats, even after considering the increased difficulty of postseason opponents. His career playoff averages — a 25.5 PER and .206 WS/48 — are down from his respective marks of 25.7 and .249 in the regular season; those playoff rates mean Paul was worth about 1.3 fewer points (per 100 possessions) to his team than he was in the regular season. The average playoff team since 2006 had a regular-season efficiency differential of +3.6, meaning the level of the competition rises in the playoffs, but we’d expect an individual player’s number to drop by only a fifth of that, since a team’s plus/minus impact is spread across all five players on the court, so Paul’s numbers have dropped almost twice as much as we’d expect them to in the postseason. How will your favorite NBA team do this year? See all of our predictions for the 2016-17 season » 9Chauncey Billups33,00818.8.176+2.941.0 Of course, Curry showed two years ago that it can be done — and he might have done it again last season, if not for the injury that slowed him down as the playoffs went on. And although Paul is not exactly the same kind of game-changing revolutionary as Curry, he comes with his own type of basketball genius, which manifests as putting passes exactly where they need to be to maximize his teammates’ chances of making the shot, dominating the midrange-shooting game in a way that actually makes it efficient, and rating as the league’s best defensive point guard (by a wide margin) despite being one of the shorter guards in the league. In other words, as far as we can tell, Paul has all the tools he needs to be a championship player, even though his teams haven’t made a serious run at the championship yet. So either today’s methods of observation haven’t fully captured Paul’s flaws while picking up what he does well (very possible, though less so as more advanced methods — such as plus/minus and player-tracking data — trickle into the stats) or he’s a genuine statistical anomaly.In any case, time is running out. As CBS’s Matt Moore wrote in August, the chance of Paul’s greatness being forgotten — or at least not fully appreciated — grows with each postseason disappointment. He’s played well enough in the playoffs, but whether the cause is bad luck, bad timing or simply that the NBA is not geared for players like him to carry championship squads, Paul has not made the kind of postseason impact that the rest of his résumé deserves. And with Curry’s Warriors gearing up with even more talent than when they broke the all-time wins record last year, it could be another futile springtime for Paul and the Clippers.Check out our NBA predictions. 10Walt Frazier30,96519.1.176+3.139.7 6Gary Payton47,11718.9.148+2.148.9 Of course, some of that shortfall in playoff success points is also just plain bad luck, like when Paul broke his hand during last season’s first round, effectively killing the Clippers’ chances of advancing before they’d really started. And some of it might have to do with the grand plan the Clippers hatched five years ago, when they traded for the game’s best point guard and began taking steps to assemble a championship team around him.In the last 28 NBA seasons, a point guard has been the best player (according to VAR) on only two championship teams: the 2004 Detroit Pistons, where Chauncey Billups led an ensemble cast of characters — including Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace, each of whom could also have made a claim for “best player” honors — and the 2015 Golden State Warriors, where Steph Curry was busy redesigning the sport of basketball. Aside from those two really unusual cases, you’d have to travel back to Magic Johnson’s 1988 Los Angeles Lakers to find the last champ whose top statistical performer was a floor general. (Apologies to Isiah Thomas of the 1989 and ’90 Pistons, whose advanced statistics were never really in line with his Hall of Fame reputation.)In the intervening years, 17 big men4Centers or power forwards. have led championship squads, as have nine wing players.5Shooting guards or small forwards. But NBA teams led by point guards have averaged 14 percent fewer dynasty points per season than all others, despite being stronger during the regular season6As measured by efficiency differential. on average. Since the end of the Showtime 1980s, it’s been pretty tough to build a championship team with a point guard as its centerpiece.And throughout basketball history, that’s basically been the norm. Between the 1951-527The first season in which minutes played were tracked, and therefore the earliest year where we can track per-minute advanced statistics. and 1969-70 seasons, zero NBA champions had a point guard as their best statistical player. So in that sense, the 1970s and ’80s were anomalous, rife as they were with championship point guards such as Johnson, Walt “Clyde” Frazier of the Knicks and even the underappreciated Gus Williams of the 1979 Seattle SuperSonics. If we look at the entirety of NBA history, point guard-led teams have been about half as likely to win a championship as their peers, even after controlling8Via a logistic regression that attempts to predict a team’s probability of winning the championship based on its regular-season efficiency differential, the composite PER/WS plus-minus of its best player and whether or not that player was a point guard. The coefficient on the point-guard dummy variable was significant and very negative, meaning teams whose best players were point guards were much less likely to win a championship across six and a half decades of NBA history. for how good the team — and its best player — were statistically. read more

