CR looking for community input on new logo

first_imgCollege of the Redwoods is refreshing its athletics logo and the Corsairs want the North Coast’s input.A logo committee comprised of student athletes, coaches, staff and a Board of Trustees member worked for several months to produce options for CR’s new athletics logo.“We wanted a fresh look, more modern yet still honoring our rich athletic history with our community, a logo with movement and of course the redwoods,” said Bob Brown, Director of Athletics & Health, Kinesiology & Physical …last_img

SA mine detector gets top recognition

first_imgRay Maota Landmines such as these pictured cause devastation during wars as they do not discriminate between combatants and civilians, who end being dismembered and killed. (Image: Wikipedia) The Husky 2G is used to clear the path of mines for the military and civilian personnel during combat. (Image: RSD) MEDIA CONTACTS • Rolling Stock and Defence Division  +27 11 914 1400 RELATED ARTICLES • Swedish army prefers SA vehicle • Two centuries of SA military history • SA provides security to South Sudan • Rooivalk gets its wingsThe locally made Husky 2G Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD) has been named one of the top 10 greatest military inventions by the US army, proving that South Africa’s engineering ranks among the best in the world.The recent announcement was made in Washington DC at the annual meeting of the Association of the US Army.A ceremony held during the meeting paid tribute to inventions which have improved the lives of soldiers around the world.Scott Fish, US army chief scientist, commended the inventions and the brains behind them by saying: “They are all driven by a deep desire to make things better and are not satisfied with a concept of utopia. They go beyond that: they make something real and they make it happen now.”Fish compared the inventions to Apple products for their simplicity and ease of use, paying homage to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who recently passed away.Addressing delegates at the ceremony, Heidi Shyu, acting assistant secretary of the US army, said: “Anything you do to innovate and help our soldiers is incredibly appreciated by the folks who are deployed. I am so impressed. Thank you for what you do for our soldiers.”Unique detection systemThe VMMD was designed and developed by DCD-Dorbyl’s Rolling Stock and Defence Division.The two-seater vehicle is used to detect and clear the field of mines before army and civilian personnel move in.The Husky 2G is a derivative of the single-seater Husky Mark III, which has been used in combat since the early 1980s. It has helped clear mines in the Balkans, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.According to DCD-Dorbyl’s defence division, what makes the VMMD stand out from other mine-detection systems is its ability to pass over pressure-fused anti-vehicle landmines without detonating them.The system is so durable that in the event of a mine being detonated, any damage can be repaired within two hours.Nearly 400 of these South African-made systems have been used throughout the world in combat situations.Top 10 winnersThe nominations for the best inventions were put forward by veteran combat soldiers.In addition to the Husky 2G, they included: the 5.56mm M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round; 40mm Infrared Illuminant Cartridge; Green Eyes – Escalation of Force Kit Integration with the Crows System; Jackal Explosive Hazard Pre-Detonation System; M240L 7.62mm Lightweight Medium Machine Gun; mCare Project; Dismounted Mortar Fire Control System; RG-31 Robot Deployment System; and the Soldier Wearable Integrated Power Equipment System.The Enhanced Performance Round is a modified type of bullet used by US forces in Afghanistan, which has a larger steel penetrator on its tip.The Infrared Illuminant Cartridge makes it possible to track enemy troops more effectively at night.The Green Eyes technology disturbs an individual’s vision, making driving or aiming a weapon impossible.The Lightweight Medium Machine Gun is a less bulky derivative of the existing M240B machine gun.last_img read more

