Rosechasing: ‘The Bachelor’s’ new spinoff, ‘Listen to Your Heart,’ is unoriginal and a waste of time

first_img(Angie Yang | Daily Trojan) Ultimately, “Listen to Your Heart” presents a facade of contestants truly being able to find love on a reality dating show. Being able to perform well together and appear like a match made in music heaven is completely different from actually building a harmonious relationship with a significant other. Like “The Bachelor,” “Listen to Your Heart” puts pressure on the contestants to quickly find romantic connections, which leads to many hasty, rather questionable decisions. On the first night, the contestants felt the need to rush their relationships and be overly assertive or else face elimination.  The show consists of 23 single musicians; 12 men and 11 women live together and go on dates in hopes of finding their musical and romantic match. While this show might seem innovative, after watching the first two episodes, it is safe to say that “Listen to Your Heart” is nothing more than a derivative of “The Bachelor” that accentuates the unrealistic portions of reality dating shows. A combination of both real musical artists and former “Bachelor” contestants serve as judges to assess the contestants’ chemistry and musical talent. As the contestants’ relationship through music is critiqued by musicians and “Bachelor” alumni, these judges may get the wrong idea about contestants’ individual situations and feelings toward each other, negatively influencing desired outcomes. Harrison Cho is a sophomore writing about “The Bachelor” and American pop culture. His column, “Rosechasing,” typically runs every other Friday. “Listen to Your Heart” also appeals to “The Bachelor” audience’s craving for competition and conflict. However, contestants vying for each other’s hearts is not the only aspect of competition in this spinoff. The show also adds a Disney-like musical aspect where the contestants are supposed to compete for love through their singing and musical performance as well. On April 13, ABC released the first episode of its new reality dating show, “Listen to Your Heart,” a spinoff of “The Bachelor.” ABC already has a number of other shows in its “Bachelor” franchise, including “The Bachelorette,” “Bachelor in Paradise” and “Bachelor Winter Games.” But this show adds a new twist into the mix: music.center_img Since the show is still in its early days, the plot has not fully developed, but viewers can expect some fights, gossip and beef to emerge in later episodes. As we learned on this past season of “The Bachelor,” things do not go well when all the contestants have to live under the same roof.  For all these reasons, and maybe even more, “Listen to Your Heart” is clearly just another trashy spinoff of “The Bachelor” that the network is using to keep its viewers engaged. The show attempts to present a refreshing concept, but a closer look at the actual workings of the show reveals that it is no different from any other variation of “The Bachelor.” The format of the show leads to shallow relationships that are more than likely to end in disappointing breakups, proving that the fantasy of “The Bachelor” franchise is no more than a mirage. While the concept of using music to find love is intriguing, these assumptions are completely false and superficial. Just because a couple is not musically compatible does not mean their relationship will fail.  While these issues are quite obvious, “Listen to Your Heart” is also terrible for a number of other reasons. The show assumes that by singing and playing music together, contestants will be able to find a deeper connection and build a legitimate romantic relationship with each other. Not only that, the so-called “connection” and “passion” between contestants are supposed to be measured by others who get to judge them.  Just like every other season of “The Bachelor,” the show’s contestants are all in pursuit of an elusive fairytale romance. The contestants are all extremely attractive, young and ready to “find love” with partners who share similar interests and career goals. The contestants share a fantasy that revolves around having the perfect romantic partner with whom they could make music.  One contestant who faced consequences as a result of her early advances was Jamie Gabrielle. Within the first couple hours of meeting everyone, Gabrielle put herself in a rough situation by choosing to make out with not one but two other contestants. She ended the night in tears, already feeling conflicted. last_img

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