Shooting incident lands man in hospital

first_imgThe 28-year-old resident Mario Garces Jr. wastagged as the suspect, police said. Arsalem was driving a motorcycle when Garcesshot him using an unknown firearm around 8 a.m. on Sept. 22, the reportadded.   The motive in the incident was not immediatelyestablished. Wounded was 35-year-old resident ZaldyArsalem. He sustained a gunshot wound on the elbow, a police reportshowed.   center_img BACOLOD City – Police are still locating thesuspect in the shooting of a man in Barangay Tan-awan, Kabankalan City, NegrosOccidental.       Arsalem received treatment at the CorazonLocsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital in this city./PNlast_img

GUIMARAS A HARD SELL? DOT seeks to reposition island after Iloilo Strait tragedy

first_imgParticipants included students, businessmen, motorboatoperators and workers, motorcycle and jeepney drivers, and resort owners, amongothers. The Department of Tourism Region 6knows what it has to do: reassure tourists that it remains safe to cross theIloilo Strait. But Director Helen Catalbas acknowledges there’s a lot to do. MARINA actually ordered the phase outof all wooden-hulled passenger motorboats and replace these with aluminum- orfiberglass-hulled ones but boat operators said the cost was prohibitive. “What Guimaras is currently gettingare independent or individual travellers, small groups. Gone are the big groupsof tourists crossing the Iloilo Strait to visit the island in buses and vans,”said Catalbas. Stakeholders present includedrepresentatives from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), Maritime IndustryAuthority (MARINA), local government units of Guimaras, tour operators,resorts, hotels, and restaurants. “In the minds of tourists, it’s noteasy, it’s not safe to go to Guimaras anymore,” lamented Catalbas. According to the Guimaras ProvincialTourism Office, 19,439 same-day tourists visited the island in August and16,908 in September – significantly lower than the 49,295 visitors recorded inAugust 2018 and 31,856 tourists who came in September last year. From the Parola wharf, the berthing area of motorboats plying the Iloilo City – Guimaras route has been temporarily moved to the old wharf of Bacolod City-bound fastcrafts on Iloilo City’s Muelley Loney Street to give way to the dredging of the mouth of the Iloilo River. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN Last month a group calling itself Hugpong Guimarasheld a “unity walk” in Guimaras to dramatize the sorry plight of the provincedue to the tightly regulated operation of motorboats. “We have to respect the ‘safety first’policy of MARINA and coastguard,” said Catalbas, “but we have to come up withsolutions which will allow tourism and Guimaras to move forward.” Wearing black shirts, they called for the return of the way motorboatsoperated prior to the Aug. 3 Iloilo Strait tragedy. “We will reposition Guimaras as a safedestination. We need to assure tourists that traveling to Guimaras is stillsafe. But we have to get the commitment of all stakeholders,” she said duringyesterday’s inter-agency dialogue at a hotel here. Tourism has become one of the maineconomic drivers of Guimaras which boasts of export-quality sweet mangoes,beaches and dive sites. The PCG and MARINA imposed strictmeasures on sea travel following the Aug. 3 Iloilo Strait tragedy. Theseincluded limiting motorboat trips (from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. only), removal orrolling up of tarpaulins or canvas that give shade to passengers, and mandatorywearing of lifejackets throughout the trip. Catalbas also suggested that fastcrafts and roll on, roll off (roro) ships make themselves available for chartertrips of big groups going to Guimaras. Stakeholders also agreed to lobby withMARINA to reconsider one restriction – the removal or rolling up of tarpaulinsor canvas that protect passengers from the scorching heat of the sun. ILOILO City – After the capsizing ofthree motorboats that drowned 31 people in the Iloilo Strait, tourist arrivalsin the island province of Guimaras dropped by 73 percent in August andSeptember this year from arrivals recorded in the same months last year, datafrom the Guimaras Provincial Tourism Office showed. “Our plea is that for the time being, samtang wala pa ang modernization, ibalik ang trapal with some modifications,” said Fred Davis ofHugpong Guimaras. “With a lot of events and conventionsin Iloilo City, Guimaras has to be ready to accommodate tourists. Whether weadmit it or not, whether we realize it or not, Guimaras is one of theattractions of Iloilo City. They (visitors) come here for events and they hopeto cross to Guimaras which is only 15 minutes away,” said Catalbas. One of the things that dialogueparticipants agreed yesterday was to modernize or improve motorboat services. Gov. Samuel Gumarin of Guimaras and Cong. Lucille Nava themselvesearlier warned of the economic dislocation of motorboat operators, crew andtheir families if the phase out of wooden-hulled boats is not done gradually./PNlast_img read more