5 Cool Things to Know About Google Chrome Extensions

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Understanding the Versions of ChromeBetween Chrome, Chromium, dev and beta releases, things are getting a little complicated. Here’s how it breaks down:Chromium is open source developer channel, “the bleeding edge” of Chrome development. That’s what we’ve been using here on Mac and it’s the only Mac version today that supports extensions. It’s untested and less stable than the other versions. We’ve been using it for months, though, with only occasional problems.Chrome is the official release. There are 3 versions of Chrome: dev, beta (Windows or Mac) and stable (Windows only). The vast majority of users use the stable version, Mac users got beta build 4.0 today.Dev builds come out every week or so and are at most 1 week behind Chromium. Baum and Rakowski asked in our interview for us to please switch to using the Dev version for Mac instead of Chromium as soon as it supports extensions.Mac Dev Version Will Get Extension Support Very SoonSome of Nick Baum’s Favorite Chrome Extensions So FarAviary – screen capture and image editingGoogle Docs PDF/PPT ViewerGoogle Translate – truly, a wonder to behold Brizzly – an advanced Twitter experience, built by Baum’s former co-worker on Google Reader, Jason ShellenRight now the official extension gallery won’t allow Mac users to download extensions. Officially, at least. This bookmarklet will allow you to install them in Chromium on a Mac with just one extra click. (Thanks, MG Seigler, for finding that.) That bookmarklet will not allow you to use extensions in the official beta for Mac that launched today, just in Chromium.Baum and Rakowski told us today that the next dev build for Mac will allow extensions. That could be out as early as tomorrow morning or in a few days, and it’s anyone’s guess when extension support will come to the Beta version released today. (Who wants to use the Beta version when Dev is so much cooler?)Anyone can get extensions from an unofficial site called and if you’re on a Mac it’s probably most effective tonight to grab Chromium and the bookmarklet above. Then you can get extensions from the official site as well.Chrome Extensions Are Not Like Firefox ExtensionsUnlike Firefox extensions, Chrome extensions install without a browser restart and they update automatically. Too many extensions have been a part of the bloat that’s made Firefox-use nearly intolerable for many of us, but the Chrome team says extensions will cause no more drag on Chrome performance than opening up a new web page in another tab would. That’s a big part of the premise of Chrome, that every process is running distinct from other processes, so one tab can’t slow or crash the others. It’s an architecture well suited to running web applications, not just loading web pages, and it’s great to hear that the extensions platform works the same way.GreaseMonkey? Oh, There Will Be GreaseMonkeyOne of the most enjoyable tide pools of innovation in the Firefox extension world is built on top of the Javascript user script plug-in GreaseMonkey. These tiny scripts re-organize web pages in radical ways for more usefulness and fun. Scripts like AutoPagerize will load the next page at the bottom of the one you’re on, creating a continuous scroll, or WikiDashboard will insert a drop-down dashboard into every Wikipedia page to show a scatter plot graph of who has edited that page the most. The fun never stops with GreaseMonkey.What of Chrome, though? Guess where, Aaron Boodman, the creator of GreaseMonkey works now? That’s right, on the Chrome Extensions team.Boodman recently made it even easier for GreaseMonkey scripts to be added to Chrome than they are in Firefox. A single click transforms the scripts into Chrome Extensions, at least for Windows users. We haven’t found a successful Mac implementation yet, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that this will no longer be an issue when full extension support comes to Chrome for Mac.Red Hot APIs On the WayBaum told us today that the team “will add APIs for other data types soon, personal web history being a prime candidate, so extensions will be able to access that and manipulate it in all sorts of ways.” That sounds great. It’s one thing for a browser to promise not to sell my web history, but it’s a whole new ball game when developers can build software that lets me derive all the more value from the history of my activity around the web.Bring it on, Team Chrome! We might feel a little guilty for abandoning the wonderful community project that is Firefox, but this new browser is just so damn good it’s hard not to give it a serious try.It just so turns out, we have a particularly relevant sponsor this month that we should point to.Add-on-Con is a major event all about browser add-ons. It’s being held in Mountain View, CA this Friday. Google is a sponsor and Aaron Boodman, the man behind GreaseMonkey and now working on Chrome Extensions, is a speaker. Check it out! Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting marshall kirkpatrick 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… The Google Chrome team released a beta version of its Mac browser this morning and opened up an official gallery of browser extensions. That’s exciting news because the addition of more than 300 extensions, combined with blazing speed and good stability, makes Chrome the best browser on the market today.We got a chance to talk with Nick Baum, Product Manager and Brian Rakowski, Director of Product Management at Google Chrome this afternoon and they shared a number of interesting tidbits with us about the nature and future of extensions in Chrome.Chrome was released more than a year ago and users have been clamoring for extensions ever since. Rakowski and Baum said that a request for extensions was bug #18 filed in the browser’s bug tracking system – it’s something that Firefox has conditioned users to expect.Now those extensions are here and it’s a very interesting story. Related Posts Tags:#Browsers#news#web last_img read more