Can The Mets Possibly Be This Good

Can it last? Well, the Mets have won a few extra ballgames thanks to timely hitting that probably won’t keep up at the same rate. But more importantly, because of off-days and a weather postponement, they’ve had to turn to a starter outside their top four only once this season, a Zack Wheeler start on April 11. Other than that, it’s been all Syndergaard, deGrom, Harvey3Not that Harvey has been amazing, mind you: He’s the only Mets starter with an ERA worse than league average this season. and Matz — a trend that will dry up soon. And for all the turns taken by those big-name starters, New York is still just 14th in innings per start, with the team again leaning heavily on a bullpen that, to its credit, has been baseball’s most valuable in the early going. (That’s a recent theme, too: The Mets had MLB’s seventh-best bullpen in 2016.)So it’s still too early to say whether this staff will stay healthy enough all season to keep up its early pace, or if it has enough depth to survive the kinds of injuries that happen to normal teams — even if this year’s Mets aren’t as snakebit as last year’s were. But if they do keep it up, the Mets will join the 1998 San Diego Padres as the only team in MLB’s expansion era to go from the top five in pitching WAR one season to the bottom five the next, and then back to the top five the following year.4Similar to the 2017 Mets, the 1997 Padres were ravaged by injuries and underperformance. That team ended up going to the World Series; we’ll have to see whether this year’s Mets can follow in those footsteps and cash in on their own red-hot start.Check out our latest MLB predictions. A couple of weeks ago, it was anybody’s guess as to which version of the New York Mets would show up for the 2018 season. Would it be something like the 2016 edition, a solid ballclub that reached the NL wild-card game on dominant pitching and a streaky offense? Or the 2017 squad, an injury-riddled catastrophe from almost start to finish? Or maybe some third kind of team: one possibly able to coalesce into a legitimate contender with better health and a new manager?A great (and also frustrating) thing about baseball is that, 14 games into the schedule, we still don’t really know the answer. But what few clues the 2018 Mets have provided are mostly encouraging. At 12-2, including Sunday’s walk-off victory over the Milwaukee Brewers, New York is baseball’s second-best team record-wise, trailing only the Boston Red Sox. Ability-wise? Maybe not quite so much. But the team has at least shown that, when it’s healthy — a caveat that perpetually hangs over the franchise — it has the potential to break into MLB’s upper echelon.When the current-era Mets were at their best in the 2015 and 2016 campaigns, their success largely depended on having an elite pitching staff, one that finished a close second behind the Washington Nationals in pitching wins above replacement (WAR)1Averaging together the versions of WAR found at and FanGraphs. over those seasons. The key was a core of flame-throwing pitchers the likes of which had seldom been seen before: a rotation with Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Steven Matz,2Matz was called up for good late in the 2015 regular season and was in the Mets’ rotation for that postseason. each of whom ranked among the 35 hardest-throwing starters in MLB, plus a bullpen backstopped by fireballing closer Jeurys Familia. According to WAR, Mets pitchers’ production represented more than half of the team’s value (52 percent) in 2015 and 2016, compared with the league average of only 42 percent of WAR coming from pitchers.By comparison, the rest of the team was pretty unremarkable in the span, ranking 16th in total WAR from position players. While the lineup had its moments — Yoenis Cespedes’s ridiculous late-season tear in 2015 comes to mind — it was mostly inconsistent, too reliant on the home run and lacking in high-impact talent (especially when Cespedes was injured). And the defense was nothing special, either. So it was no surprise that when the Mets’ pitching collapsed entirely in 2017, dropping all the way down to 26th in WAR because of a combination of injuries and underperformance, the team fell apart as well. There was nothing left to make up the difference.By the same token, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this year’s improved health and performance on the mound has the Mets back on track. According to WAR, New York ranks second in total pitching value once again, trailing only the Red Sox. The rest of the team has had its bright spots, including the early season play of newly acquired third baseman Todd Frazier, but by and large it’s been the same formula as in the team’s successful 2015 and 2016 seasons: Win with dominant pitching, solid hitting and a mediocre-yet-passable combination of base running and fielding. read more

Grandmother seriously injured after collision with Duke and Duchess of Cambridges Royal convoy

