The State Inspectorate will publish a list of all regulations that are supervised in inspections

first_img“Wherever possible, measures of opportunity are used to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to correct some minor irregularities, because closing the premises does not benefit anyone. But unfair competition, unregistered facilities will continue to be punished without reservation. We used to be reprimanded for entering only registered facilities, which is no longer the case, know that by court order we are looking for unregistered facilities and entering them”, Said Mikulic. In the period from 1 April to 31 October 2019, a total of 7.162 inspections were carried out, of which in 79 cases the premises were sealed by oral decision for performing catering or tourist activities without registration, ie without acts for performing registered activities where it is mentioned. the irregularity according to the State Inspectorate has a zero tolerance rate. Furthermore, most importantly, he announced that lists of regulations monitored in inspections will soon be published on the website of the State Inspectorate. Photo: This confirms the goal of prevention, education and mutual cooperation, all with the aim of facilitating the business of entrepreneurs. “Our goal is prevention, education and mutual cooperation, and that is why you will know in advance what each inspector will be looking for. This is one of a series of new measures that we plan to introduce in our work”, Said Mikulić. center_img At the recent Forum of Zagreb Caterers, Chief State Inspector Andrija Mikulić announced that the State Inspectorate will soon publish lists of all regulations that are monitored in inspections. Finally, he singled out the introduction of innovations in the work of the State Inspectorate that will greatly facilitate the business of businessmen, one of which is that lists of regulations monitored in inspections will be published on the website of the State Inspectorate in the coming period. Mikulić also pointed out that the inspectors of the State Inspectorate operate on the principle of transparency, learn from the experience of entrepreneurs and solve problems in synergy, and what the State Inspectorate is able to do is distinguish between milder and more serious offenses and act accordingly.last_img

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