Ma, son nabbed over slight physical injury rap

first_imgMelanie Delos Reyes, 41, and her18-year-old son Kevin face a slight physical injury charge. The suspects were detained in the lockupcell of the Sara police station. ILOILO City – A mother and her son werearrested in Barangay San Antonio Yusay, Sara, Iloilo. They were nabbed on the strength of anarrest warrant around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, a police report showed. The court recommended a P5,000 bail bondeach for their temporary liberty./PNlast_img

Drug problem will end when all criminals dead – Duterte

first_img“[Sabihin lang] ng drug lord, ‘F***you,’” an incised Duterte said with expletive-pepperedtirades. “Look at the other countries. Theycontinue to keep a blind eye to the reality of the virulence of drug addiction.Negosyo (iyan). ‘Pag di mo patayin ‘yan, hindi talaga hihinto ‘yan,” said Duterte ina speech during an inauguration ceremony at Sangley Point, Cavite City onSaturday night. Duterte took a swipe again at human rights advocates for what he believes is a soft stance they’re taking on drug criminals during a speech in Sangley Point, Cavite City on Saturday night. PCOO In 2019, the UN human rights bodyapproved a resolution seeking a comprehensive report on Manila’s human rightssituation, including extrajudicial killings under Duterte’s drug war./PN He took a swipe at human rightsadvocates for supposedly taking a soft stance on drug personalities. The President once again lambasted humanrights groups and countries who are criticizing his controversial “war ondrugs.” as he once again lambasted human rights groups and countries who arecriticizing his controversial “war on drugs,” saying that criminals will notstop with the drug trade until they were dead. “‘Pagdi mo talaga (patayin) itong mga hardcore na criminals . . . hindi ‘yanbasta-basta makikinig. Hindi talaga hihinto ‘yan. Hihinto lang ‘yan pag patayna,” the Chief Executive added. MANILA – President Rodrigo Dutertereiterated that the country’s narcotics problem will only come to an end if allcriminals are dead. Since Duterte assumed the presidency in2016, thousands of drug personalities have been killed in anti-narcotics operationsnationwide that drew criticisms from human rights advocates, local andinternational.last_img read more

4 ‘shabu peddlers’ fall in buy-bust

first_imgBACOLOD City – Four suspected drug peddlers were nabbed in a buy-bustoperation in Barangay 10. They were detained in the lockup cell of Police Station 1. Charges for violation of Republic Act 9165, or the ComprehensiveDangerous Drugs Act of 2002 will be filed against them./PN Six sachets of suspected shabu weighing about 1.7 grams valued ataround P11,000 were seized from Arturo Espina III, 27; Arjay Figueroa, 44; JohnRey Almohea, 31; and Brian Jarobilla, 30, a police report showed. The suspects – all residents of the village – were caught after theysold a sachet of suspected illegal drugs to an undercover officer for P300around 11:30 p.m. on March 7, it added.last_img

Bacolod man yields ‘shabu’ worth P82K

first_imgAn antidrug officer inspects items seized from resident James Brisuela in Barangay 3, Bacolod City on May 4. The suspect was nabbed for roaming around the village without quarantine pass and allegedly transacting illegal drugs. POLICE STATION 2/BCPO Responding police officers nabbed Brisuela around 1:20 p.m. on May 4 after they received information that the suspect was roaming around the village without quarantine pass and allegedly transacting illegal drugs. BACOLOD City – Six sachets of suspected shabu valued at around P82,000 were seized from a man in Barangay 3. The 36-year-old resident James Brisuela yielded the suspected illegal drugs, a police report showed.center_img He was detained in the custodial facility of Police Station 2, facing charges for violations of Republic Act 9165, or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 and Section 151 of the Revised Penal Code./PNlast_img read more