Two Hizb men killed in Tral encounter

first_imgOne policeman and two Hizbul Mujahideen militants were killed in a 20-hour-long encounter in south Kashmir’s Tral area, which began at 6 p.m. on Saturday.Three soldiers, including a Major, were injured.After a night-long exchange of fire, the security forces on Sunday used improvised explosive devices to blow up the house, where the militants were hiding, in Nazneenpora village.“We killed two militant commanders in the encounter without any collateral damage. We will continue operations [against militants] but will ensure that no civilian is hurt,” J&K Director General of Police (DGP) S.P. Vaid said.One slain militant was identified as Hizb commander Aqib Molvi, a resident of Tral’s Hayuna. “Another was a foreign militant,” said Mr. Vaid. He was identified as Saifullah alias Usama alias Hamaad.One member of the police’s Special Operations Group (SOG), Manzoor Ahmad Naik, was also killed in the initial assault.As the encounter was on, clashes erupted in parts of Tral. Hospital sources said over one dozen civilians, including four hit by pellets, were injured in the clashes.Three children injuredA mysterious blast left three children injured in north Kashmir’s Sopore on Sunday. Superintendent of Police (SP), Sopore, Harmeet Singh, said the children were injured near a hillock at Pazalpora, Sopore, Baramulla district.Locals said they had stepped on some explosives. “A forensic science laboratory team visited the spot. We will try to identify the composition of the blast material,” said Mr. Singh.The injured children were identified as Saahil Rashid Lone, Aakash Reyaz Bhat and Shakir Hussain Dar. Rashid was shifted to a Srinagar hospital for specialised treatment.ASI dies in accidentA policeman died and four were injured when their patrol vehicle skidded off the road in restive Shopian in south Kahsmir.The deceased was identified as assistant sub-inspector Nazir Ahmad. The vehicle fell into a low-lying area near Imam-Sahib village.last_img read more

Buckeyes Fans Walked 19 Miles To Spell Out ‘Script Ohio’ On Google Maps

first_imgBuckeye fans spell out "Ohio" on their walk as seen on Google maps.Script Ohio Walk Buckeyes FootballOhio State fans may have seen their college football team win the national championship last year, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t hungry for more this year. One group of Buckeyes supporters is apparently so excited for the upcoming season, they walked 19 miles to prove it.The Ohio State fans, according to a Reddit user named @orweezy, walked for six and a half hours to spell out ‘script Ohio’ on Google Maps. They finished at Ohio Stadium, effectively “dotting the i.”’s Ari Wasserman tipped us off to the photo.Script Ohio WalkCreative, for sure. If you’re wondering, they plan on biking it next year instead – for obvious reasons.last_img

Province releases final report on observance of daylight saving time

first_imgDuring the survey, it was found that more than 50 percent responded that it was “important” or “very important” for B.C. to be aligned with neighbouring jurisdictions in its time observance practices.To view the full final report on the daylight saving time public consultation, you can visit the Province’s website. VICTORIA, B.C. – The Province of British Columbia has released its report on the observance of daylight saving time.According to the Government, more than 93 percent of the record 223,273 British Columbians who completed the Province’s survey on time observance have indicated they would prefer a move to permanent daylight saving time.The Government says the desire for a move to permanent DST was consistent throughout the province, with more than 90 percent of respondents in each region indicating their support.last_img read more

Plane crash in Belgium kills 11

first_imgBRUSSELS- The plane crashed and came down ten minutes after take-off near the village of Marchovelette, in south-east Belgium.A small tourist plane carrying parachutists crashed in Belgium on Saturday, killing 11 people aboard.The plane crashed and came down ten minutes after take-off near the village of Marchovelette, 75 kilometers from south-east Belgium.Mayor of the nearby town of Fernelmont, Jean-Claude Nihoul said 10 parachutists and one pilot were killed in the plane crash.Eyewitnesses said the plane lost a wing and hit the ground. Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo said he shared the sorrow with the families of the victims.last_img