A grandmother has been taken to hospital with serious injuries following an accident with a Royal convoy carrying the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.The 83-year-old woman was left injured in an incident believed to have involved a police motorcycle outrider, travelling alongside the Duke and Duchess’ car on the way to the Garter Day ceremony at Windsor on Monday.The Duke and Duchess are “deeply concerned and saddened” after being told of the accident, and have been in touch with the family to send flowers.The woman, named locally as Irene Mayor, is being treated in a London hospital for what has been described as serious injuries, but is in a stable condition.The matter has been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct by the Metropolitan Police, and will be investigated to establish what happened. Mrs Mayor’s daughter Fiona told the Sun: “She’s got lots of injuries. They are just keeping her stable at the moment.”  It is the fourth traffic accident involving a member of the Royal Family in seven months, following a dramatic crash at Sandringham which left the Duke of Edinburgh’s car overturned.In March, it was reported that a car belonging to a member of the public had been hit by a police driver in another royal convoy, believed to have been taking the Countess of Wessex to Birmingham.Last week, the Queen’s cousin, the Duke of Kent, was also reported to have been involved in  a car crash with a student in Brighton. This is the fourth traffic accident involving a member of the Royal Family in seven monthsCredit:News Licensing/The Sun An officer, believed to have been riding in a marked police motorcycle in front of the Duke and Duchess’ Range Rover in line with standard travel procedures for official business, is helping the IOPC with inquiries as a witness.A spokesman for Kensington Palace said: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were deeply concerned and saddened to hear about the accident on Monday afternoon. The couple have been touch with the woman's family to send flowers Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. 84 year old Irene Mayor was airlifted to hospital by the air ambulance Credit:News Licensing/The Sun An IOPC spokesman said on Tuesday: “We are investigating the circumstances surrounding a collision involving a marked police motorcycle attached to the Royalty and Specialist Protection Command and a woman pedestrian on Upper Richmond Road, Richmond, south west London at 12.50pm on Monday 17 June.“The woman, in her 80s, suffered serious injuries and was taken to a London hospital where she remains in a serious but stable condition.“In line with procedure, the Metropolitan Police Service referred the collision to the IOPC. This is the fourth traffic accident involving a member of the Royal Family in seven months The royal couple have been touch with the woman’s family to send flowersCredit:Karwai Tang “Their Royal Highnesses have sent their very best wishes to Irene and her family and will stay in touch throughout every stage of her recovery.”The collision happened on Upper Richmond Road in south west London at 12.50pm on Monday.The Duke and Duchess, who did not see the accident, were made aware of what had happened shortly afterwards and made contact with Mrs Mayor’s relatives via a police family liaison officer.The Duke is understood to have been keen to visit in person but, after it was judged too intrusive to arrange immediately, a member of their staff has been to see the family, with the Duke hoping to visit Mrs Mayor in person when she feels up to it. 84 year old Irene Mayor was airlifted to hospital by the air ambulance  “Our staff attended the scene of the incident and after careful consideration, we have launched an independent investigation. The investigation is in its very early stages and the officer involved is assisting our enquiries as a witness.“Our immediate thoughts are with the injured woman and her family and those affected by the incident. The woman’s family has asked that their privacy be respected at this time.” read more

Trumps choice for national security advisor turns down job

first_img 21,052 Views In this image provided by the U.S. Marine Corps, Vice Adm. Robert S. Harward, commanding officer of Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435, speaks to an Afghan official. Feb 17th 2017, 9:11 AM By AFP In this image provided by the U.S. Marine Corps, Vice Adm. Robert S. Harward, commanding officer of Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435, speaks to an Afghan official. Image: Sgt. Shawn Coolman/U.S. Marine Corps via AP 54 Comments Share Tweet Email Friday 17 Feb 2017, 9:11 AMcenter_img A FORMER NAVY admiral reportedly tapped by President Donald Trump to be his national security advisor has declined the post, US media reports.Robert Harward’s rejection of the position leaves the Trump administration without a replacement for Michael Flynn, who was forced to resign earlier this week amid a scandal over pre-inauguration phone conversations he allegedly had with Russian officials.In a statement read on CNN, Harward said he had turned down the job because he “could not make that commitment.”“This job requires 24 hours a day, seven days a week focus and commitment to do it right. I currently could not make that commitment,” the statement read.The rejection capped a riotous day for the 70-year-old US president, who earlier lambasted his critics in the media and in politics in a wide-ranging one hour, 16-minute-long press conference.© – AFP 2017Read: Tony Blair wants Britain to fight against BrexitRead: ‘The leaks are real, the news is fake’ – Trump blasts media again in latest press conference Trump’s choice for national security advisor turns down job “I currently could not make that commitment.” Image: Sgt. Shawn Coolman/U.S. Marine Corps via AP Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels being advertised for Monday Night RAW on

