STRUGA TOURNAMENT Big plans for the future

International Handball Tournament in Struga in August was one of the strongest pre-season handball event in the Balkan countries. The winner was Macedonian RK Metalurg Skopje, second year in a row, which was obviously good preparation for the important clash and triumph over PICK Szeged at EHF CL qualification.Over 6000 fans watched handball matches in four days of the tournament at the beach of beautiful Ohrid Lake. Six teams from four countries played TOP handball in Struga:-We are very satisfied with the tournament organisation this year. Our plan is to built southern stand with VIP room and place for journalists. That will raise capacity of the court to 2500 seats. With that number all interested fans could watch the best handball next summer. We have problem often that spectators haven’t place at the stand due small capacity – says for, tournament secretary, Goko Iloski.– We want to make some kind of roof for this open court to avoid problem with rain. Struga has also brand new sports hall, but we want to keep tradition and play matches at open court.BEACH HANDBALLThere is a lot of interesting plans in Struga. One of them is about organization of the strong Beach Handball tournament from 2015 as some kind of pre-event of tournament:– Our wish is that Struga becomes a real handball center during August. Beach handball tournament would be some kind of pre-event in order to keep the attention of handbal fans during two weeks – concludes Iloski, who was one of the main organisers with tournament president Liliana Zaturovska and Sasa Srbinovski.VIDEO MATERIAL – BEST PARTS OF THE FINAL MATCH IN STRUGA 2013: Handball tournamentOhrid LakeStruga 2013 ← Previous Story Qatar have a new goalkeeper – Goran Stojanovic! Next Story → PSG beat Veszprem finally! read more

Mens EHF EURO 2018 – 16 teams are ready to fight for

The list of Men’s EHF EURO 2018 participants is final. The third-place best team is Iceland with two points in matches with Macedonia and Czech Republic in Group 5.  Group 1: Denmark and HungaryGroup 2: Belarus and SerbiaGroup 3: Spain and AustriaGroup 4: Serbia and BelarusGroup 5: Germany and SloveniaGroup 6: Sweden and MontenegroGroup 7: France and NorwayBest third place: IcelandHost: CroatiaDraw will be held on Friday, June 23, at concert hall “Vatroslav Lisinski” in Zagreb. Men’s EHF EURO 2018 ← Previous Story Tons of goals on the opening day of #BuenosAires2017 Next Story → Macedonian “El Comandante” Raul Gonzales: Season of my career!

Shoppers killed in gun attack at upmarket Kenyan shopping mall

first_imgRob Vandijk, who works at the Dutch embassy, told AP he was eating at a restaurant inside the mall when attackers lobbed hand grenades inside the building. He said gunfire then burst out and people screamed as they dropped to the ground.Nairobi police chief Benson Kibue said the gunmen had besieged the building, and officers engaged the attackers. He said the men were trying to rob a shop within the mall.Some of those running from the mall said the attack may have been a bank robbery gone bad.Cars were left abandoned outside the mall after the attack started around midday.The Westgate Mall is situated in Nairobi’s affluent Westlands area and is frequented by expatriates and rich Kenyans.Associated Press provided reporting. THIS POST CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES BELOW THE BREAK. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO SEE THEM, DO NOT READ BEYOND THAT POINTTHE KENYAN RED CROSS is reporting that 30 people are dead after gunmen opened fire at an upscale mall in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi.Al Shabaab, a Somalia-based terror group, have claimed responsibility for the attack.Witnesses at the scene have told Associated Press that a number of gunmen threw grenades and opened fire at the city’s Westgate Mall.Security guards used shopping carts to wheel out several wounded children and at least one man, say reports.The volleys of gunfire moved outside the mall after police arrived nearly half an hour after the attacks began and engaged the gunmen.A reader of is at the scene and provided pictures. They say that tension is high around the area.Dozens of people are believed to still be inside the building and police have surrounded the mall.last_img read more

Fresh appeal for Caroline Graham who went missing 23 years ago

first_imgPSNI ARE APPEALING again for urgent information about the disappearance and murder of teenager, Caroline Graham and want to speak to anyone who lived near her at the time of her disappearance 23 years ago.Police are specifically looking for people who lived in Carlton Street, Hanover Street or Church Street in Portadown in 1989 and can remember details about buildings which were either under construction or being renovated at that time.The officer in charge of the investigation, Detective Chief Inspector Gary Crawford, said: We are making progress in terms of eliminating possible deposition sites but we need more assistance from people who lived here or worked here in 1989.I would ask anyone who thinks they can help to come and speak to search teams in Carleton Street as soon as they can or contact us on 075 85 22 82 83. Members of the public have come forward with information but we need more assistance if we are going to be able to return Caroline’s remains to her family after all these years and progress the investigation. Caroline was 19-years-old and was living with her boyfriend in nearby Hanover Street at the time of her disappearance but was originally from Newry. It’s understood she had been living in the Portadown area for around two years before her disappearance.Police search an area of waste ground in Portadown, Co Armagh, for the remains of Caroline Graham. Paul Faith/PA Wire/Press Association Images.Nobody has ever been charged in connection with her disappearance and the case was reopened in August when the PSNI said it had received new information, including a possible location of her remains.Read: 23 years on: search for Caroline Graham continues>last_img read more