Can The Mets Possibly Be This Good

Can it last? Well, the Mets have won a few extra ballgames thanks to timely hitting that probably won’t keep up at the same rate. But more importantly, because of off-days and a weather postponement, they’ve had to turn to a starter outside their top four only once this season, a Zack Wheeler start on April 11. Other than that, it’s been all Syndergaard, deGrom, Harvey3Not that Harvey has been amazing, mind you: He’s the only Mets starter with an ERA worse than league average this season. and Matz — a trend that will dry up soon. And for all the turns taken by those big-name starters, New York is still just 14th in innings per start, with the team again leaning heavily on a bullpen that, to its credit, has been baseball’s most valuable in the early going. (That’s a recent theme, too: The Mets had MLB’s seventh-best bullpen in 2016.)So it’s still too early to say whether this staff will stay healthy enough all season to keep up its early pace, or if it has enough depth to survive the kinds of injuries that happen to normal teams — even if this year’s Mets aren’t as snakebit as last year’s were. But if they do keep it up, the Mets will join the 1998 San Diego Padres as the only team in MLB’s expansion era to go from the top five in pitching WAR one season to the bottom five the next, and then back to the top five the following year.4Similar to the 2017 Mets, the 1997 Padres were ravaged by injuries and underperformance. That team ended up going to the World Series; we’ll have to see whether this year’s Mets can follow in those footsteps and cash in on their own red-hot start.Check out our latest MLB predictions. A couple of weeks ago, it was anybody’s guess as to which version of the New York Mets would show up for the 2018 season. Would it be something like the 2016 edition, a solid ballclub that reached the NL wild-card game on dominant pitching and a streaky offense? Or the 2017 squad, an injury-riddled catastrophe from almost start to finish? Or maybe some third kind of team: one possibly able to coalesce into a legitimate contender with better health and a new manager?A great (and also frustrating) thing about baseball is that, 14 games into the schedule, we still don’t really know the answer. But what few clues the 2018 Mets have provided are mostly encouraging. At 12-2, including Sunday’s walk-off victory over the Milwaukee Brewers, New York is baseball’s second-best team record-wise, trailing only the Boston Red Sox. Ability-wise? Maybe not quite so much. But the team has at least shown that, when it’s healthy — a caveat that perpetually hangs over the franchise — it has the potential to break into MLB’s upper echelon.When the current-era Mets were at their best in the 2015 and 2016 campaigns, their success largely depended on having an elite pitching staff, one that finished a close second behind the Washington Nationals in pitching wins above replacement (WAR)1Averaging together the versions of WAR found at and FanGraphs. over those seasons. The key was a core of flame-throwing pitchers the likes of which had seldom been seen before: a rotation with Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Steven Matz,2Matz was called up for good late in the 2015 regular season and was in the Mets’ rotation for that postseason. each of whom ranked among the 35 hardest-throwing starters in MLB, plus a bullpen backstopped by fireballing closer Jeurys Familia. According to WAR, Mets pitchers’ production represented more than half of the team’s value (52 percent) in 2015 and 2016, compared with the league average of only 42 percent of WAR coming from pitchers.By comparison, the rest of the team was pretty unremarkable in the span, ranking 16th in total WAR from position players. While the lineup had its moments — Yoenis Cespedes’s ridiculous late-season tear in 2015 comes to mind — it was mostly inconsistent, too reliant on the home run and lacking in high-impact talent (especially when Cespedes was injured). And the defense was nothing special, either. So it was no surprise that when the Mets’ pitching collapsed entirely in 2017, dropping all the way down to 26th in WAR because of a combination of injuries and underperformance, the team fell apart as well. There was nothing left to make up the difference.By the same token, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this year’s improved health and performance on the mound has the Mets back on track. According to WAR, New York ranks second in total pitching value once again, trailing only the Red Sox. The rest of the team has had its bright spots, including the early season play of newly acquired third baseman Todd Frazier, but by and large it’s been the same formula as in the team’s successful 2015 and 2016 seasons: Win with dominant pitching, solid hitting and a mediocre-yet-passable combination of base running and fielding. read more