first_img Videos Articles Twitter WWE Lists The Shields Top 10 Wins Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Now Playing Up Next Shawn Michaels January 1, 2017 at 6:57 pm Bully Ray Calls Out Ring Of Honor Fan On Twitter Seth Rollins Videos Articles January 1, 2017 at 2:07 pm Ronda Rousey January 2, 2017 at 2:14 am is currently advertising both The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels for the upcoming Monday Night RAW taping on January 9 in New Orleans.Both are expected to be making the appearance to build something involving the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV on January 29 from San Antonio at the Alamodome.Undertaker last appeared on WWE television back in November on the 900th episode of Smackdown Live indicating he was back and not just a WrestleMania attraction.Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipWWE Lists The Shields Top 10 WinsVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:04Loaded: 100.00%0:04Remaining Time -0:26 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list January 1, 2017 at 6:35 pm Facebook Shawn Michaels On WWE Return Al79 Comments are closed. WWE RAW Preview: King of the Ring Final Match, Fallout from WWE Clash of Champions Indeed… all the old-timers & part-timers are popping up again. I expect Triple H will make his annual appearance as well, & I wouldn’t be surprised if Hogan is back for Wrestlemania also. It boggles my mind that you have all this amazing talent (Roode, Eric Young, Joe, etc) that get held aside while the company continues to rely on past names to build their shows. The Royal Rumble is the same. It’s boring now… a “big” name always wins. Every single year. It’s beyond predictable too. They should shake it up one year and do something shocking and unpredictable. I would totally cheer for someone like R-Truth or one of the Ascension guys to win it! That would be downright awesome and different because no one would expect that. It would truly show that “anyone” can win the Rumble. And also speaking of WM, now all the names are popping up like Michaels, Taker, Goldberg, Lesnar, and most likely a few more. Although I’d much rather watch a Mania headlined by Samoa Joe, Roode, Styles, American Alpha, Nakamura, Zayn, even Ziggler and Owens, it will never happen. And now with Cena again…it’s like, yeah he’s entertaining, but that’s it. It’s ridiculous for WWE (Taker) to say that he’s back, and not as a special attraction, but yet he hasn’t been seen for two months as noted in this story. So in reality he still IS a special attraction. Appearing once every two months isn’t a regular schedule. Chad Gable advances to the finals of the King of the Ring to be held on this Monday’s RAW Al79 Now Playing Up Next pierrejeanpierre 9 COMMENTS Now Playing Up Next Shawn Michaels Breaks Down His Mid-Air Sweet Chin Music Move Now Playing Up Next Colby January 1, 2017 at 3:20 pm Pinterest January 1, 2017 at 3:37 pm Rob Giles Al79 January 1, 2017 at 3:42 pm I don’t think he ever will either. He’s 51, and they always try to bring him back to gain interest at WM. They won’t gain as much “hype” if it was just say Owens and Styles in the respective main events. I agree but his wording at the time was that he wasn’t just going to be a Wrestlemania only talent (he said WM alone will no longer define me) so he didn’t actually say he would be back regularly (that was what people took from it but not what he said). He simply said it wouldn’t define him and implied he wouldn’t be just appearing to promote WM related appearances. I still get your point completely and agree but just pointing out that he and WWE didn’t say he is going to be back regularly. Videos Articles Al79 Jeffery Adam Phillips Google+ So, are they both in the Rumble? ‘Cuz I’d totally be willing to forgive Michaels for making a one-time only return in the Rumble in his hometown. Ronda Rouseys Controversial Tweets Sponsored By WWE WWE announces 2020 Royal Rumble tickets to go on-sale Friday, September 20 WhatsApp TheCyberZon Now Playing Up Next Great points all but WWE can’t keep trotting out the old gray mares (& stallions) forever. It may take over another decade but they’ll have to rely on current talent alone at some point.Luckily for them, Wrestlemania now sells itself based solely on its own name value regardless of who’s in it or the overall quality of the show. This past Wrestlemania is proof positive of that. Actually the past 7 or so Wrestlemanias are even more proof of that. January 1, 2017 at 5:47 pm January 2, 2017 at 4:11 am Can’t wait for Undertaker to tell us once again he’s back for real. I would be fine with anyone winning aside from HHH, Taker, Lesnar, or Cena. Those guys don’t need to win the Rumble, they’re already over. The ultimate shock would be Angle returning to win.last_img read more

WWE star Alexa Bliss to do meet and greet at Florida Hospital

first_img Live Podcast: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte WWE star Alexa Bliss announced on her Twitter on Sunday that she will be doing a meet and greet on October 4 beginning at 2:00 p.m. local time at Florida Hospital in East Orlando to raise money for the American Heart Association.You can check out Alexa’s Twitter post below making the announcement.Come join me for a meet and greet for donations at Florida Hospital East Orlando on Thursday October 4th at 2 pm to raise money for the American Heart Association. #teamLarry-Steve #goodcause #charity— Lexi Kaufman (@AlexaBliss_WWE) September 30, 2018 WhatsApp Facebook Google+ Wrestleview Live #65: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte center_img Twitter WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton) Jerome Wilen RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Pinterestlast_img read more

City set to welcome new chief of police

first_imgRidgefield – John Brooks will be sworn in as the new chief of the Ridgefield Police Department at a ceremony from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Oct. 12, at the Ridgefield Community Center, 210 N. Main Ave., Ridgefield.After the ceremony, residents will have an opportunity to meet Brooks, who was most recently a captain with the Portland Police Bureau, where he worked for 25 years. He earned a degree from Washington State University and graduated from the FBI National Academy. He has lived in Clark County for 15 years.Brooks will take charge of the department starting Monday. He is replacing Garry Lucas, the interim chief since May 20 and former Clark County sheriff, who was named interim chief after Carrie Greene retired. The original date for the ceremony was pushed back to not interfere with a school district event.last_img read more