In full Taoiseach tells EU leaders it remains imperative to split bank

first_imgDear President van Rompuy,I recently announced that Ireland is to exit its EU/IMF programme in December 2013. This will be a highly significant step for the people of Ireland, and is good news for our common endeavours in Europe as a whole.It is a testament both to the resilience of the Irish people and to the loyal support of EU partners, that Ireland is now preparing to return to the markets in a sustainable way, having delivered on all of our commitments in the 3 years of our Programme. We are now targeting a deficit target of 4.8% for 2014 which is within our EDP commitment of 5.1%, and which should deliver a primary balance and a small surplus next year. We are doing that notwithstanding our growth being much lower than anticipated. My Government will soon review the best options for our exit, in discussions also with the Troika. The decision regarding such post programme options is a finely balanced one, both from an Irish perspective and from an EU perspective.Like other EU partners we rely on the stability of our Union, and of the Eurozone, to anchor our fragile recovery. The recent stabilisation of sovereign borrowing rates in the Union is a product of hard-earned trust – trust and confidence that that the BankingUnion will be completed on time, and confidence that momentum will be maintained on our shared jobs and growth agenda. These political commitments must be implemented. No time should be lost in building on the decisions reached in 2012 and earlier this year on Banking Union legislation.We must hold firm to our deadlines for agreeing the remaining legislation on Deposit Guarantees and on a Single Resolution Mechanism. It remains imperative, as we all agreed in June 2012, to break the “vicious circle” between bank and sovereign debts that forced Ireland into a Programme in 2010, at a time when there was a different consensus in Europe on the merits of “bailing in” creditors of failed banks. That shared task, indeed all the commitments we made then, remain to be fulfilled and are important for ensuring that Ireland’s return to full market financing is sustainable and that Ireland can be a durable success story for] the entire Eurozone.Ten days ago, my Government delivered Ireland’s budget for 2014, the budget that should see us exit our EU IMF Programme. We placed a strong focus in that budget, on encouraging job creation, while remaining in line with our deficit targets. For Ireland and for all of Europe, growth and jobs remain the key goals to which all our policies and programmes must contribute. I particularly appreciate, therefore, that you have placed the digital agenda and youth employment at the heart of our October meeting. Nothing should deflect us from our focus on getting our young people into the workforce and creating productive and healthy lives for themselves. I hope that is where we will indeed dedicate our attention and our political energy in the coming days.Our young people will be the main beneficiaries if we make a positive difference to the high-potential digital sector. With Europe facing unacceptably high levels of unemployment, the reality is that most new jobs are created by fast-growing young firms in sectors such as cloud computing. And with over a quarter of digital sector employers across Europe finding it difficult to fill vacancies, there is clearly more we need to do in aligning our education and training systems with the needs of twenty-first century employers. We have no time to lose.I look forward to seeing you and all other colleagues at our meeting tomorrow. I will take the liberty of sharing this letter with my colleagues, before meeting them tomorrow.Yours sincerelyEnda Kenny T.D.Taoiseach Read: Lucinda Creighton to come face-to-face with Enda Kenny in Brussels todayRead: Taoiseach to attend EU Council meeting with migration top of the agenda TAOISEACH ENDA KENNY has written a letter to the president of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy, and the heads of government in the 27 EU states ahead of today’s council meeting in Brussels.In the letter, the Taoiseach urges EU leaders to fulfil the pledge in June 2012 to break the link between bank and sovereign debt, saying that it “remains imperative”.Ireland is pushing for the use of the eurozone’s permanent bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism, to retrospectively recapitalise Irish banks, which received billions of euro in State funding at the height of the financial crisis.Kenny writes: “That shared task, indeed all the commitments we made then, remain to be fulfilled and are important for ensuring that Ireland’s return to full market financing is sustainable and that Ireland can be a durable success story for the entire Eurozone.”Read the letter in full:last_img read more

Noxious odour which closed school turns out to be Lynx body spray

first_imgA SCHOOL IN the US was closed on Wednesday after a ‘hazardous’ substance resulted in eight tweens being hospitalised.Emergency services were called to Medgar Evers College Preparatory School in Brooklyn when a seemingly toxic smell in a classroom resulted in several students growing ill.What was actually going on?  An overabundance of Lynx, or Axe as it’s known in the US.Not exactly the effect the ads would lead you to believe the product has, eh? Source: Lynx EffectH/T GawkerWATCH: Brilliantly cynical take on the ‘life hack’ phenomena>Moss, Angel Delight and sleeveless jumpers…The Great Irish Bake Off semi-final>last_img

