The Lightning resolves in Lasesarre with a stroke of aim

first_imgIn the second act, the Lightning, with Paco Jémez in the stands, assumed the baton before a Barakaldo reply, which was not resigned to his fate. The idea of ​​going round and playing a jackpot planned in the environment, waiting for the rival to relax thinking about LaLiga or that all the fish was sold. In a free kick by Sergio García, who has a glove on his left foot, the leather strolled through the small area without finding a finisher. The team of Hernán Pérez liked spurred by the “yes you can” chanted by the local fans and threw themselves into an open grave, with a triple occasion in which the ball did not want to enter. A goal annulled to Piovaccari by game of play tempered the spirits, which Sergio García recovered with the direct launch of a distant foul and a header from Delgado that blocked Morro. Barakaldo fell with his boots on Rayo on an exciting afternoon in Lasesarre, where two goals from Pozo and Piovaccari Madrid sneaked into the next phase of the Cup. The Biscayns deserved much more for thrust, bravery and chances, especially in the second half, but the aim in the last meters of the team of greater category was definitive. There was an excellent atmosphere in the manufacturing field, with twinning of rocks before the stake and the sun shone on Sunday cup football.The stake started with a strong shot with a first shot by Saul, who aborted Rabanillo, and Olaizola in the opposite goal, high, center to the second post of Juan Delgado. The Barakaldo resorting to high blood pressure, giving a sense of poise for what was going on in his post. El Rayo, with Montiel at the controls and Pozo putting the talent, tried to take the initiative. At 11 minutes, Sergio Garcia kicks Julen López off at the hands of Morro. In these that in a rayista advance, center from the left of Saúl and José Pozo, coming from behind by speed surprised the defense and Rabanillo to put the 0-1 in the luminous. Gradually the best quality of the franjirrojos was imposed, touching the ball and taking over the wide area.The Barakaldo tried again with the break-ups of Delgado and his passes back edged to the right side that Olaizola, who for the second time, was not able to convert entering the crescent of the area. In a draw, he chewed in the stands. El Rayo, quiet, had a cross shot of Alvaro before the break. The uncertainty of the marker left the Barakaldo alive, aguerrido and closing pass lines with Carles Marc and Doncel inside and the sides Agirrezabala and Galán unfolding to prevent the advances by speed of Saúl and Álvaro. The factory deserved a minimum draw. Hernán Pérez gave entry to the new signing of Castellón, Jairo Cárcaba, to give more mordant above. Those of Jémez, faithful to their style, left behind with the ball cracked, regardless of local pressure. It gave entrance to Mario Suarez to hold the spinal cord. And when they were worse, Piovaccari sentenced with 0-2 in a fast backlash imposing the logic of football that whoever fails to pay.————————————————– ——-Match file:Barakaldo: Radish; Agirrezabala, Gándara, Julen López, Galán; Carles Marc, Doncel (Algarra, min. 79), Olaizola (Óscar Fdez, min. 63), Sergio García; Delgado and Adrián Hernández (Cárcaba, min. 63).Vallecano Ray: Nose; Tito (Milic, min. 85), Saveljich, Martín, Luna; Well (Andrés, min. 69), Óscar, Montiel, Saúl; Piovaccari and Álvaro (Suárez, min. 80).Goals: 0-1: Well (min. 14); 0-2; Piovaccari (min. 82).Referee: From the Ramos Fountain, Castilian-Lions. He admonished Dolcel (min.63) and Carles Marc (min.67) and the visitor Martín (min. 12).Stadium: Lasesarre: 5,800 spectators. Ainoha Hernández, Zuazo handball players, received recognition before the game for her runner-up in the world.————————————————– ——-Paco Jémez: “If you don’t want to suffer, become Barça or Madrid”Paco Jémez, Rayo coach, witnessed the game from the stands by penalty and then attended the media. “If you want not to suffer, become members of Barça or Real Madrid. Winning 0-2 in a field like this is to draw positive conclusions. Barakaldo has not lowered his arms, in the second half we lost the pace of the game, in a full stadium, with a good atmosphere, has demanded us. In the end justice has been done because we have had more and clearer chances of Barakaldo. In the stands I hold back more, they cannot expel me, “he told the press.last_img read more