PubTalk hosts veteran entrepreneur

first_imgStarting a new business is never easy, no matter how many times you’ve done it or how much success you’ve enjoyed in the past.“It’s a lot harder than people think,” said Steve Hix, 74, founder of projection company InFocus and other successful technology start-ups. “Emotionally, everyone has the tide come in and out. You get excited about a new product and a new company. You forget how hard it is to get (investment) money, and to make money once you do have it.”Hix, a longtime Clark County resident who currently lives in Camas, is the featured speaker at this Wednesday’s Clark County PubTalk scheduled for 5 to 8 p.m. at the Fort Vancouver National Site Artillery Barracks, 600 E. Hatheway Road. He’s been here before: Hix spoke at the first-ever Clark County PubTalk in December 2009, when organizers expected a couple dozen attendees and wound up with almost 100 spilling out of a restaurant banquet room.This time, Hix will make the first public presentation of his latest venture, called Circle Technology. The company has developed an Android-based portable presentation system for use in sales calls, conferences, and meetings. Using the technology, a “host” could manage the event on a central computer, while other participants using nearby displays could be connected through a private network connection. The group could review and modify documents such as sales reports from the display terminals, while the host would organize and control the flow of the discussion and revisions.Hix plans to publicly launch Circle Technology in April and he intends to establish the company’s base in Clark County. He’s hoping to raise about $600,000 over the next several weeks. “The biggest thing I can say is that I’m an old man and I’ve been through it many times, and this is probably the most exciting thing I’ve brought out,” he said.last_img read more

American Media Incs Soap Opera Weekly Folds

first_imgAmerican Media Inc.’s Soap Opera Weekly is closing. Initially reported by Adweek, the soap opera rag is shuttering due to a “decline in readership in the soap opera market,” according to an AMI spokesperson. Current Soap Opera Weekly subscriptions will be fulfilled by sister publication Soap Opera Digest until they expire.Like so many other markets, soap operas have been suffering. Now down to only four soaps appearing on network television, at their peak, there were 19 soaps on air.AMI says, “A few employees were impacted and are being used as freelancers at AMI.” Exact numbers of affected employees were not offered. The Audit Bureau of Circulation’s 2011 second half numbers paint a grim picture of the closing title. Paid subscriptions dropped 36 percent from last half 2010, falling from 80,266 to 51,185. While sister publication Soap Opera Digest fared a bit better in the last six months of 2011, subs were still down 28 percent at 217,517 paid subscriptions. Last half 2010 saw 302,948 subs for the Digest.last_img read more

WHS GIRLS TENNIS Wildcats Win Third Matchup In Three Days

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The WHS Girls Varsity Tennis Team defeated Watertown High, 5-0, on Thursday, May 24, 2019 in Watertown.Wilmington senior Emily Hill defeated Jenna Petrie, 6-0, 6-0.Wilmington junior Carolyn Roney defeated Eva Kelleher, 6-1, 6-1.Wilmington senior Lia Kourkoutas defeated Krishna Patel, 6-0, 6-0.Wilmington senior Jessica D’Arco and sophomore Lauren D’Arco defeated Kristen Beech and Ester Mendez, 6-5, 6-4.Wilmington sophomore Vidhi Shah and Jess Muray defeated Bandna Kaur and Lea Joreknan, 6-1, 6-4.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWHS GIRLS TENNIS: Wildcats Defeat Stoneham & Wakefield On Back-To-Back DaysIn “Sports”WHS GIRLS TENNIS: Wilmington Suffer Losses To Winchester & LexingtonIn “Sports”WHS GIRLS TENNIS: Wilmington Defeats Arlington High, Qualifies For State TournamentIn “Sports”last_img read more

Tanaina Child Development Center UAA May Be Parting Ways

first_imgTanaina Child Development Center at the University of Alaska last week received notice from the university that the center will need to find a new location. The decision has left many parents frustrated, but the two sides are still in discussions to see if a new agreement can be reached.Download AudioThough Tanaina has been housed on the university campus for decades, it operates as an independent non-profit organization. Scott Hamel is an assistant professor at the university and the president of the Tanaina board of directors. He says the university sent Tanaina a letter last week notifying them that their long-standing agreement would be terminated.“It’s from 1989, and that agreement basically states that Tanaina will provide services and preference to students and faculty and staff in return for the space that it now occupies – and utilities,” he said.In the letter, Hamel says the university cited space constraints and liability issues as reasons for the decision.The program can accommodate around 60 children between 18-months and 5-years-old. Hamel says about 90 percent of those enrolled are the children of university students, staff and faculty – many of whom were wait-listed for 1 to 2 years.Mark Shulman’s oldest son is in 1st grade, but was enrolled in Tanaina when he was younger. And Shulman says the benefits of the program have been easy to see.“He actually had some issues with speech and it helped him get early notice so we could him extra support when he was two or three in speaking,” Shulman said. “And now, getting that help and continuing that help with the state and with them, it just, it helped him to progress into…he’s reading now and he’s doing a lot better with speech, but that extra help really..they need that development.”Shulman has another son who is currently enrolled in Tanaina and hopes his youngest can begin attending this summer.Discussions are still ongoing between Tanaina and the university, but Hamel says the center is looking for a new location if a new agreement doesn’t come to fruition. But, finding a new facility to suit Tanaina’s needs could be problematic.It costs approximately $900 per month for a child to attend Tanaina.This is a developing story.last_img read more