Column Women in Colombia are fighting back against the use of rape

first_imgWomen march during what organized call a “Slut Walk” in Bogota, Colombia, Saturday, April 6, 2013. The words on their backs read in Spanish “If I was born nude, why cover me up?,” left, and “Neither a whore, nor a saint.” (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)A voice for a generation: Colombian journalist Jineth Bedoya LimaDespite these obstacles, Colombian women are fighting back. At considerable personal cost, women are speaking out and demanding truth, justice and accountability. In speaking out they encounter threats and risks to their physical security and that of their families.One such individual is the Colombian journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima. Due to her work, Jineth has experienced violence from different actors of the conflict, including being kidnapped twice, tortured and raped by a paramilitary group. Despite these devastating experiences, Jineth has continued her prolific career as a journalist in Colombia.Jineth’s own words show her bravery:I spent nine years in silence. I felt ashamed. The damage done to your soul never goes away… Now I can speak about what happened to me. I realised I could be a voice for the thousands of women who have been victims of sexual violence, which gives me strength.She chose to stay and fight, yet 13 years on the perpetrators of these crimes remain free.Jineth’s bravery compels us all to act. Sexual violence is the hidden reality of this conflict. Around the world, the role of women is recognised as being essential in peace-building. Yet not a single woman is at the negotiating table in the Colombian peace talks. The participation of women in peace talks contributes to the sustainability and broad social buy-in of peace.International pressure on Colombia is badly needed. The Irish government has made strong international commitments to the global agenda of women, peace and security. We should urge the Colombian government to ensure that the issue of sexual violence is adequately addressed.Karol Balfe works on Governance, Peace building and Human Rights for Christian Aid Ireland. Christian Aid and Trócaire will jointly launch the report Colombia: Women, Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and the Peace Process, on behalf of ABColombia 3 December 2013. Jineth Bedoya Lima will speak in Dublin at the launch. Read the report: Colombia: Women, Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and the Peace ProcessWe’re interested in your ideas and opinions – do you have a story you would like to see featured in Opinion & Insight? Email opinions@thejournal.ieRead: One quarter of women experience physical or sexual violence from a partnerRead: Top Colombian drug lord charged in New York THE FIGURES ARE sobering. From 2001 to 2009, on average 54,410 women per year experienced sexual violence in Colombia, this breaks down to 149 per day, or six women per hour. This sexual violence is closely connected to the economic and political exclusion of women and the same attitudes and cultural beliefs driving sexual violence against women in domestic life. However sexual violence against women in Colombia is also a military objective.This conflict has been brutal for both men and women. Five decades of fighting have left 5.5 million people displaced, the highest number in the world. Land is at the heart of the conflict. Those who fled left behind 6 million hectares of land, much of which is now held by armed groups and their allies, or has been bought by big businesses. Estimates regarding the total number of people killed in Colombia from the conflict range from 220,000 to 600,000.Despite the peace talks currently underway, enforced disappearance continues to be used as a method of intimidation and terror. At least 50,000 Colombian families are searching for missing family members. Human rights defenders and community leaders are being particularly targeted with the number of attacks and killings increasing year-on-year, culminating in 69 killed in 2012.A woman holds up a poster dotted with rose petals and a message that reads in Spanish; “Only a kiss would shut me up,” during a march to protest physical abuse of women and in support of Colombia’s peace talks currently underway in Cuba, in Bogota, Colombia, Friday, Nov. 22, 2013. Thousands of women marched Friday through the streets of the capital, some walking as many as 25 blocks to the Plaza de Bolivar. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)All armed groups engage in sexual violence against womenAgainst this horrific background, women, their bodies, their lives and their rights are being used as the spoils of war. While all armed actors engage in sexual violence against women there are some differences in their methods. Women are forced by paramilitary groups into prostitution. Between 2012 and 2013, 43 of 244 demobilised female fighters from guerrilla groups reported they had been forced to have abortions. The guerrillas also use sexual violence in the forced recruitment of girls as combatants.Although sexual violence is perpetrated by all armed actors, state and non-state, the impact of the State Security Forces’ involvement in sexual violence has a particularly devastating effect. These forces are mandated to protect the civilian population. When sexual violence is committed by them, the civilian population are left with no authority to whom they can turn for justice.Worryingly the magnitude of conflict-related sexual violence against women in Colombia is yet to be fully understood. It is a crime that is massively underreported. Sexual violence by the security forces, guerrilla groups and paramilitaries is almost never prosecuted despite its widespread and systematic nature.  Up to 18 per cent of women in Colombia report the attacks, but more than 98 per cent of sexual crimes go unpunished. Where it is reported, women encounter major obstacles accessing the justice system.This is a systematic and generalised practice. These are not isolated violations committed by ‘rogue’ elements. The near-total lack of justice acts a strong deterrent for women wishing to report such crimes. Women struggle to have their cases taken seriously, documented and investigated by the police. They are usually not given the required medical support nor are they directed to the appropriate medical and health services.last_img read more