After 3 years in detention, De Lima files motion for bail

first_imgSenator Leila de Lima. GETTY IMAGES MANILA – After almost three years in detention due to illegal drug trade charges, opposition senator Leila De Lima has asked a Muntinlupa City court for a provisional liberty.In a motion to the Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court Branch 205, De Lima asked the court to allow her to post bail since the prosecution’s evidence against her is not strong and that she is not a flight risk.The embattled senator said charge against her carries the imposable penalty of life imprisonment. Thus, no bail was recommended by the prosecution.“In the instant case, the prosecution, after presenting most of its witnesses, miserably failed to establish the required proof evident or presumption great that accused De Lima violated Section 26(b) in relation to Section 5 and Section 3 of [Republic Act 9165],” De Lima’s motion said.“With this failure of the prosecution to provide evidence, let alone strong evidence, it behooves upon this Honorable Court to allow accused De Lima to post bail as a matter of right,” it added.De Lima was initially charged with drug trading but it was later changed it to accuse the senator of conspiracy to commit drug trading inside the New Bilibid Prison, which she allegedly committed while she was the secretary of Department of Justice.“If the witnesses themselves were not engaged in illegal drugs, with whom did accused De Lima conspired to trade these forbidden circumstances?” the senator’s motion further said.“Ultimately, this motion asks the Court to do one thing, i.e., it is invited to look at what remains of the evidence presented by the Prosecution, after taking away those that were inadmissible, irrelevant, immaterial and pure hearsay. What remains is testimony coming from Prosecution’s own witnesses, the accused De Lima is innocent and devoid of any participation in the illegal drug trade,” the motion also read.Meanwhile, Justice secretary Menardo Guevarra said the opposition senator could have filed this motion earlier if she believes that the evidences against her were weak.“[De Lima] should have done this a long time ago if she really thought that all the evidence against her were fabricated,” Guevarra said in a statement./PNlast_img read more

Indiana Meat Products Can Now Be Sold Nationally

first_imgIndiana has become the latest among a handful of states taking action to allow meat products produced and processed locally to be sold across the United States.Indiana has joined USDA’s Cooperative Interstate Shipment Program, which gives certain state-inspected meat processors the option to ship meat and poultry products across state lines.These efforts are part of the USDA’s commitment to the nation’s small and midsized farmers and ranchers.“This program plays an important role in expanding opportunities for local producers and small businesses, while also ensuring that a robust food safety inspection system is maintained to protect consumers,” said Brian Ronholm, USDA Acting Under Secretary for Food Safety.The agreement allows meat to be sold nationally and also to casinos and hotel chains across the state.The main challenge for now may be the lack of inspectors of Indiana.last_img read more

Reid Hospital Adds Ebola Advisory Group

first_imgReid Hospital implemented an “Ebola Technical Advisory Team.”RICHMOND, Ind. — The growing national attention and concern about the Ebola virus has been a topic and focus at Reid Hospital for several weeks, hospital officials said.And now the team has implemented an “Ebola Technical Advisory Group” as an additional precaution.“Though we have been watching and discussing the Ebola concerns for quite a while, we recently implemented the internal advisory group, which is making sure our front-line staff is well-versed on how to handle any suspected cases of this or any other infectious disease,” said Dr. Tom Huth, Reid Vice President/Medical Affairs.Dr. Huth noted that health officials believe the risk of Ebola reaching the area is low, “but we are in the business of being prepared for the unexpected – so we are taking precautions and planning steps.”As national concerns grew, the advisory group was formed to address Ebola worries and ramp up education about the disease. Representatives include physicians from various areas, Reid safety experts, infection control, emergency department and other key staff members, Huth said.Ebola is not transmitted through the air, but only through direct contact with bodily fluids, making it less contagious than some infections. “All hospitals have long had in place proper procedures for dealing with an illness transmitted through bodily fluids,” he said.last_img read more