Alaska nominee for US court opts out

first_imgAttorney Jonathan Katchen outside the U.S. Supreme Court in 2016. Photo: Liz Ruskin.Anchorage attorney Jonathan Katchen has withdrawn his name from consideration for a judgeship on the U.S. District Court in Anchorage.Listen nowPresident Trump nominated Katchen to the court in April, but the Senate Judiciary Committee never scheduled a confirmation hearing.Katchen said the process and the timing were uncertain and said he decided to end the waiting and focus his attention on his legal practice. He’s an attorney at Holland & Hart.Katchen is in his early 40s and was a law clerk for Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, the president’s sister. His nomination had enthusiastic support from U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan. Sullivan was Katchen’s boss at the Alaska Departments of Law and Natural Resources.Both of Alaska’s U.S. senators jointly submitted a list of five candidates for the president to consider. But Sen. Lisa Murkowski did not issue a statement supporting Katchen.In a poll of Alaska Bar Association members, only 31 percent of respondents rated Katchen well- or extremely-well qualified for the federal bench. It was unclear how many of the remaining respondents just didn’t know the name. Katchen has focused on regulatory and natural resource law. He has little trial experience and doesn’t take criminal cases.By contrast, the top-rated candidate in the bar poll was Eric Aarseth. He’s widely known among lawyers because he’s a state Superior Court judge.last_img read more

Who is Nakul Nath How rich is Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Naths

first_imgMadhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath and his son Nakul Nath file their nomination papers for the Chhindwara Assembly by-election and parliamentary constituency respectively, in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara, on April 9, 2019.IANSMadhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s son Nakul Nath is all set to contest the Lok Sabha 2019 elections from Chhindwara constituency in the state. He filed his nomination on April 9, Tuesday along with his father. He will be fighting against Nathan Shah of the BJP, who is a former MLA.What caught everyone’s eye and had the country talking was the younger Nath’s properties which amount to at least five times of his father’s. Kamal Nath’s affidavit declared his assets at Rs 124 crore.Nakul declared that he has movable and immovable properties worth Rs 615.9 crore, which is a lot more than his father who heads the Madhya Pradesh government. Nakul Nath’s wife declared her assets worth Rs 2.3 crore worth movable and immovable assets.A PTI report states that, according to the affidavit filed, Nakul Nath’s wife, Priya Nath does not have any immovable assets. However, her income was more than her husband’s in the year 2018-18. She earned Rs 4,18,21,829 while her husband earned Rs 2,76,81,446. The affidavit also reports that both Priya and Nakul do not own any vehicles.Nakul’s movable assets comprise of jewellery. He is in possession of 896.669 grams of gold bars,7.630 kgs of silver items, and diamond and stone jewellery of 147.58 carats. Together, they are worth Rs 78.45 lakh. On the other hand, Priya has jewellery worth Rs 57.62 lakh, comprising of 270.322 grams f gold, 161.84-carat diamond and stone jewellery.In the affidavit, Nakul said that he has many bank accounts and also owns shares in firms and colleges such as the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) in Dubai and Sharjah as well as some shares in Span Air Ltd.last_img read more

New research shows ants able to discern difference between threat levels

first_img( — In an interesting study designed to determine how well ants are able to gauge a threat, Inon Scharf and his colleagues at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, have shown that even simple ants are able to clearly distinguish between serious threats and those that aren’t so dire. In their paper, published on Ethology, the team found that a species of forest ant, Temnothorax longispinosus, are able to tell on sight if an invader is a serious threat, or just a mild one, and to react more stringently when the stakes are higher. To find out just how good ants are at distinguishing between threats, Scharf and his team assembled four different types of ants in their lab. The first was another species of ant unknown to T. longispinosus, the second were ants of the same species but from another nest; the third were ants from a different but familiar species, and the fourth were so-called slave-making ants; a very serious threat due to their tendency to kill off the queen and steal the young to enslave them as workers in their own nests.Temnothorax longispinosus, a forest dwelling ant specific to the American Northeast, generally have two forms of defense; they either bite and sting intruders or try to drag them out of the nest. In the study, the researchers found that upon discovering a slavemaker ant in the nest, T. longispinosus, came at the intruder with spread mandibles and began biting and stinging for all they were worth. When discovering any of the other ants in their nest, though, they instead opted for dragging, with different degrees of effort, based on the apparent degree of threat. The competitor ants were immediately dragged out, while the efforts to do the same with the familiar but different species ants were less urgent, and the species unknown to the ants were rarely attacked at all.From the study it appears that the ants have adapted to defending their nest in ways that are the most efficient; they only go full out when the threat is so severe that the survival of the nest is at stake. Dragging an intruder out involves fewer ants and doesn’t interfere with ongoing food retrieval activities. Common house ants form supercolonies, prosper in urban settings © 2010 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Temnothorax longispinosus. Image credit: More information: Differential Response of Ant Colonies to Intruders: Attack Strategies Correlate With Potential Threat, Ethology, DOI:10.1111/j.1439-0310.2011.01926.xAbstractAnimals are often threatened by predators, parasites, or competitors, and attacks against these enemies are a common response, which can help to remove the danger. The costs of defense are complex and involve the risk of injury, the loss of energy/time, and the erroneous identification of a friend as a foe. Our goal was to study the specificity of defense strategies. We analyzed the aggressive responses of ant colonies by confronting them with workers of an unfamiliar congeneric species, a non-nestmate conspecific, a co-occurring congeneric competitor species, and a social parasite—a slave-making ant. As expected, the latter species, which can inflict dramatic fitness losses to the colony, was treated with most aggression. A co-occurring competitor was also attacked, but the ants used different behaviors in their responses to both enemies. While the slavemaker was attacked by biting and stinging and was approached with spread mandibles, the competitor was dragged, a behavioral strategy only possible if the defending ant is similar in size and strength to the opponent. Non-nestmate conspecifics were treated aggressively as well, but less than the slavemaker and the co-occurring competitor, presumably because they are less easily recognized as enemies. An unfamiliar congeneric species was rarely attacked. This first detailed study comparing the aggressive responses of ant colonies toward slave-making ants to other species posing different threats indicates that the responses of ant colonies are adjusted to the risk each opponent poses to the colony.via BBC Citation: New research shows ants able to discern difference between threat levels (2011, July 5) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore furtherlast_img read more