Widespread lack of training among gardaí in dealing with suicidal people

first_imgGARDAÍ HAVE SAID there is a lack of training in the force on how to deal with people who have mental health issues and suicidal ideation.In response to a parliamentary question from Fine Gael TD Michael Creed earlier this year, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter outlined training modules in which student gardaí are given guidance on this issues.However a number of gardaí told that they feel the training is not sufficient and do not feel equipped to handle these types of situations.“There’s very little training for dealing with suicidal people even though it’s something you could face on a regular basis,” one garda said. “There’s only a tiny percentage of trained negotiators in the country and most gardaí have had no practical training when it comes to trying to speak to someone who is about to harm themselves. It’s an area where there is a widespread lack of training and knowledge.”Anyone who has worked in any of our big cities where there are large rivers and bridges has to deal with suicidal people. A lot of the time people just want you to listen to them but there are times when it doesn’t work out and it can be a traumatic experience for everyone involved.” Console 1800 201 890 Any time you go to a call like that it takes it’s toll. You have a responsibility to the person you’re trying to help but also to yourself and your colleagues for your own safety. It’s a delicate balance.No comprehensive training programmeAnother garda source said that while they have never had to “coax anyone” over the course of their career, they have had to give news of a suicide to families.“I think there should be trained guards to do that job though, it’s very tough to do,” they said. “You don’t forget that alright, I just believe there are people in the job who are suited to doing jobs like that.”President of the Garda Representative Association (GRA) John said currently, there is no “comprehensive all out training programme”.“It’s the everyday interactions when you need the training – meeting people you might not be arresting but at the same time you recognise that they have issues,” he said.And for the frontline person who arrives on the scene, if it’s a suicidal siege, with a person who is intent on killing themselves, it’s a flick of a switch. A lot of those situations would be traumatic, especially if you attempt to engage with the person and they go ahead with it. Aware 1890 303 302 Pieta House 01 601 0000 or email Teen-Line Ireland 1800 833 634center_img Samaritans 1850 60 90 90 or email In his response to the parliamentary question, Shatter outlined the current training for outgoing garda graduates, stating that instruction is given to student gardaí in the main provisions of the mental health act. The minister said these gardaí would also receive experience in the management of policing incidents at their training stations which would include dealing with people with mental health issues of suicidal ideation.He said further training was delivered in relation to these issues with a “focus on how to recognise them and on engaging with an individual who was suicidal and how to respond to them”.New recruitsShatter also said that the existing student/probationer programme is being replaced with a new BA in Applied Policing which will include a module on mental illness awareness.“This unit will also include the two day internationally recognised ASIST (Applied SUicide Intervention Skills Training) suicide prevention programme which will be co-delivered with the HSE,” he said. Though it is not currently part of the training at the garda college, there are three staff members trained as ASIST trainers and there have been 35 gardaí trained in ASIST community workshops.Another unit will also give guidance in how to deal with vulnerable people in the community.“Students will be able to recognise the potential vulnerable persons in their community and respond and deal in a professional and competent manner with such individuals and be familiar with their particular needs,” Shatter added.The GRA’s Parker said the new training for student gardaí should be “used as a pilot and depending on that, roll it out to everyone”.“There are a number of people out there with 30 years service and we would have had a lot of training in things like sociology and criminology but there are no refresher courses,” he said.“If it makes good practice for these people then we would expect something like that would be rolled out,” he added.Helplines: Childline 1800 66 66 66 Read: Galway Mayor calls for netting to be put on two bridges to help prevent suicides>Read: Up to 560 suicides linked to the recession>last_img read more

