Colin loves Jerry Westbrook

first_imgColin loves Jerry WestbrookRussell Westbrook blew Colin’s mind last night and it wasn’t because he got his 578th triple double. It was because he played a disciplined, efficient game and showed an understanding of playing with tempo.Colin absolutely loves this Westbrook. For today, he isn’t Kanye Westbrook, he’s the new NBA logo, Jerry Westbrook. Kanye Westbrook is an all-star, Jerry Westbrook is an all-time talent. Colin hopes Westbrook doesn’t revert to Kanye when he plays James Harden and the Rockets coming up. Colin loves Jerry Westbrook.“Today, I’m changing his name to Jerry Westbrook. Disciplined. Logo. Good teammate. Formidable. Played with others. So, the new NBA logo, for a day, is Jerry Westbrook. I loved what I saw last night, and it had nothing to do with a triple double.”The Cowboys and Patriots are smart to hold on to their quarterbacks for nowTony Romo is sitting in limbo in Dallas and Jimmy Garoppolo is in the same position in New England.  Colin thinks Jerry Jones and Bill Belichick are playing the situation correctly by holding onto Romo and waiting for teams to become more desperate, which will inevitably happen.One report says that Denver’s willingness to trade for Romo may depend on Paxton Lynch’s performance in OTA’s. If he struggles, it becomes more likely that John Elway would pull the trigger on a Romo trade if he thinks he’s looking at another 7-9 season. Garoppolo’s price will only skyrocket as the draft approaches, too.Driving the price up is never a bad thing when you’re the seller in a buyer’s market.“Recessions are garage sales for the rich.”Guests:Rob Parker – FS1 Analyst is in-studio to explain why Adam Silver isn’t getting the job done as NBA commissioner; why healthy NBA stars sitting is fraud;why Coach Cal needs to win a second title at Kentucky to be considered an all-time great.Joel Klatt – FS1 College Football Analyst is in-studio to explain why he thinks Nick Saban is wrong for bullying reporters; why he should be called out; his scouting report on Mitchell Trubisky; and why pro days are a joke.RJ Bell – Founder of joins the show to talk Sweet 16 upsets; why the wiseguys like West Virginia; why the theory that Cinderella always has a curfew is truer than ever this year; and why Lonzo Ball is causing huge amounts of public money to come in on UCLA.last_img

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