Interpreting the malady that is Jhumpa Lahiri

first_imgIt’s always exciting when an Indian author is considered for a prestigious award abroad. Even if that author is Jhumpa Lahiri, who would have spent little more than a few holidays in the country of her parents’ birth. But my relationship with Lahiri has been a difficult one – both as a reader and a journalist. And so it was with mixed feelings that I received the news of her having been long-listed for the Booker Prize for her yet to be released novel The Lowland. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’I was in college when Lahiri’s first collection of short stories, The Interpreter of Maladies, was released and won the Pulitzer award. It became something of a necessity to celebrate her work, much as a doting parent celebrates the first recitation or painting by a favourite child. My literature professor certainly believed I should like the book. And I still considered myself too young to be a sound critic of literature and confess what I really thought of it. Oh it’s not as if I didn’t think it was beautifully written. But I had a problem of principle with the subjects, or rather her representation of the Indian community, abroad and in India. It was, I felt, too stereotypical, too forced. I could tell her that you didn’t have to grow up in the US to know little of Indian history.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixEven students studying in one part of India, have little clue about the history and culture of another part. I could tell her of cousins who have grown up abroad and seemed totally rooted there, and no we didn’t make them repeat the names of their American classmates as part of any game played in candle light as one of Shoba’s relatives does in one of the stories. I could tell her that children born in the eighties and nineties in India, would as often shy away from watching their parents snap endless number of green chilies with their rice and dal meal and go for a pizza themselves, much like their counterparts in the West.  And if you studied in a good English medium school in India, you had no trouble understanding Hollywood movies… the list of things I could tell her was endless.And herein lies my second peeve point – this time as a journalist, which is the wall that she builds around herself. I have repeatedly heard a senior colleague’s account of Lahiri’s closely guarded wedding in Calcutta in 2001. The family had done its best to respect Lahiri’s wish that it be a private affair, even going to the extent of setting dogs at the paparazzi members gathered outside the venue. But the venue, menu and all details of the wedding were an open secret with some friend or family member eager enough to inform, albeit, on condition of anonymity. I had a first hand feel of it, when the author returned to Calcutta for her daughter’s first rice ceremony. This time it was an eager aunt who was ready to spill the beans, even though the author and her family remained elusive. Of this I was certain, however, that it was not shyness that held back Lahiri from interacting with the media, from being more open, as her family had claimed during her wedding. The distance she maintained was calculated and by making herself inaccessible in general, she kept alive an interest about her, that ensured more than normal coverage on those rare occasions when she did subject herself to be interviewed – during the promotion of the movie Namesake, based on her novel of the same name or before the release of her second collection of short stories Unaccustomed Earth. Perhaps it was necessary. As a later day author explained to me, ‘To write a good book is not enough, you have to sell it.’ Some might go on a publicity spree, some price their books a certain way. Lahiri, chose distance. And I can’t say it’s not a classy way of selling yourself.Meanwhile, somewhere down the years, the reader in me had lost interest in her work. I had read The Namesake and again been troubled by the recurring theme of discomfort with one’s identity, of not being able to either accept or let go of one’s roots. I didn’t read Unaccustomed Earth. And it was with mixed feelings that I picked up The Interpreter of Maladies again after learning that Lahiri is being considered for the Booker. Imagine my surprise therefore, when I could identify with the screaming silence between the estranged couple in A Temporary Matter, empathise with Miranda’s aching desires in Sexy, understand Mrs Das’s need to unburden herself to a tour guide in The Interpreter of Maladies… Perhaps over the years, I have matured enough to tune out the forced Indianness of the stories and learnt to appreciate the play of emotions and relationships. I am now looking forward to reading Unaccustomed Earthand The Lowland. My only wish, as a now sincere reader, is that she would set her characters free, relieve them of their burden of assumed identity and let them be global citizens with universal feelings.last_img read more