Column Should the Financial Services Ombudsman have more autonomy

first_imgIn the cases of potential mis-selling of Investments, it appears that the FOS avoids upholding high-value complaints due to the hazards of the ripple-effect, whereby alarm bells will loudly sound from other similarly affected/wronged consumers. There is a trend whereby the FSO (who is indirectly a Government appointee, through his directly Government-appointed Council) steers clear of making substantial case awards against  financial institutions, particularly those that are wholly or partly owned by that same State.This is particularly offensive, when the complaining consumers are unsuccessful in having their complaint upheld, and so are unable to get back their own money, which in some case consists of the bulk of their life savings.Neutralising  potentially far-reaching complaintsAfter he produces his adjudication, the disputing parties have 28-days before it becomes legally binding on both sides. Alternatively, one party can apply for an Appeal to the High Court within this timescale. Such an Appeal necessitates the appointment of a legal team by an offended individual. This takes the wronged bank client into (for many) unchartered waters of lawyers and their strait-jacket up-front legal costs, and into the rolling of the dice in the court.A potential reason for the High Court as an appeal option (as opposed to lower courts – with inherent lower scales of costs), is to dissuade potential appellants from proceeding with appeals in this second tier of ensnaring and neutralising  potentially far-reaching complaints.All financial institutions have specialist units of highly trained legal practitioners, in addition to panels of commercial barristers in the private sector. These are easily mobilised by the financial institutions, both during a complaint investigation by the FSO and also in the event of a High Court appear of a FSO finding.Costs to complainantHowever the complainant, frequently a private individual who has already lost substantial sums at the hands of his/her offending financial institution, cannot recruit equivalently qualified specialists, unless he/she takes direct responsibility for such professional costs (which are irrecoverable).The current FSO appears satisfied with his role and performance, since his principal aspiration appears to have the governing legislation (for his role) to be amended, so that his annual reports can ‘name and shame’ consistently offending banks. If he is interested in achieving consumer gratitude, he would be better advised to lobby his recruiters for a far higher level of demonstrable autonomy.Mr Prasifka said the complaints trend in 2012 is of great concern. What should be of even greater concern to consumers is the performance of the FOS.Ronan Coburn is a Dublin-based Forensic Accountant and Independent Banking ConsultantColumn: Government needs to impose proper rules and regulations on lenders>Read: 54 per cent of people still believe now is a bad time to save> A government appointee who investigates complaints by private persons against the government.A flag on the true independence (of lack of same) of the Office of the FSO, is the enthusiasm and energy expended by financial institutions in manipulating complainants by hard-selling the FOS complaints scheme. The financial institutions are targeting valid complaints that, if upheld, could open expensive floodgates of related claims. They use the FOS as a type of trap-door to ensnare and then neutralise this class of consumer complaint.Increase in complaints madeFrom a glance through the recently published FOS bi-annual review, total complaints for 2012 were 8135, representing an increase of 12 per cent on 2011. Banking-related complaints consisted of one-quarter of these and this category of complaint in particular doubled in volume over the second 6-month period. Aggregate claims upheld were 2990. Therefore a rough approximation of the average award per successful (upheld) complaint is €585. In my opinion this yardstick demonstrates a distinctly unimpressive  performance of the FOS.According to the recent review complaints alleging mis-selling of investment and mortgage products more than trebled to 1,280 last year. In the writer’s experience, this is a scheme, whereby ‘legitimately’ (within his appointment mandate) the FOS can entirely ignore the impact of prime documentary evidence in the form of fact-finds or ‘reasons why letters’, and generate its own highly questionable adjudication, very frequently in favour of the offending the financial institutions.These two items of bank documentation, if constructed correctly by bank advisors, are supposed to be critical statutory consumer protections enshrined in the Consumer Protection Codes of 2006 and 2012.The hazards of ‘the ripple-effect’However, in a number of instances, financial institution advisors  ’expeditiously’ overlook their mandatory correct usage, without subsequent sanction by the FOS. This type of  suspect practice is actually enshrined in the FSO’s governing legislation, which states:.. specify circumstances in which the Financial Services Ombudsman can dismiss a complaint without considering its merits. BILL PRASIFKA, THE current Financial Services Ombudsman (FSO) has been lauded for his ‘success’ as portrayed in this recent published report. He is at pains to describe his Office as serving as adjudicator and not regulator, which is correct given his legal charter as set out in the Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland Act 2004.It is worth reading between the lines of the report of the FOS that was published earlier this month. When one examines the meaning of the word ‘Ombudsman’, one sees a red light, in so far that it is defined [in the Wordbook Dictionary App] as:last_img read more

77 memorial vandalised in London on anniversary of the 2005 attacks

first_img Source: James Banks/Twitter POLICE IN LONDON are investigating after the memorial for the events of 7 July 2005 was vandalised overnight.The attack on the memorial in Hyde Park in central London took place nine years to the day after the bombings by Islamic extremists which left 52 people dead and more than 700 injured. BREAKING NEWS: 7/7 memorial in Hyde Park vandalised on 9th anniversary of attack. More on @LondonLive— James Banks (@Tweetingbanksy) July 7, 2014center_img The Metropolitan Police were alerted by a member of the public shortly before 3.30am today to the vandalism on the 52 pillars, which represent each of the people who died.The graffiti consisted of several short sentences written in red and black paint saying “4 innocent Muslims” and “Blair lied thousands died”. It has already been cleaned off. memorial service is due to take place at the site in Hyde Park later today.Police said there have been no arrests but the investigation is ongoing, and urged anyone with information to contact them.Read: Calls for review of UK security services as families react to 7/7 inquest verdict > Read: 4 men admit al-Qaida inspired plot to blow up London Stock Exchange >last_img read more

