New Yorkers likely to lose under tax bill

first_imgAs residents of New York, as most Gazette readers are, the chances are, based on our representatives’ vote, the tax bill will not be good for us. Our two senators, both Democrats, voted against the bill. That is no surprise because no Senate Democrats voted for it.In the House, 23 of the 27 New York members voted against the tax bill.All 18 of the Democrats and five of the nine Republicans voted no. The four Republican yes votes are all from districts west of Utica. Blame whomever you like, but its pretty clear that we as New Yorkers are about to get screwed by this tax bill.George FerroSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Schenectady department heads: Budget cutbacks would further stress already-stretched departmentsAnderson starts, but Dodgers finish off NLCS winEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationSchenectady police reform sessions pivot to onlineSchenectady, Saratoga casinos say reopening has gone well; revenue down 30% Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionSo now the tax bill has been passed. Time will tell whether the bill is good for America or not. Will it stimulate the economy enough to pay for itself, or will it just increase the deficit and lead to future cuts in programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security?Each of us will more than likely decide how we feel about the tax bill by how if affects our pocketbook.last_img

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