3 Tech Strategies You Can Use to Earn and Save More Money

first_img 4 min read November 23, 2017 We all use technology every day, but in almost all cases, we don’t use it as much as we could. Notice I didn’t say “as much as we should.” I make no judgments about how wired one should or shouldn’t be. That’s a personal choice.In the area of wealth creation and management, however, many of us are missing out on some simple and powerful technologies that could impact our personal and business moneymaking capacity.While this is not a comprehensive list of possibilities, here are three low-cost ways to increase your bottom line.Related: 15 Useful Tech Tools for Your Business1. Count on tech to track your finances and you’ll spend less.Benjamin Franklin might have been onto something with that penny-saved-is-a-penny-earned concept. As it turns out, he was only partially correct. Saving money is a far more powerful practice than most people understand. If you are running at a 10 percent profit margin (whether in your personal or business income statement), saving $1,000 has the same effect as increasing your top line revenue (personal salary or company sales) by $10,000. In other words, each dollar saved has a salary or sales equivalency of ten times that amount.But, reducing expenses is boring and difficult for many entrepreneurs. That’s where automation comes in. Products like Mint can make budgeting and tracking finances a no-brainer. And there are a lot of such products from which to choose. Some users complain about the number of ads that come with Mint, but it might be worth it to have all of your finances (assets, accounts, loans, credit cards, etc.) in one place for easy monitoring.”We have found that users save an average of 10 to 15 percent just by watching the system track their spending,” says Sean Lee, Project Manager at MyMoney. “Knowing they will see every dollar spent, they consciously spend less.”Related: The 25 Best U.S. Cities for Tech Startups2. Let technology tell you how to invest.What will you do with all of those saved dollars? Invest them wisely, of course. Again, technology can help. There is no shortage of companies, apps and systems that make investing an easier, less time-consuming and more profitable exercise. Betterment, TDAmeritrade, Charles Schwab and other related companies and tools are all catering to the time- and expertise-challenged investor.Numerous gurus are also available to help. Grant Cardone’s The Millionaire Booklet counsels investors to save, not for the sake of saving, but “for the sake of investing.” He further advises to “stay poor” by putting all available money to work for you, rather than letting it sit in your bank account where you might be tempted to buy something that won’t make more money for you. Cardone likes real estate instead of depreciating assets such as cars.Stocks also provide a rich opportunity for making money. Whatever your investment preference, the point is to employ your money to work for you.Related: 8 Online Careers You Can Start Today From Home3. Enlist others to sell your products or services through their channels (or sell theirs through yours).If you have something to sell, there are a lot of channels through which to sell them. And if you can sell but don’t have an offering yourself, there are plenty of companies that will pay you to sell theirs. Either way, the goal is to enter into the stream of commerce and take your share of the deal flow.Marketplaces are popping up to serve the unique needs of niches that are not adequately addressed already. The SupplyHub story is just one example. Whatever your offering is, you might find a specific marketplace where you can get the attention that will help propel your sales forward.Another opportunity for financial growth is affiliate marketing, which is a way of earning commissions by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. If you like something, chances are the manufacturer of it will allow you to tell others about it and, if they buy, give you a share of the revenue.Affiliate marketing is great for entrepreneurs who don’t want to spend the time and money to develop their own products. You just need a platform from which to sell, and you’re in business. There are many options, such as Shopify and Amazon.To determine if a company sells through affiliates, just look at the bottom of their website’s main page. There will often be information about becoming an affiliate. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now »last_img read more

Gauge of US economy jumps 07 percent in April

first_imgCopyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. WASHINGTON (AP) — An index designed to predict the future health of the economy rose in April by the largest amount in nine months, a sign that the economy is beginning to accelerate from a sharp slowdown during the winter.The Conference Board said Thursday that its index of leading indicators rose 0.7 percent last month, the biggest advance since a 1 percent rise last July. The March increase was also revised up to show a 0.4 percent gain, better than the initial 0.2 percent estimate. Those two gains followed a decline of 0.2 percent in February. Sponsored Stories Parents, stop beating yourself up Comments   Share   Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Top Stories Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Economists at the Conference Board say that the solid rebound in April is evidence that the paltry economic performance during the first quarter should be a temporary slowdown.But they cautioned that the pickup in activity could be moderate given that the April surge in the index was driven by a big jump in applications for building permits while other components of the index showed more modest increases.Seven of the 10 forward-pointing indicators that make up the index showed strength in April with the largest boost coming from the surge in building permits followed by changes in interest rates.An index of factory orders declined while average weekly manufacturing hours and new orders for consumer goods were unchanged in April.The economy, as measured by the gross domestic product, grew by a meager 0.2 percent in the January-March quarter, according to the government’s initial estimate. But many private economists believe growth will be rebound in the current April-June quarter to around 2 percent.“The main message being flashed by the leading economic index is that the winter economic slump is likely to prove temporary with better data-flow likely in the months immediately ahead,” said Joshua Shapiro, chief U.S. economist at MFR Inc. In this April 13, 2015, photo, a worker helps to build a new home in Las Vegas. The Conference Board releases its index of leading indicators for April on Thursday, May 21, 2015. (AP Photo/John Locher) 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breacheslast_img read more