Quinn Group assets sold to former company executives for tens of millions

first_imgIt’s basically a consortium I put together after I got tired of people asking for a political solution to the Quinn problem, so I decided to put together a business solution.Read: “Anglo are using our money to make us the most hated family in Ireland”>  Read: Everything you need to know about the Quinn saga, but were afraid to ask> FORMER EXECUTIVES OF the Quinn Group have secured a deal worth around €100 million for several companies linked to the manufacturing empire of the former billionaire.The deal was agreed late last night between the Quinn Group Resolution Corporation, several directors of which are former Quinn executives, and Aventas, which is responsible for managing many of the former Quinn group assets.Former Quinn group executives involved include former chief executive Liam McCaffrey, financial director Daragh O’Reilly and group development officer Kevin Lunney.Due diligence on the deal is expected to begin today, with the deal to be completed by the end of the summer.The size of the deal is thought to be just less than €100 million.Every company that was part of the Quinn manufacturing group in Cavan and Fermanagh, with the exception of the Quinn glass factory, is included in the deal.Northern Irish businessmen John Bosco O’Hagan and Ernie Fisher are also involved in the QBRC.The deal was financed by Endless LLP. The consortium had several bids for the former Quinn group companies rejected before finally having an offer accepted last night.Leitrim County Councillor John McCartin, who led the consortium, told last_img read more

22 reminders that will turn your bad day around instantly

first_imgSOMETIMES, IT CAN feel like you’re having a really bad day. Source: ImgurAnd sometimes we all need a reminder that it could be worse.Are you ready? Source: WordPress1. First off, let’s get some perspective. This wasn’t your mistake. Source: Imgur2. You’re not this nurse. Source: Imgur3. You still have your awareness of glass doors. Source: Imgur4. Unlike this guy, you’re still allowed to hold cameras. Source: Viralnova5. And nobody has seen you do this. Source: Imgur6. In career terms, you haven’t accidentally destroyed your workplace in a glass-collecting incident. Source: Imgur7. And no matter what your relationship status, you’re in better shape than some. Source: Mikesacks8. So look. We’ve all been in difficult situations. Source: Dumpaday9. Sometimes life throws us hard lessons. Source: Viralnova10. The most naturally gifted people can have off days. Source: Imgur11. And it’s hard not to vent your frustration. Source: Imgur12. But while you never know what having a bad day can bring… Source: Imgur13. … there’s always someone who’s known worse. Source: Buzzfeed14. So look on the bright side. You’re not this person.15. Or this one. Source: Imgur16. Or this one. Source: Netdna-cdn17. Or Captain Missing Sandwich. Source: Buzzfeed18. This isn’t your car. Source: Imgur19. Or your dog. Source: Imgur20. You didn’t lose a fight with a sandwich board. Source: Thumbpress21. You’re not this guy, whose face shows that he’s realised the policeman is only radioing for his mates Source: Imgur22. And this is still the worst day ever. Source: ThumbpressSo there you go. Your day isn’t so bad.Feel free to bookmark this post and come back to it when you need a reminder.PS: here’s a baby polar bear getting tickled. Source: ImgurMore: 9 facts that will definitely cheer you up>last_img read more

Man in hospital with suspected broken arm after being hit by Luas

first_imgHe was pinned though and got a fair old wallop on his head.He was conscious and talking when he was taken to hospital.Gardaí are now investigating.Read: ‘Human remains’ found during Luas works outside Trinity this afternoon> A MAN WAS hit by a Luas tram in Dublin city centre today.It happened at the Luas red line between Smithfield and the Four Courts at around 1:45pm.The pedestrian, who is believed to be in his mid to late 30s, was taken to the Mater Hospital with a suspected broken arm.A source told that the pedestrian ‘didn’t go under the Luas’.last_img

Poll Should the cause of death be on every death certificate

first_img No (869) TÁNAISTE JOAN BURTON has said regulations are being drafted for a short death certificate which would omit the cause of death.She said she hoped this would give some comfort to families which could find the details upsetting, while not affecting the Register of Deaths or impacting on vital statistics as the cause of death would still be recorded.A Kerry coroner, however, has harshly criticised this move, saying that suicide should not be hidden and this would be a step backwards in terms of removing the stigma from mental health issues.We want to know what you think: Should the cause of death be on every death certificate? YesNoI’m not sureVote Poll Results:center_img Yes (4740) I’m not sure (425)last_img

Net Neutrality Bill Signers Lose ElectionsAll 95 of Them

first_imgLast night’s midterm elections weren’t pretty for supporters of net neutrality. Every single House and Senate candidate who signed a pro-net neutrality pledge last week lost their respective elections last night. There were 95 signatures in all.It seems a bit heavy handed to suggest that the outcome was somehow a referendum on net neutrality–given the state of the economy, wars, immigration reform, et al., the issue was, for better or worse, likely not at the forefront of too many voters minds. In fact, it’s probably safe to assume that many voters are still having trouble wrapping their heads around the important–if somewhat convoluted–issue.That said, the results likely don’t bode well for those hoping for some progress on the matter, come 2011.last_img