Hispanics suffer to grab first place against Croatia and remain unbeaten before the semifinals

first_imgThe Spanish handball team did not fall into speculation and concluded the second phase as the first group, so it will be measured next Friday in the semifinals with Slovenia, after drawing this Wednesday 22-22 with Croatia.An agonized tie that nobody could foresee after the six goals of advantage (13-19) with which he came to count at the start of the second half.But when everything seemed more favorable for Spain, those of Jordi Ribera, conditioned by the arbitration, collapsed in attack, chaining up to eleven minutes without scoring, which allowed Croatia to stand ahead on the scoreboard (22-21) two minutes for the conclusionA time in which Spain, aware that the match was worth it to seal the first place, pulled ex officio to add a tie in a match in which he never entered into speculation and went from the beginning to win.Of course, without giving up its rotation policy, as the Spanish coach had already made clear in the previous one, who gave start players to players such as the Dani Sarmiento center or the Adrià Figueras pivot.But what did not change was the philosophy of the Spanish team, which remained faithful to its elaborate style of play, in which no one ever doubts in taking another pass until finding the best partner for the goal.It was confirmed by the five different players who scored for the Spanish team in the first fifteen minutes of the game.On the contrary that in the Balkan team, in which the central Igor Karacic, who signed six of the eleven goals that Croatia scored in the first half, completely monopolized the attack of those of Lino Cervar.Spain did not find an antidote to the movements of Karacic, which wreaked havoc in the Spanish rear with its circulations from left to right, until it went from the 6-0 defense with which it started the fight to a more aggressive system 5-1.A change that did not occur until well over the equator of the first half, when the “Hispanics” were at a disadvantage of two goals on the scoreboard (8-6), fruit more of the exclusions with which they were punished than of the good Croatian game. Photo: Reuters The picture changed completely with the presence of Alex Dujshebaev in the outpost, from where he prevented the trajectories of Karacic and caused numerous losses of the Balkan ball.It was the fuel that Spain needed to start a comeback that allowed Jordi Ribera to go to rest ahead in the scoreboard (11-12) with a last goal from Julen Aginagalde, the ninth different player by the Spanish team that scored In the first half.That data corroborated the breadth of resources of the Spanish team, compared to the most limited in Croatia, especially if, as happened on Wednesday, the Balkans cannot count on Luka Cindric, who, reluctantly, did not even get off the bench.Limitations that were clear at the start of the second half, when Spain gave a point of intensity to its defense.A circumstance that led to the takeoff of the Spanish team, which, in a seen and unseen, led by a spectacular Alex Dujshebaev both in attack and defense, was located at ten minutes of the second half with a six-goal advantage (13- 19).But if there is an invariable rule in handball it is that Croatia can never be left for dead, and more if, as in this case, the colleges do their part.The Lithuanians Gatelis and Mazeika did not seem to like that the game was resolved so soon, a circumstance that they decided to correct with an unequal criterion when sanctioning the passive game.Thus, while the attacks of Croatia could be prolonged, those of Spain could barely last a few seconds, which led to the offensive collapse of the Spanish team, which chained up to eleven minutes without seeing goal.It was not missed by the Balkan team, spurred by the thousands of Croatian fans who filled the stands, to turn around the contest two minutes to the conclusion (22-21) with a 6-0 run.Spain finally managed to break that drought with a penalty goal from Aleix Gómez that left Croatia with the last possession to win and achieve the first group place.But the Balkans, despite attacking with seven players, failed to seize their last chance and saw how the final launch of Domagoh Duvnjak crashed into a post.– Data sheet:22 – Croatia: Sego; Horvat (2, 1p), Stepancic (2), Mamic (2), Duvnjak (2, 1p), Mandic (-) and Karacic (10) -initial team- Asanin (ps), Maric (-), Hrstic (- ), Sarac (-), Musa (-), Cindric (-), Brozovic (1), Matanovic (-) and Sipic (3)22 – Spain: Corrals; Solé (2), Maqueda (1), Sarmiento (1), Cañellas (-), Ariño (2) and Figueras (1) -initial team- Pérez de Vargas (ps), Raúl Entrerríos (4), Alex Dujshebaev (6 ), Aginagalde (1), Goñi (-), Morros (-), Aleix Gómez (4, 2p), Gideon Guardiola (-) and Dani Dujshebaev (-)Marker every five minutes: 2-3, 5-5, 6-5, 8-6, 10-8 and 11-12 (Rest); 11-15, 13-19, 14-20, 18-21, 21-21 and 22-22 (Final)Referees: Gatelis and Mazeika (LTU). They excluded two minutes to Musa, Duvnjak, Mandic and Brozovic, for Croatia; and Cañellas, Solé (2), Ariño and Morros, for Spain.Incidents: Match corresponding to the fourth and final day of group I of the second phase of the European of Sweden, Austria and Norway played at the Stadthalle in Vienna before about 7,500 spectators. 17:46 – 01/22/2020 | 19:50 – 01/22/20 After a terrible 6-0, Spain managed to draw in the absence of a minuteAfter the victory of Norway, Slovenia will be the rival of those of Riberalast_img read more

