Foul play: Swedish footballer Adam Lindin sent off for farting

first_imgPershagens SK’s Adam Lindin told newspaper Länstidningen Södertälje that it was the strangest thing he had ever experienced on a football field.The player had already been booked once, but he got his second yellow card when he released wind which he says had arisen from an upset stomach.Linden said he was shocked by the decision and confronted the referee about whether farting is allowed. He got a simple “no” in response.His theory?Maybe he thought I farted in my hand and threw it at him.This is a practice colloquially known as “cupcaking”.The referee reportedly clarified that he thought Linden had been deliberately trying to provoke another player.If you’re wondering how the referee managed to hear the accompanying noise over the roar of a crowd, this didn’t happen at the Euros or Copa America – it took place in Sweden’s seventh division in a game between Pershagens SK and Järna SK’s reserve team.FIFA’s laws about fouls and misconduct make no specific mention of “farting”, “flatulence” or “wind”.However, the rules of the game do leave room for referees to make decisions about behaviour which just doesn’t smell right: cautions can be given for actions which show “a lack of respect for the game”, while “a player who uses excessive force must be sent off”.”It was a crappy game, it was a crappy judgment,” Pershagens SK posted on Facebook after the game, which they lost.last_img

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