The Best Gifts for Star Trek Fans

first_imgAnother clever take on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 body.This putter complies fully with the USGA’s standards and features a stainlesssteel head, aluminum body, and toe weight cylinders. Since we’re talking about “ultimate,” why not plan for thefuture with this $800 urn. It’s the next best thing to having your ashessprinkled on William Shatner’s breakfast cereal. The urn is made out of solidbronze and features the words “To Boldly Go…” Star Trek Cologne,$30 It’s not quite a communicator, but it’ll do. Star Trek Energy Drink Romulan Ale, $6.14 Looking for something to go with that Enterprise PizzaCutter? How about a bottle opener shaped like the NCC-1701. The bottle openeris located in the saucer of the ship. Grab a hold of the nacelles and getprying. See also: the Klingon Korkscrew. USB Communicator, $34.99The clever kids at Think Geek turned the classic StarfleetCommunicator into a working USB microphone that’s compatible with IM, Skype,and other VoIP programs. The speaker also features 21 “authentic” Star Treksound effects.EnterpriseKeyboard, $59.99Keep your love of Star Trek at your fingertips with thisEnterprise-emblazoned keyboard. It’s PC- and Mac-compatible, and it features a 10-key number pad for all of that data entry.Star Trek Classic Captains Chair Replica, $2,717All right, so you can’t buy the one you love their very own Enterprise,but this thing is the next best thing, right? At nearly $3,000, this is far andaway the most expensive thing on the list, and there’s good reason for it–thisreplica of Kirk’s captain chair may well be the ultimate living room gift forthe Star Trek fan on your list. Urn, $800 Here’s something for the classier Star Trek fan our yourlist. One of a number of Star Trek-themed aromas (including Ponn Farr for women, and Tiberus cologne), Red Shirt features green mandarin, bergamot and a hint oflavender and promises to “instill confidence, showing the universe yourstrength.” Command Insignia on XGear Case for iPhone 4, $25 There’s a trade embargo on this stuff–but don’t tell Amazon. Golf Putter, $130 Have a Trekker to cross off on your holiday shopping list? Good news, there are plenty of cool, clever, and even practical gifts out there, from a $6 stocking-stuffing Romulan-branded energy to a $3,000 replica of Kirk’s captain chair. Check out our picks for the best Star Trek gifts, after the jump.Enterprise PizzaCutter, $24.99AdChoices广告This has to be the most elegant coming-together of sciencefiction and greasy foods. The Enterprise Pizza Cutter finally recognizes thefull potent of the NCC-1701’s shape: dividing up Italian food in easy-to-holdpieces.EnterpriseBottle Opener, $19.99last_img read more

Samsungs almost unknown bada OS had the most successful launch since the

first_imgBada bing, bada boom. Late last year, Samsung announced that they would be throwing their hat into the mobile OS arena with bada OS. Since then, we’ve barely heard a word about bada OS: the only US device to use it was the Samsung Wave, which was quickly forgotten due to the release of the Android-toting Samsung Galaxy S. It’s easy, then, to think of bada as a failure, but think again: according to the most recent smartphone figures, bada OS might have enjoyed the most successful OS launch since that enjoyed by the original iPhone. That’s not to say it’s the best launch domestically, of course, but worldwide, Samsung managed to take two percent (or 1.3 million out of 80 million users) of the smartphone market in Q3. That puts it just a single percentage point behind the well-entrenched Windows Mobile (not including the launch of Windows Phone 7, and bada OS’s first four months of availability trumped even Android’s debut… all despite negligible American presence.Not bad for a smartphone operating system you’ve probably never heard of, is it? Expect 2011 to see a lot more bada phones: this is the little smartphone OS that could.Read more at GigaOMlast_img read more