Gutierrez: “If someone finds an image of me in a nightclub in Almeria, I submit my resignation”

first_imgUnlike other of his appearances in the press room, José María Gutiérrez barely made self-criticism after claudicating before Huesca and pointed again to the arbitration collective. “They are things that are hurting us all. The reality in recent games is that the arbitration issue is punishing us a lot. In the first part we have not entered strong, without competing in the first 30 minutes. Then everything has been more complicated, although in the second half the team has reacted. There have been rare decisions of the referee and a clear penalty that he has not reviewed, “says the Madrid player, expelled at the end of the match.” I will talk to him and that’s why he expels me, “he explains.Torrejón de Ardoz also shot at video arbitration. “Tell us why the VAR enters Soria and they take away two points and here they won’t even look at it. It is happening every day with the VAR, not only in First, also in Second. Two weeks before there was a quiet play that was a penalty and today, no. That makes you doubt, “he says, sure of that conspiracy theory spoken of in Almeria land week and week as well.” It was not just the goal of Mikel Rico, the referee knew what field he was in and the objectives of each one, in that sense he has favored Huesca very much, with many strange things, “he continues after the team’s worst encounter since he is in charge. José María Gutiérrez also had words for the hoax of the week, in which a web portal said that the former Real Madrid was in the spotlight of the sheikh after starring in a party with his players. “If someone finds an image of me in a nightclub in Almeria, I submit my resignation and return all the money Almeria has paid me. I have a clear conscience, little more to say. It is a rumor without evidence that has gone viral throughout Spain and has gone everywhere. It is the burden that I have been being Guti and a known person, but life has made me strong and those things are not going to sink me, “he rightly asserts.“It has been difficult days for me and my family. That label of my past returns to peek again. I have a clear conscience, my life is very orderly. I am with my son, I go to work and go home to sleep. No I have time for nothing, “continues the defense of the serious statements Almeria coach, who said he felt calm. “I am calm because the work of the players is being good. Things that whipped us before, now does not whistle us. They are external circumstances that do not allow us to win and the team I think has deserved the draw, “he expires.Your future, in the airAfter fourteen days at the head of the rojiblanco team, the future of José María Gutiérrez is in the air after the latest results and the level shown by Almeria. He has missed eleven of the last twelve points, claudicating on two consecutive occasions at the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games. Since the exhibition in Lugo, Almeria is not being a shadow of what it was, which causes Turki Al-Sheikh, who is not a friend of patience, to be reflecting on his dismissal, which could occur in the next few hours.last_img read more

Busquets looked for the yellow and will not play around

first_imgThe loss of Busquets will leave Barça without a defensive midfielder and Setién will have to choose whether Frenkie de Jong plays instead to give him more joy at the start of the ball or choose Rakitic to have control of the game. Sergio Busquets will not play the second leg against Napoli at Camp Nou. The midfielder looked for the yellow pulse. After rubbing it in the first part with two faults to the limit, he saw her at the beginning of the second part after an entry to Mertens. Brych could no longer forgive her.last_img

Tottenham want to avoid with Kane the mistake he made with Bale

first_imgThink that Daniel Levy He is a great negotiator and he will get a fair price for his sale in case he ends up leaving, but he asks that this money be reinvested with the head to improve the template and not as it was when it was sold to Gareth Bale to Real Madrid: “It’s like what happened to Gareh Bale, but the deal has to be correct. In the past, Daniel Levy has made sure the deals were good and got an excellent amount for his players. The deal should be good for everyone and for a large sum of money that is later reinvested in the staff. “ With the proceeds from the transfer of Bale they arrived Eriksen, Lick, Capoue, Chiriches, Paulinho, Soldier Y Chadli, of which only the first two had a real impact on the team. With many of them money was even lost by letting them go further ahead: “The squad needs to be beefed up. Taking Harry out of the equation would require careful reinvestment of the money. Just look at what happened to Bale.” Premier League* Data updated as of April 7, 2020 Since Harry kane dropped that he would leave the Tottenham to “be top”, the alarms have jumped in the London club offices (interest to Manchester United Y Juventus). Paul robinson, former player of Tottenham and the national team England, spoke about the possibility of selling the striker, as the newspaper reports Express: “It is difficult when a player of that magnitude and quality says that he wants to leave the club.” 9last_img read more