Haunting black hole mystery solved with most detailed simulation ever

Comments 17 Photos Black hole seen in real life for the first time The beauty of black holes (pictures) 2 Now playing: Watch this: Tags The accretion disk (red) aligns along the equatorial plane of the black hole (white center circle). Sasha Tchekhovskoy/Northwestern University/Matthew Liska/University of Amsterdam Using a supercomputer and some custom-built code, an international team of researchers has created the “most detailed” simulation of a black hole proving a long-standing theory that has puzzled astrophysicists for 45 years. The theory, first published in 1975, posited that the inner-most region of a spinning black hole would eventually align with the hole’s equatorial plane. While that may seem somewhat confusing and inconsequential, how this region is warped by the black hole can have huge effects on entire galaxies. The new research, published Wednesday in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, details a simulated solution to the theory — known as the Bardeen-Petterson effect — and solves a problem co-lead author Sasha Tchekhovskoy says has “haunted the astrophysics community for more than four decades.” When we saw the very first image of a black hole on April 10, we weren’t actually seeing the black hole. Black holes don’t emit any visible light. Rather, the incredibly strong gravity of a black hole causes debris, gas and other particles to spin around its edges forming an “accretion disk.” That’s something we can see. Not only is that helpful for cosmic detectives to find and understand black holes but these disks are also responsible for the evolution and function of a black hole. Moreover, they can tell astrophysicists more about how black holes spin and potentially the radiation the comes from them. The team, including the paper’s first author Matthew Liska, used graphical processing units (GPUs) to develop their simulation’s code. Enlarge ImageThe simulation shows two angles: a close-up (left) and a wider view (right). In the left image, you can see how the accretion disc rapidly collapses to the equatorial (horizontal) plane around the black hole (white). Sasha Tchekhovskoy/Northwestern University/Matthew Liska/University of Amsterdam “Once we created the code, we needed to find a large enough supercomputer to carry out the simulations,” says Tchekhovskoy, who co-led the research. “The National Science Foundation supercomputer, Blue Waters, was just right for the task.”Blue Waters, an immensely powerful computer operating with 1.5 petabytes of memory, is housed at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, Illinois. “We put a black hole inside of a computer and drop gas on it,” says Tchekhovskoy. “Initially, the gas orbits around the black hole at a plane tilted relative to the black hole equator. However, over time the inner regions of the disk align with the equatorial plane, revealing the alignment.  The result may not be as immediately impressive as our first view of a black hole, but it is another first. Previously, astrophysicists studying the Bardeen-Petterson effect did not have access to enough computing power to adequately account for magnetic turbulence inside the accretion. With the supercomputer, researchers were able to simulate a more realistic black hole, with magnetic fields in place. “The unique aspect of these simulations is their treatment of the magnetic fields, general relativistic effects and a cooling function at the same time,” says Rebecca Nealon, theoretical astrophysicist at the University of Leicester not associated with the study. “Their results showing the Bardeen-Petterson effect while including these is an excellent confirmation of the general picture found in previous works.”The fields are a key factor in regulating how the accretion disk bends and falls into it, according to Tchekhovskoy. Ultimately, the researchers found that even for incredibly thin accretion disks, the proposed Bardeen-Petterson effect held up — accretion disks did align to the black hole.”The alignment of the disk with the black hole equatorial plane is the new finding of this work,” explains Tchekhovskoy. “At larger radii, the disk is tilted relative to the equatorial plane of the black hole.”The next phase of the research will look at “radiation transport,” says Tchekhovskoy. Essentially, the team will be able to predict what would happen to the particles of light that are produced during this process, giving astronomers a potential way to view the phenomenon via telescope.  2:56 Share your voice Sci-Tech read more

Hailey Baldwin will divorce Justin Bieber because she cannot handle his depression

first_imgJustin Bieber and Hailey BaldwinGetty ImagesSeems like Hailey Baldwin is done with Justin Bieber and the couple are about to get a divorce. A celebrity magazine has reported that Baldwin cannot take Justin Bieber’s depression any more and that is the reason why she wants to split from the singer.As reported by InTouch, after six months of marriage Baldwin cannot take any more of Justin Bieber. InTouch further quoted a source who claims that “Hailey is absolutely miserable. Her entire life has become consumed by Justin.” The source also added that Baldwin had no idea her life would become this dramatic. The celebrity magazine also cited one of the Instagram post, where Bieber has claimed that he is “feeling super disconnected and weird,” and that he needs his fans to pray for him. After Bieber’s public post about his mental condition, Baldwin has been apparently struggling with him and as the source puts it, “It’s not what she signed up for.”However, folks at Gossip Cop called out the magazine and the story of being fake. They have pointed out the fact that the entire story is based on just one source and even that information is not credible. And most importantly, the Instagram post that they took help of to prove that Bieber’s mental health is the main distraction, did not quote the part where Bieber assured his fans that he will get back on his legs in no time soon. Even, Hailey Baldwin took to Instagram on the singer’s birthday wishing him for the day. The photos showed the two having a time of their life as they enjoy the snow. The caption to the photo read, “25 sure looks good on u lover.”Though, this is not the first time that the magazine has published fake news like this. Previously, it had claimed that the two are getting divorced because Justin Bieber cheated her with Selena Gomez.last_img read more