Best Buys biggest 2011 Black Friday deals

first_imgYou already know that the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, is the time for door-busting deals in the US. What you may not know is that the week before Black Friday is the time for retailers to “accidentally” leak many of those deals in order to generate some advance buzz. Who are we to go against tradition, and not tell you about some of the savings to be had next week?Here are some highlights from Best Buy’s leaked 2011 Black Friday savings:Seasons 1-3 of Mad Men on BluRay – $9 eachBefore you get too excited about this sharp discount on the first few seasons of the award-winning AMC series, you’ll want to know that each store will supposedly only be offering three copies for the discounted price. When you then consider that snagging the episodes of Don Draper and company may require you to camp out overnight, the deal loses a little bit of its luster.As sweet a deal as this is, you might also want to keep in mind that each of these seasons currently retails between $15-19 on Amazon, and they are also available for streaming on Netflix.Batman: Arkham City on PS3 or Xbox 360 – $30This is a great deal on the new Rocksteady title if you can get it — offering $30 off of the full retail price. The selection won’t be quite as limited as the Mad Men deal, with each store supposedly ringing up ten copies of Dark Knight’s critically acclaimed title for $30 a pop.Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on PS3 – $30Here’s the second Game of the Year candidate that will be selling for $30 on Black Friday. Like Arkham City, there will only be ten copies per store getting the discount.Camping out probably won’t appeal to many people, but if you can snag both the Batman title and Uncharted 3 for a total of $60, that’s almost enough to justify it.Battlefield 3 on PS3 or Xbox 360 – $30Best Buy is pulling out all the stops with their Black Friday video game deals. Battlefield 3 is the third top title of 2011 that you can add to the $30 list.As with the previous games, there will only be ten up for grabs in each store, so you’ll need to storm the store at the break of dawn.160GB PS3 console with LittleBigPlanet 2 and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One – $200If you’re looking to get a PS3 soon, this could be a great way to save a few bucks — and get LittleBigPlanet 2 and the latest Ratchet & Clank title to boot.Only the first 12 shoppers at each store will be able to save big on this console bundle.250GB Xbox 360 console with Fable III and Halo Reach -$200If you’re more of an Xbox person, then Best Buy has a similar console bundle for you. $200 gets you the 250GB console with Halo:Reach and Fable III.Keep in mind, though, that you’ll have to buy Kinect separately if you want some hands-free motion control action.Like the PS3 bundle, only twelve of these will be racked up per store.Sharp (LC-42SV49U) 42-inch 1080p HDTV – $200This appears to be Best Buy’s biggest HDTV deal this year. The 42-inch 1080p LCD normally retails for $800, but the first ten to get to it will only pay $200.MacBook Pros and iMacs – $60 to $200 offThis one is a little vague, but apparently $60 to $200 will be your discount on a new MacBook Pro or iMac.What that will probably mean is $200 off of the top-of-the-line iMac, and $60 off of the entry-level 13 inch MBP — with every discount in between also corresponding to price.More coming…Be sure to check back as we will be exploring more retailer’s top discounts leading up to the big shopping day.via PCMag and Deal Newslast_img read more

Sony to release nasne media hub works with PS3 and Vita

first_imgThe current generation of games consoles are more than just machines for playing video games on. You can surf the web, access services like Netflix, and stream media through them from different devices. Sony has decided to take that additional functionality a step further by announcing a new media hub called nasne.Nasne combines a digital tuner with a 500GB hard drive in a box that looks like a squashed PS3. It connects to your home network and allows for both digital terrestrial and satellite programming to be recorded on to the drive for later viewing, but you can also stream that content to your PS Vita, Sony-branded tablets, laptops, and smartphones.The nasne may be a standalone box, but you can plug up to four of them into your PS3, effectively giving you access to four channel recording simultaneously. Alternatively, you don’t require a PS3, you can instead just hook nasne up to your home network and access it through a PS Vita.Deciding what to record and watch is handled through a free app that ships with nasne called torne. There are versions available for the different platforms, with both PS3 and PS Vita apps confirmed. Sony must also have an Android app ready for its tablets and smartphone though, and another for Windows.For the moment, it looks as if Japan is the only market Sony will release nasne in, and that happens on July 19 with the media hub costing around $210. That’s quite expensive seeing as you only get one tuner and 500GB of storage, but then Sony isn’t known for offering cheap console peripherals.More at Sony Japan, via Eurogamer.netlast_img read more

Grand Theft Auto Vice City heading to iOS Android

first_imgBack in December last year Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto III on iOS and Android. It was the game’s first appearance on mobile devices and was generally well received even if the controls were a little limiting compared to the original. It joined the previously released GTA: Chinatown Wars which saw a release early in 2010.This year, Rockstar aims to please mobile gamers again and has announced that GTA: Vice City is also heading to iOS and Android devices soon.Originally released in October 2002, Vice City is set in the Miami of the 80’s. The re-release for mobile is actually a 10th anniversary celebration, so Rockstar is taking the opportunity to give it a proper update. That includes giving the graphics a HD makeover, releasing a new trailer, and including a load of artwork that has never been seen before from the original development of the game.If you have already played the game to death, Rockstar may be able to tempt you into purchasing some commemorative merchandise instead. They haven’t announced what that includes yet, but it will all appear on the Rockstar Warehouse online store once the game is available.The fact Rockstar is promoting Vice City now means the release can’t be too far off. It would be nice to see it appear before the end of October, which means they have until next Wednesday to get it on the App Store and Google Play. As for price, I’m hoping it’s no more than the $4.99 Grand Theft Auto III debuted for last year.More at Rockstarlast_img read more