Vaclik superpaco: “Palop and you, the best since I left”

first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of April 9, 2020 Sevilla made a phone call between Vaclik and Francisco Ruiz Brenes, Superpaco, mythical goalkeeper of the entity in the 70s and 80s. In it, in addition to asking each other how they were managing the confinement, Superpaco confessed to the current goalkeeper of his Sevilla: “Since I left I have seen many goalkeepers in Sevilla, but both Palop and you are the ones I have seen best because you also do things with elegance.” Vaclik did not hesitate to ask for advice from a Superpaco who was awarded the club’s gold badge but whose act of celebration has had to be postponed. “That you continue in that line of work that you are having because you prove to be one of the three best goalkeepers in Spain now “, It was the recommendation of Superpaco, a regular on all European trips from Seville, to the Czech international.center_img The praise of Vaclik did not end there, since the goalkeeper from San Fernando also included a compliment in the desire for the confinement to end: “Let’s see if this ends and I can go see you more times, than It is a pleasure to see you in goal because it gives us great security that is necessary to have a great Sevilla. “last_img read more

INSPORTS move to revive interest in basketball

first_img “Basketball never really seems to be an important sport in Jamaica, so this is a good move to highlight the sport. The game was competitive, but our team dug deep and came out the victors in the end,” Moodie said. Moodie and Deveraux Preston of Majesty Lakers are both recent graduates of the JBA/INSPORTS coaching certification course. Meanwhile, the INSPORTS All-Island Community Football League continued last Sunday, with matches in Westmoreland and Kingston and St Andrew. The results read: Whithorne 0 Walks Road 0; Pullet Lane 0 Bastard Cedar 0; Roaring River 0 Friendship 3; Cornwall 2 Deans Valley 0; V-Cup 1 Georges Plain 2; Blackness 0 Bath 0; Three Miles River 3 Frome 3; Petersfield 3 Shrewsbury Legend 0; Belgium 1 12th Street 0; Harmony Town 0 Darling Street 1; Park 3 New Market 1; Majesty Gardens 1 Drama 0; Hagley Park 2 West Side 1; Conscious United 0 Parade Gardens 0; Caribbean Striker 0 Progressive Youths 0; and Zim Strikers 6 Vision 2. The Institute of Sports (INSPORTS) has reintroduced a mini basketball programme in order to resuscitate the sport locally. The programme, which came back last September, has the blessings of the Jamaica Basketball Association and is being conducted islandwide in schools and communities, noted Calvin Dennis Martin, co-ordinator of the programme. “The programme started last September, bringing basketball to schools and communities. The feedback has been good so far, as the youngsters have been turning out and are eager to learn,” Martin told The Gleaner. Martin also said that they have been to parishes such as Hanover, St James, St Thomas, Kingston and St Andrew to date, but intend to cover the other parishes as well. “Basketball seems to be dying, so the plan is to resuscitate the sport here,” Martin added. An Under-13 Mini Basketball tournament was held over three weekends and ended last Saturday, with Rae Town Warriors beating Majesty Lakers 14-11 in the final at Breezy Castle in Rae Town. Damion Robinson of Rae Town was voted MVP of the tournament. He scored a game-high eight points in the final to lead his team to the trophy. Coach of Rae Town Warriors, Rolondo Moodie, said the game was highly competitive as the youngsters played hard. Competitive gamelast_img read more

Hiddink back at Chelsea

first_imgLONDON (AP): Guus Hiddink returned to Chelsea for a second spell as manager yesterday, hired until the end of the season with the tough task of turning around the struggling Premier League champions following Jose Mourinho’s firing. As Chelsea beat Sunderland 3-1 under the temporary command of Steve Holland, Hiddink watched from the stands at Stamford Bridge with owner Roman Abramovich and former striker Didier Drogba, who has been linked with a coaching role. Drogba scored in Chelsea’s 2009 FA Cup final win when Hiddink previously filled the Chelsea managerial void for around four months after the exit of Luiz Felipe Scolari. The 69-year-old Hiddink’s latest firefighting role comes with Chelsea only four points above the Premier League relegation zone following an alarming slump just seven months after sweeping to the title. “I am excited to return to Stamford Bridge. Chelsea is one of the biggest clubs in the world, but is not where it should be at the moment,” Hiddink said. “However, I am sure we can all turn this season around.” Chelsea said they viewed the Dutchman as a coach with a “wealth of top-level experience and success”. The club highlighted how fans were “singing his name following our final home game” of the 2008-09 season, but it was Mourinho’s name they were still chanting yesterday. Hiddink’s fortunes have faded since he was last at Chelsea. He quit as manager of Turkey after failing to qualify the team for the 2012 European Championship and did not win a trophy with Anzhi Makhachkala during a spell with the Russian club. He has been out of work since being fired by the Netherlands in June during the latter stages of his country’s unsuccessful attempt to qualify for Euro 2016. He had five losses, four victories and a draw during his year in charge of a team that finished third at the 2014 World Cup under Louis van Gaal, now the manager of Manchester United.last_img read more

