The Lightning resolves in Lasesarre with a stroke of aim

first_imgIn the second act, the Lightning, with Paco Jémez in the stands, assumed the baton before a Barakaldo reply, which was not resigned to his fate. The idea of ​​going round and playing a jackpot planned in the environment, waiting for the rival to relax thinking about LaLiga or that all the fish was sold. In a free kick by Sergio García, who has a glove on his left foot, the leather strolled through the small area without finding a finisher. The team of Hernán Pérez liked spurred by the “yes you can” chanted by the local fans and threw themselves into an open grave, with a triple occasion in which the ball did not want to enter. A goal annulled to Piovaccari by game of play tempered the spirits, which Sergio García recovered with the direct launch of a distant foul and a header from Delgado that blocked Morro. Barakaldo fell with his boots on Rayo on an exciting afternoon in Lasesarre, where two goals from Pozo and Piovaccari Madrid sneaked into the next phase of the Cup. The Biscayns deserved much more for thrust, bravery and chances, especially in the second half, but the aim in the last meters of the team of greater category was definitive. There was an excellent atmosphere in the manufacturing field, with twinning of rocks before the stake and the sun shone on Sunday cup football.The stake started with a strong shot with a first shot by Saul, who aborted Rabanillo, and Olaizola in the opposite goal, high, center to the second post of Juan Delgado. The Barakaldo resorting to high blood pressure, giving a sense of poise for what was going on in his post. El Rayo, with Montiel at the controls and Pozo putting the talent, tried to take the initiative. At 11 minutes, Sergio Garcia kicks Julen López off at the hands of Morro. In these that in a rayista advance, center from the left of Saúl and José Pozo, coming from behind by speed surprised the defense and Rabanillo to put the 0-1 in the luminous. Gradually the best quality of the franjirrojos was imposed, touching the ball and taking over the wide area.The Barakaldo tried again with the break-ups of Delgado and his passes back edged to the right side that Olaizola, who for the second time, was not able to convert entering the crescent of the area. In a draw, he chewed in the stands. El Rayo, quiet, had a cross shot of Alvaro before the break. The uncertainty of the marker left the Barakaldo alive, aguerrido and closing pass lines with Carles Marc and Doncel inside and the sides Agirrezabala and Galán unfolding to prevent the advances by speed of Saúl and Álvaro. The factory deserved a minimum draw. Hernán Pérez gave entry to the new signing of Castellón, Jairo Cárcaba, to give more mordant above. Those of Jémez, faithful to their style, left behind with the ball cracked, regardless of local pressure. It gave entrance to Mario Suarez to hold the spinal cord. And when they were worse, Piovaccari sentenced with 0-2 in a fast backlash imposing the logic of football that whoever fails to pay.————————————————– ——-Match file:Barakaldo: Radish; Agirrezabala, Gándara, Julen López, Galán; Carles Marc, Doncel (Algarra, min. 79), Olaizola (Óscar Fdez, min. 63), Sergio García; Delgado and Adrián Hernández (Cárcaba, min. 63).Vallecano Ray: Nose; Tito (Milic, min. 85), Saveljich, Martín, Luna; Well (Andrés, min. 69), Óscar, Montiel, Saúl; Piovaccari and Álvaro (Suárez, min. 80).Goals: 0-1: Well (min. 14); 0-2; Piovaccari (min. 82).Referee: From the Ramos Fountain, Castilian-Lions. He admonished Dolcel (min.63) and Carles Marc (min.67) and the visitor Martín (min. 12).Stadium: Lasesarre: 5,800 spectators. Ainoha Hernández, Zuazo handball players, received recognition before the game for her runner-up in the world.————————————————– ——-Paco Jémez: “If you don’t want to suffer, become Barça or Madrid”Paco Jémez, Rayo coach, witnessed the game from the stands by penalty and then attended the media. “If you want not to suffer, become members of Barça or Real Madrid. Winning 0-2 in a field like this is to draw positive conclusions. Barakaldo has not lowered his arms, in the second half we lost the pace of the game, in a full stadium, with a good atmosphere, has demanded us. In the end justice has been done because we have had more and clearer chances of Barakaldo. In the stands I hold back more, they cannot expel me, “he told the press.last_img

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