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first_img You might also be interested in PRESS RELEASEPhiladelphia – AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:AGFS), a global leader in produce freshness solutions, today released more details about FreshCloud™ Predictive Screening. One of the first three core offerings of AgroFresh’s recently launched predictive technology platform, FreshCloud Predictive Screening uses the latest science to predict the risk of disorder development.By analyzing the gene expression of apples at harvest, Predictive Screening predicts the risk of disorder development in particular varieties, arming growers with the ability to make more informed storage decisions.“The greatest value that FreshCloud Predictive Screening provides to growers is the increased confidence and peace of mind that come from a better understanding of the likelihood of disorder development,” said Nigel Gapper, Ph.D., genomics research and development manager at AgroFresh. “Growers understand the intricacies and uncertainties of their business better than anyone. With predictive data on the health of their apples, they are empowered to make smarter decisions about their treatment and storage solutions.”Built on sound expertise in the science of plant genomics, Predictive Screening determines whether a particular harvest is Low Risk, Moderate Risk or High Risk for the development of a specific disorder. This knowledge allows growers and packers to reduce losses in High Risk fruits through strategic treatment, close monitoring or in some cases, implementing shorter storage windows. It also provides added awareness and confidence that Low Risk fruit will meet the high quality they expect to deliver. The first FreshCloud Predictive Screening sales began this summer, with results expected soon. One thousand sampling kits were produced so that orchard customers can determine the risk of Soft Scald development on their Honeycrisp apples and to help ensure that growers meet consumer demand for Honeycrisp apples, one of the most popular apple varieties.“We take seriously our commitment to help our customers grow the highest quality produce and minimize the amount of fruits and vegetables that go to waste,” said AgroFresh CEO Jordi Ferre. “Predictive Screening, and the entire FreshCloud platform, is rooted in our scientific expertise and our understanding of the needs of growers, packers and retailers. With better data about the risk of disorder development, growers and packers can optimize the way they store their harvests, maximize crop value and reduce food waste.”AgroFresh plans to share more information about the other two core offerings of the FreshCloud platform, Storage Insights and Transit Insights, throughout this month.Learn more about Predictive Screening and the entire FreshCloud platform, as well as AgroFresh’s other produce freshness solutions.About AgroFreshAgroFresh Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: AGFS) is a global leader in delivering innovative food preservation and waste reduction solutions for fresh produce. The Company is empowering the food industry with Smarter Freshness, a range of integrated solutions designed to help growers, packers and retailers improve produce freshness and quality, and reduce waste. AgroFresh’s solutions range from pre-harvest with HarvistaTM and LandSpringTM to its marquee SmartFreshTM Quality System, which includes SmartFresh, AdvanStoreTM and ActiMistTM, working together to maintain the quality of stored produce. AgroFresh also has a controlling interest in Tecnidex, a leading provider of post-harvest fungicides, waxes, coatings and biocides for the citrus market, including TextarTM and TeycerTM. Additionally, the Company’s initial retail solution, RipeLockTM, optimizes banana ripening for the benefit of retailers and consumers. AgroFresh has key products registered in over 45 countries, with approximately 3,700 direct customers and services over 25,000 storage rooms globally. For more information, please visit September 20 , 2018 last_img

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