SVL preferred to take over Caymanas Track

first_imgSUPREME Ventures Limited (SVL) has emerged as the preferred choice to take over the operations of Caymanas Track Limited (CTL) as the Government seeks to divest the race track.Chief Executive Officer of CTL Cedric Stewart, told The Gleaner that an enterprise team put together by the Ministry of Finance had examined the bids of SVL and Caymanas Racing and Entertainment – a group of investors headed by businessman Richard Lake – and had recommended the gaming company.”A request for proposals (to purchase the park) went out in July, and only two people responded, and the bids were analysed and a decision [taken] as to which bid was best,” said Stewart.The CEO said the ratification would be done by the end of January, with a 60-day period then expected for negotiations to be complete by the start of the new financial year.”That (divestment) is very current. We are expecting it to be completed by April 1, 2016. The enterprise team has completed its work and made its recommendation to Cabinet. Cabinet will decide,” he told The Gleaner in an exclusive interview, yesterday.The enterprise team included several stakeholders, including Stewart himself as well as chairman of CTL, Chris Brown.”That’s just a recommendation to the minister of finance to go to Cabinet and get its approval. It’s very possible that Cabinet would have a different view,” Stewart added.Meanwhile, Stewart said that CTL had registered an $8 million profit from last December’s inaugural Diamond Mile.SVL ($5 million) and the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission ($35 million) were the main sponsors of the race for local-bred and imported horses.While noting that race days were normally unprofitable, Stewart said that the track had made $66.5 million from sales from races.”Historically and culturally, when it is sponsored like that you can make a profit, and the aim is to get sponsorship and generate a profit. It can be profitable. It’s just what needs to be done,” said Stewart.He added that while the event, touted as the richest in the English-speaking Caribbean with a purse of US$115,000, had been open to imported horses, none had participated.”We think that it was because it was the inaugural running and it was conceptualised late in the day and information wasn’t passed on in a timely manner, but now that it has become a calendar event, we are expecting we will get horses from Barbados and Trinidad this year,” he said.”The race is December 3 this year, and that is out there so they can organise better,” he said, adding that the company hoped that the Diamond Mile would bring back prestige to local horse racing.”It was supposed to be a prestigious event trying to recapture the former glory where horse racing was the sport of kings and queens and people would come out, and that’s our intention,” he said.last_img read more

VCB grateful for support at 5K

first_imgIt was a family affair at Vere Technical High School yesterday as athletes from that institution dominated the first staging of the Veronica Campbell-Brown Foundation 5K, with Britnie Dixon and Kimoy Cohen being crowned the respective female and male champions. Campbell Brown, who was present at the meet along with her husband, Omar, and manager Claude Bryan, was very pleased with the support. “We are grateful for the support as it is the first one, and we will build on it for next year. The main thing we are doing is for two reasons: for charity to help the VCB Foundation to help with girls in high school, and for athletes in building a healthy lifestyle,” said Campbell-Brown. As part of her work in philanthropy, among other things, four students are afforded scholarships through the VCB Foundation each year. The race started early in the morning at the school’s main gate, as the athletes journeyed to the Wembley Football Club main gate and back. Dixon stopped the clock at 19 minutes, 13.40 seconds, while Cohen covered the course in 17:09.75. The top-three finishers among the females were all Vere Technical students, as Kris-Ann Plummer, 19:17.64, and Alithia Ferron, 19:31.93, were second and third, respectively. Among the males, second place went to veteran road-race runner Horace Burey, who represented Island Smile, in 17:18.74, while third went to Vere Technical athlete Oshane Lightbody in 18:31.93. On hand at yesterday’s staging were several executive members of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association in assistant secretary Marie Tavares, committee member Maxine Brown and recorder Ewan Scott.last_img read more